Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. You might go into one wondering what to say, what to ask. You might be acutely aware of your heart pounding in your chest.

But then you manage to ace the interview and get the job.

But what about the people who seem to have no conception of what a job interview entails?

These are the people who ask the wildest questions, as we were so kindly reminded by Redditor Butchbunny, who asked the online community,

"Interviewers: what's the worst question someone has asked at the end of a job interview?"

"I politely but quickly excuse myself..."

"I interviewed a gentleman older than I once who continuously asked who the boss was. I said I was the manager and left it at that. He wasn't satisfied and went on and on about what jerk the owner was."

"I own the company, started it from scratch. He said the owner screwed him out of a job once (never applied before). So I was just finishing the interview out of courtesy and my own pettiness."

"As I asked when and where he met the owner I see my frantic husband walk in the front door and a few employees go with him. So I'm half listening to this guy ramble on about meeting in Vegas, and so much other crap, as an employee burst into the office and says that I'm needed up front."

"I politely but quickly excuse myself to go out front to see my kid busted his nose bleeding everywhere."

"I go back in and explain I would cut the interview short and said I needed to run my child to the ER. This POS thought saying 'that's why women make crappy management' was a smart choice. It wasn't."

"First off I own this company from the idea to every last brick, I've never been to Vegas and you have never applied here. He stood dumbfounded and walked out."

"The next week he called asking for the status of his application."


He had some nerve!

Must have been funny hearing this guy mouth off while sitting with the literal owner of the company.

"I was hiring a nanny..."

"I was hiring a nanny for my 2-year-old. I've hired people for a business before so I followed pretty standard interviewing procedure."

"At the end of the interview, I of course asked if she had any questions. She asked how often I spank my daughter, do I use a wooden spoon or hairbrush, how often do I expect her to implement spanking as a disciplinary technique."

"Blew my mind. I was seriously speechless."


Spanking doesn't help kids.

The American Psychological Association (APA) has noted that many studies "have shown that physical punishment— including spanking, hitting and other means of causing pain—can lead to increased aggression, antisocial behavior, physical injury and mental health problems for children."

"A bit after the end of the interview..."

"A bit after the end of an interview and happened to a co-worker, but it deserves an honorable mention."

"A guy stole the HR manager's wallet from the orientation and bought beer with his credit card. Manager went to the store, got to see the tape, then went across the street to where the new hire was drinking the beer and demanded his wallet back."

"After denying it at first, the new hire eventually gives the wallet back. He then asks the HR manager if he can keep his job."

"He did not keep his job."


Of course he didn't!

Oh, the drama. It's delicious.

"Do any women work here?"

"'Do any women work here? They're attracted to me like bees to honey. I find it better to not work around them than to be hit on constantly.'"

"He did not make it to the next round of interviews!"


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This man clearly believes he's the master of the universe.

"I was baffled..."

"I work at a chicken plant. The guy asked, 'Do yall kill the chickens or do yall pick up dead ones and bring them here because I don't really condone killing.'"

"I was baffled because he LITERALLY worked at a place as a bombshell loader in the state over before moving here."

"I told him we do kill them, but not to worry we pray over all the birds. He seemed content with that."


Well, that's one way to win over a prospective employee.

"She was currently applying..."

"'Do I need to quit my other job?'"

"She was currently applying for a full-time job while working a full-time job. She went on to try to convince us that she's so bored at her current job she could totally get away with doing this job at the other place."


Um, yes, you do need to leave your other job.

What is up with people?

"Asked about..."

"Asked about a company car and company credit card — it was a call center job."


A company car and credit card would be the one thing–well, two things–that would make call center work tolerable.

"I was called in..."

"Seriously I heard this one (second hand but immediately after), 'Are those real?' eying the interviewer's breasts."

"The answer was a pause, giggle, gulp, 'I think we're done here.' I was called in to escort the guy out."


The "I think we're done here" bit had me cackling.

"That's a big no."

"Work in finance. Had a guy fresh out of school ask if we could fudge the numbers if the boss asks us to."

"That's a big no."


Note: Don't ask if you can commit crimes.

Well, well, well... next time you're on an interview, you might want to refer back to these stories.

There's being nervous and then just being clueless.

Have some opinions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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