People say there is a fine line between sticking up for yourself and towing the line when it comes to the job search. All the rules of how to conduct yourself when interviewing seem to change. And it always come down to money. When is the best time to ask? Case in point… Redditor AnxiousSprinkles396 […] More
Don’t you hate it when the past, present and future collide? We don’t always permanently shake the remnants of childhood trauma. So we have to find ways to navigate when it pops up later. Especially when it pops up in our professional lives. Case in point… Redditor throwaway-30114 wanted to discuss his story for some […] More

There's nothing more awkward than a job interview.

What should be a chance to present yourself in the best possible light can quickly devolve into a stuttering, sweaty encounter you're sure left a sour taste in the interviewers mouth.
But what happens when it's the other way around? What happens when the interviewer has done something, a question or comment, that signals that danger center of your brain to say, "Run away?" When the red flag is blood red, what do you do?
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Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. You might go into one wondering what to say, what to ask. You might be acutely aware of your heart pounding in your chest.

But then you manage to ace the interview and get the job.

But what about the people who seem to have no conception of what a job interview entails?

These are the people who ask the wildest questions, as we were so kindly reminded by Redditor Butchbunny, who asked the online community,

"Interviewers: what's the worst question someone has asked at the end of a job interview?"
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Putting together a proper resume can be a challenging task. It does so many things. You want it to be clean, precise, and chock full of your greatest hits. You also need it to represent you and they say it should thoroughly original so that you stand out from the over crowded field. Yes. That is a whole lot for one or two pieces of paper. A lot people have a deft hand and can create a CV masterpiece and others... well others should probably see a therapist before they submit.

Redditor u/ThanosIsMyRealFather wanted to hear from the hiring managers out there about a resume or three by asking:

Hiring managers of Reddit, what was something on someone's CV/resume that made you either immediately want to hire them or immediately reject them?
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