People Describe The Worst Concert They Ever Attended

Concerts can be a life changing experience.

When you finally get to see the musician who has played a massive part of your life standing before, you never forget it.

Or maybe you're just taking in a show because of an extra ticket, and it's just a night of jubilation.

It doesn't matter... there is nothing better than the energy of a live concert.

Unless that concert is tainted because the artist is a disaster.

And they turn what was meant to be a brilliant memory into an unforgettable nightmare.

Redditor iAmTheAntiPope1wanted to hear about the shows people want their money back after attending. They asked:

"What's the WORST concert you have ever been to?"

I love concerts and I've been very lucky. I haven't had a bad experience. Yes, Adele cancelled but I had already seen her.


Stank Face Snoop Dogg GIF by BrownSugarAppGiphy

"Snoop Dogg 2010 Took him 4 hours to come out because he was watching the lakers Celtics finals. Then when it ended we walked outside and people were getting tear gassed."


Wigged Out

"The Wiggles last show in Brisbane (the original line up) my 3 and a half year old was crazy for them. She pooped herself in the first minute of the first song and then after I got her changed she decided the wiggles were the most terrifying thing she has ever seen. Didn’t even last the first half. What a waste of $80 plus $12 for parking. Didn’t even get to hear hot potato."

User Deleted


"50 Cent. Holy crap. We lived in a small Canadian crap town that was predominantly white and it was a big deal to a lot of people that he was coming. Show pretty much sold out. Dude has four or five other rappers perform as opening acts and then a guy who looked like 50 Cent."

"But didn't sound like him showed up and performed parts of songs for about 15 minutes and then walked off the stage. Literally 45 second parts of songs. It was amazing. People speculated for months afterwards that it wasn't actually him and that he ran into issues at the border."

User Deleted


"Puddle of Mudd a couple years ago. They came on stage an hour late and Wes Scantlin was clearly f**ked up on something. He yelled at the audience to quote 'Suck a bag of d**ks' sang half the lyrics of two songs and stumbled off stage. Whole thing lasted maybe 10 minutes at most."


The Queen Falls

happy youtube GIFGiphy

"Madonna @ Murrayfield Scotland in 2012."

"She was late coming on which wasn’t the best start. She was bloody awful singing live. The tickets were stupidly expensive and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a sell out, there was loads of standing room left. She didn’t do an encore. Oh and the sound was terrible."


Oh Madge. I do have to say... as a true disciple... this tardiness issue needs to end. It's ridiculous!

Not into it...

axl rose GIFGiphy

"Metallica/Guns 'n Rose's tour, don't remember the year. They co-headlined and would switch who played first at the different shows."

"Body Count was the opener. Body Count played a good show. Metallica came out and rocked it. Guns n Rose's came out about 2 hours after Metallica finished their set, drunk, out of tune and generally not into it. We left about 20 minutes into their set."


Never Forget

"I was working as a stagehand for a Rockfest about 5 years ago, and the finale act of the entire festival was Rob Zombie. The show sold out and I was stoked to see a legend perform from side stage. However it was short lived, because after 1 and a half songs, Zombie's voice gave out and he had to leave the stage. There was a 3 hour waiting period and the audience was chanting for Zombie to come back out."

"But it never happened. The house told us to start tearing down the stage, and the crowd started to riot while me and the stage-crew went out front and began packing up the equipment. People were throwing stuff at us from the crowd, booing, and chanting (but I guess I would have been too if my $200 non-refundable ticket was wasted).Truly a memory I'll never forget."


Thanks Lupe...

"It would have to be Lupe Fiasco in DC two or three years ago. He played half his set and the just bounced without telling anyone. Even the staff were telling us he was coming back out. Probably waited like an hour and then the house lights came on and it was over. Thanks Lupe."


Oh Wu...

"I went to see Wu Tang Clan. Doors opened at 7, and I was there by 730. Show was supposed to start at 9. At 8 a DJ came on stage with his MacBook and played music 'to entertain us until the Wu is ready.' He played until almost 1am, and during this time he played six different versions of the song METHOD MAN."

"When the Clan finally came out on stage, you know who wasn't there? F**king Method Man. But I did get to watch my buddy literally pee on a guy who had punched a girl in the crowd, so it wasn't all bad."



Fuck Me Pumps GIF by Amy WinehouseGiphy

"Amy Winehouse in Dubai, a few weeks before she died. She was so out of it she barely sang and left it to her backup crew to entertain the crowd. She was booed most of the concert."


The College Circuit

"Hellogoodbye performed at my college in 2008. It's a liberal arts school in the middle of Pennsyltucky, and the band showed up drunk, kept saying our town was a craphole, and repeatedly tried to cut their hour-long set short. They left the stage with a half hour left in their set, and the school's concert committee had to physically push the band back onto the stage. They put zero effort into the show and I lost whatever respect I had for them after having listened to Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn thousands of times in high school."

"There was a girl who lived on my hall and she and her boyfriend were huge Hellogoodbye fans. They were so excited for the show, her boyfriend came in from out of town, and they left so disappointed. It was Bucknell University. Sounds like the band acted this way at most of their small college shows."


After the Fight

"All of the concerts I've been to have been, at worst, decent but the worst of them would be Bon Jovi during the spat with Richie Sambora. Nobody had been informed Richie Sambora wasn't going to be there so, when they came out and started playing, you could just feel the entire energy of the crowd die down."

"As we listened throughout the songs, you could tell something big was missing. Bon Jovi just did not sound the same. It was disheartening. It's amazing how much Richie brought to Bon Jovi and yet people only know Jon."


Gotta Go

"Morrissey at Coachella in 2009. He whined the entire time and dry hacked because one of the stalls served meat. I had hitched a ride with a band that was trying to sneak in and I went a head and just bought my ticket. They soon gave up and texted me they were leaving. So I paid like over $100 to watch Morrissey gag and maybe ten minutes of Paul McCartney."


Not Prime

James Brown Soul GIF by EL ROCK ES CULTURAGiphy

"James Brown, some time in the '90s. He was two hours late getting on stage, and then 90% of his songs are build-up while he shuffles back and forth. I hear he was great in his prime. I did not see him in his prime."


Want a Tree?

"Saw Cake and between sets they spent 30 min trying to give away a lemon tree. They did this by having the crowd try and guess what kind of tree it was and the acceptable answer was Myers Lemon took the crowed along time to get there. It was a real energy killer."


Imma Sit

"Matisyahu. He just paced around the stage for the first half of the show, stopped the set at some point to shout at someone in the crowd for smoking some weed, and then sat down on a speaker to finish the rest of his show. Like, he literally just sat on the speaker until he left."



"Lostprophets. they were drunk on stage, played sub-par and certainly not a sell out. this was Newport in 2012, turns out to be their last ever concert before Ian Watkins arrest."


"I'm so glad I never got into Lostprophets. They were one of the bands I probably would have liked. I was utterly horrified by what happened, but it would have been 10x worse if I had been a fan of their music. I feel so sorry for the other guys in the band who worked on the music for so many years only for it to be tainted to hell. Watkins can f**king rot."


Bad Day

bob dylan deal with it GIFGiphy

"Bob Dylan. I had to do a lab report that day and Bob Dylan was still the worst part of my whole day."


Ages Ago...

"Showing my age here. The Beach Boys in Adelaide Australia (back in the 70s). Came on stage an hour late and the lot of them sounded absolutely horrible through the whole concert, those harmonies they were famous for were left back in the US. I swear there must have been a lot of help when they created their albums, because live, they were terrible."


Entertainers! Get it together! We pay a lot of $$$ for you. Have some respect.

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