Giuliano Stroe has beaten five world records with his super human strength. His first record was set in 2009, for the fastest ever ten metre hand-walk with a weight ball between his legs. Here he is in full out beast mode:



Wim Hof (aka Iceman) uses his mind to control his own body temperature. He can withstand incredibly cold temperatures, and has used this power to beat over 20 world records. In 2009, Hof reached the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in two days, wearing nothing but shorts. Now that would come in handy during the winter season.



Stephen Wiltshire is known as The Human Camera. He is able to draw an entire city after a single, brief helicopter ride. This image of London, UK shows his incredible skill:



Shakantula Devi, popularly known as The Human Computer, can calculate complex math problems using only her mind. Her father discovered Devi's extraordinary talents when Devi was just three years old, while trying to teach her a card trick. In 1977, at Southern Methodist University, she was asked to give the 23rd root of a 201-digit number. At the time, a special computer program had to be written to perform such a large calculation alongside Devi. She answered (correctly) in 50 seconds. Devi has received no formal education.



Daniel Browning (aka The Rubberboy) is an contortionist like no other. He is the world record holder for most flexible person, and exhibited an extraordinary ability to bend into any shape by age five. Brownings is so flexible that he works as a stunt double, bending his limbs to make them look completely broken.



Dean Karnazes started running home from school in Kindergarten. From there, he took up running as a lifestyle. Karnazes boasts a large list of accomplishments, all of which seem near impossible. In 2005, he ran 350 miles in 80 hrs and 44 mins, without sleep. In 2006, Karnazes ran 50 marathons in 50 states on 50 consecutive days.Source


Veronica Seider's ability to see with extraordinary acuity came to light while she attended university in Germany. To give you an idea of just how well Seider can see, picture this: If you have perfect vision (20/20), picture the level of detail you can see from 2 feet away. Seider can see this level of detail from 20 feet away. In fact, she can see detail up to 1 mile (5260 feet) away. Bet you she never gets lost in a crowd.



Slavisa Pajkic holds two world records for his body's electricity-conducting powers. He has had 2,000 volts of electricity pass through him without a flinch. The average person can die with a shock as little as 42 volts. Pajkic's power is useful, too! He can power lightbulbs, and boil water using just body.



Ben Underwood could play basketball and football, ride a bicycle, and skateboard. The catch? Ben was blind. Diagnosed with retinal cancer at age two, Ben had his eyes removed, rendering him completely blind. At the age of five, he developed echolocation, and could detect the objects around him by clicking his tongue and listening for the echo.



Gino Martino is a professional wrestler with a bizarre ability. He can smash through things with his skull. Gino has had cinder blocks jack-hammered off his head, bowling balls dropped on his head from heights up to 15 feet, and has used his forehead to drive spikes through 2x4s wrapped in sheet metal. Ferraro first discovered this ability as a teenager when he crashed head first through a large oak door.


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