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There are so many talented people in the world.

There are undiscovered writers, actors, directors, singers and artists that could leave us all SHOOK to our cores.

Which is why it is so disturbing to see bad art.

Bad movies are particularly disrespectful to deal with.


With all the ideas and talent in the world, how are some of these movies made?

Redditor TheAnswerIsCarrotTop wanted to discuss the worst cinema had to offer. So they asked everyone:

"What movie is a perfect 0/10?"

I've seen so many bad movies we don't have enough time to discuss. It happens...

For the Litter

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"Cats was absolutely awful. Like not even funny bad. Just 'gaww man, what the f**k."


What a Mess!

"Disney's Artemis Fowl.The title and a few character names were the only things they borrowed from the books. Everything else was essentially made up, had no bearing on the storyline of the books, and was presented in a way that would be demeaning to a five-year-old."


"I quit in a rage right after they said 'He is never called Butler.' That he is only called by his last name was such an important plot point in the second book, and something that (Spoilers) gave Artemis his memories back after being freaking mind-wiped!"



"365 days, it was unbearable. I'm sorry to those who actually liked it."


"The first one is bad. The second is even worse. The cliffhanger does not get resolved, there's 10 spoken words total in the first 45 minutes, there is no plot and things just happen. And even then there's remarkable few things happening. There's some nice beaches though."

"I'm excited to watch the third one next week with my friends."


Damn that’s bad...

"DragonBall Evolution."


"Just rewatched the trailer to know what we’re talking about here. Damn that’s bad- I think it was also trying for effects that we can do better now. But the premise sounds like something a middle schooler thought up. The acting seemed terrible- like the director did not give a sh*t that these actors are phoning it in because he was phoning it in too."



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"That Holmes and Watson movie with Will Ferrell was painfully, painfully unfunny. Like horrendously so. Not even ‘I’m stoned or tipsy and I might giggle’ stupid funny."


Oh Will, his choices can be confusing.

A Sequel?

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"The Cell 2."


"Sadly, yes. It's bad. Really bad. It represents the one time in my life that I regret spending money on a DVD."


Go South

"Probably Norm of the North."


"I'm amazed it even got a freaking sequel honestly, like even for some weird tax thing, you would still need to have people willing to waste their time making them. like I doubt its a completely effortless process or anything, I don't know."


"I'm not even sure how they'd find a plot."


Oh M...

"M. Night Shyamalan's 'Avatar: The Last Airbender movie.'"


"I would also add M Night's 'Old' to his list of shame. Although at least Old was so poorly written that it made it hilarious."

"I find him fascinating; I can't think of another writer/director that has such wild oscillations from masterpiece to absolute dogs*it. You never really know what to expect... which I guess is kind of on brand in a way."

"Perhaps his uneven filmography is the greatest M Night twist of all!"


Lord Why?

"Space Jam 2. 100 million film just for Lebron James."


"It's actually way worse than that, but it is part of it. If you pay attention and notice the big picture, the whole movie is just cross promotion for every media owned by Warner Bros."

"All those 'adorable easter eggs' of all those characters ranging from Scooby Doo, the Flintstones, Animaniacs, Wacky Races, etc, it's literally just Warner Bros. promoting themselves."

"They spend a good chunk of the movie getting the Looney Tunes characters from other franchises' worlds that Warner Bros. owns to show them off."

"Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, DC, etc. They even had posters from all the recent movies they've played in theaters like Aquaman, Scoob, TTG to the Movies, Matrix 4, etc."

"Forget the constant Lebron James stuff, the whole movie in of itself is this cheap marketing ploy to promote themselves through the use of references and easter eggs."


J & J

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"Jack and Jill (one year, swept the entire Golden Razzies)."


"Jack and Jill is the ultimate example to show that Adam Sandler is an excellent actor but with terrible instincts. When left alone to do what he wants, he puts out absolute trash. But when wrangled by a talented director he can put out really good performances."


How do some of these movies get made?