Here we are, decades into the life and journey of the internet.

And we still can't clean up all of the horrible spots.

The internet is a fantastic invention with many, many flaws.

Our screens have been exposed to things that will remain with our souls forever.

So let's talk about it.


RedditorPowered_programmer wanted to hear about all the things that we've seen on the web that has left us shook. They asked:

"What is the creepiest thing that you've come across on internet?"

So let's all take a deep dive into the darkest places of the net.

Bad Footage

" back in the day."


"Surgical footage and trauma footage look very different. Even if you know next to nothing about anatomy watching a surgery looks neat and clean."

"You can clearly see the boundaries of different flaps of tissue and stuff, and can kinda see how it would fit back together once the surgeon is done. Trauma just looks like chaotic hell. Nothing makes sense, it all looks like badly ground hamburger, and any recognition of parts only brings more horror as you realize the part is broken and relocated to somewhere it doesn't belong."


Too Far a Reach

"Years ago I came across a website that was just a collection of links to unsecured camera feeds. Webcams, baby monitors, security cameras… basically anything with a lens and WiFi capabilities. Apparently most people never set up their devices properly and just leave default passwords or none at all, and this website was just trawling through the internet finding them all."


Messed Up

"I watched Luca Magnotta kill his BF but when I watched it, it was uploaded to a horror site by him and everyone thought it was a really good special effects. I don't get spooked much but I stopped watching when he started stabbing the corpse with a ice pic or something. A little while later I found out he was on the run and that video was a real person he murdered, it messed me up for a while."



"A website that broadcasted millions of private security cameras of people houses who had no idea that their security camera was just on the Internet and they could be watched during all hours."


Why did we ever create the internet?

Look Close

"That one video where the car was driving down that mountain road and you had to pay close attention and then it turned out to be a screamer."



"I’m going to go with creepy, not horrifying or even f’d up. I can’t remember who it was, but back in the day on YouTube a man posted LONG videos of himself just sitting and looking straight into the camera with a smile, not a single movement the whole time. Always a live feed."

"One day someone broke into his home DURING the live show, and actually ended up leaving without stealing anything because the guy didn’t react at ALL. Just sat there, wide eyed and smiling at the camera. Thinking back as a thief that would scare the heck outta me."


Oh Mickey

"This picture of mickey mouse that was added to my DSI's wallpaper. I have never owned or known someone that owns a Mickey Mouse plush. I do not recognize the area, wall, chair or anything in the picture. I have not lent my DSI to anyone. It just appeared one day when I opened it. It creeps me out and I still question how could this have happened."


Was it Real?

"Those 'ghost showing up in mirror' YouTube videos. To this day, I’m still scared to walk past mirrors at night sometimes."


"I could never find the video but i can never forget it. its about two boys who remove a talisman from a large stone and out of it a ghost pops out moaning, the boys immediately dart out of the cave and run at full speed screaming as they see that the ghost is following them even catching up to the boys. Never got to see the ending of the video. Was it fake? Was it real? Don't know, it was just creepy."


Wake Up

"When I used to browse the hellhole known as 4chan I came across a crazy green text story. Some kid ran away from home, found a place for the night and slept in his sleeping bag. Woke up to what he thought was homeless guy peeing on him and chased him off. When he stopped and smelled himself he realized that the homeless guy was pouring gasoline on him. Still creeps me out to think about what could have happened."


My Face

"I keep thinking of the video of the cartel gang member cutting a dudes face off and wearing it like a Halloween mask. Gore doesn't bother me but the idea of someone cutting my face and scalp off and wearing it for a joke in front of me while I bleed out is crazy to me."


Air Loss

"I saw a dude with half of a head trying to breath."


"Was he the one that tried to join his friends by jumping off of a 'cliff' into water? The issue was that he needed more horizontal velocity to clear the concrete bank below. He messed up and hit the corner of the concrete bank head first. The video then cut to his head split open and him seemingly trying to breathe. The breathing didn't upset me, it was the sound of his head hitting the concrete that did... it gave me a headache."



"Prior to , (showing my age) I once googled masks, for Halloween. The image search came back with one picture that scared the hell outta me. It was a woman, completely nude except for a face mask, and had been gutted with entrails hanging free. Best I can figure, it was a crime scene image that got posted online by accident. I was 15."



"Audio from the Jonestown massacre."


"This is pretty bad but some of the stuff from Uvalde recently really messed me up. The shooting in Buffalo that was live-streamed was bad too. I just can’t deal with it. I try to be as well informed as possible, but there’s some stuff no one needs to see to understand the horror of it."



"It was just posted the other day here on Reddit... I don't remember what the sub was, but it was the audio from a plane crash that happened because the pilot let his kid take over the plane. There was a visual showing the plane's altitude and how it was moving. The way everything cuts off at the end is deeply unnerving."



"The creepiest thing that I’ve ever seen were a photos of dead people from 9/11. And if you thought something like: uh, it’s just dead bodies, nothing special. Hell huh, basically I was really bored and at that time I was obsessed with topic of 9/11. I would search for all kind of information that u can find on the internet. So once I decide to google: <Dead bodies after 9/11> and there weren’t any horrible photos of the victims."

"But suddenly I decide to open this weird link, and after I opened it, I saw a photos of burned bodies of people who died there, or there were dead bodies that were crushed by steel and glass, so these weren’t a normal bodies, these were a simply minced meat made from people, or it was a man who was sitting in his car and he burned alive, but I don’t know how this happened, but he had a big hole in his stomach, so you could see his organs."


I had a VPN on...

"I was once on 4chan and ended up with someone arguing over the fact that the Xbox controllers looked better than the one of the PS4. IDK anymore how it ended, but when i got an email later with my address and IP address… Things got real creepy. Luck for me, I had a VPN on, so the guy thought I was in the USA."

"I knew that this was possible, but experiencing it from first hand... is something different. But seriously, why are so many ppl so emotional? I mean... we argued over CONTROLLER DESING??!! Fun fact: the VPN I had connected itself automatic to the US thanks to the default settings, so I didn't even activate it manually."


A Bad Turn

"This has been years ago now, but there was a YouTube channel called AlanTutorial. The videos started out seemingly normal, maybe a slightly handicapped teen making videos in his house. Then they… take a turn. One day he gets locked out, can’t get back in. Then he appears to be homeless and living in the woods. It’s… bizarre to say the least. The last video was 7 years ago and the channel has been stagnant ever since. Still gives me the chills thinking about the channel."



"When I was a kid, I loved Invader Zim. The Internet was just starting to become a major presence in the global economy and in my life. Naturally, I went online to look for cool pictures of Zim and Dib fighting. I got lots of drawings of them, but they weren't doing what I thought they should. It's less creepy to see these things now, but at the time, what I got from the image results freaked me the hell out. Another reason why middle schoolers shouldn't be on the Internet."


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