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Men... can't live with them... end of sentence.

That's not quite the sentiment expressed by the women here, but they did tap into plenty of collective frustration with the opposite sex after Redditor Original_Diamond asked the online community, "Women, what do you not understand about men?"

If you're trying to figure out what the hell is going on with the men in your life––or have complaints or questions of your own––you¨might want to keep reading. Funny or not, they're written down here.

"How they lose interest..."

How they lose interest in anything sexual the moment they climax. It's like my husband is ready to go hunting minutes after sex is over. Like a brain switch happens.


"Unless you're dealing with..."

Unless you're dealing with an extremly shallow woman, we don't care about your d!ck. What's up with that?

Also, while it never happened to me yet (thanks God), apparently it is somewhat common for men to send unsolicited dick pics to women... what are you expecting ? I genuinely don't understand, at all.


"Why do guys in my inbox..."

Why do guys in my inbox tell me "you're so beautiful" or "let's do this" or "let's do that" but they're all over every girl that I see on social media? Commenting hearts on selfies when you're telling me you wanna date me? I don't understand, so I just stay away from everyone.


"How they can happily have sex..."

How they can happily have sex with someone they despise. As a woman, I immediately lose all sexual interest in someone if they are a bastard, even if they are gorgeous. Men don't seem to care how awful someone is, they still want to bang them.



Married men who have hit on me and had a tantrum when I said no. First off, they are married. Secondly what makes them think that stomping their feet and yelling is going to make me want them?


"The way they bash each other..."

The way they bash each other as a form of "bonding". The guys at work flick each other off and swear at one another, yet that means some sort of good thing? I don't get it.

Also, how they're able to hang out with other guys, even if they don't like someone. They're able to look past that somehow. (Women would never do that. Or if they did, it would be to make fun of the person.)


"Is it just him..."

The answer to the question: "What are you thinking?" Every time I ask my husband that, his answer is "nothing." How can you be thinking of nothing? Is it just him that does not think? Or is it just me that has thoughts all the time? Or am I just like most other women who constantly have some thoughts going through their minds?

My mind won't shut up about thinking something... there is always some thought going on, even if it is in the back recesses of my mind. I cannot think of any time that I was not thinking. My mind cannot be blank.


"Why men say..."

Why men say they are looking for a relationship but then date you for ages (oftentimes even exclusively) but refuse to put a label on it. Also why they feel peeing sitting down makes them less manly somehow?


"Why can't you see the mess?"

Why can't you see the mess? Like blankets are on couches and the dishes need to be put away and we're wearing flip flops bc the floor needs to be swept, but nothing happens. My bf refuses to take a bath because he thinks the tub is too dirty but at the same time is not cleaning it. What the what!


"The attitude being that..."

Not accepting a rejection. The attitude being that if they persist enough it'll change.



Honestly sometimes I don't get how oblivious some guys can be. In my personal experience this includes things that I feel like my boyfriend knows will make me upset, especially after four years of dating and living together for most of that time. Like it's so weird to feel like someone knows you but doesn't?


"How they can compartmentalize..."

How they can compartmentalize cheating. "Yes, I love my wife and never want to leave her. However, I'm still going to bang ol' girl on the side."



Spitting in public. Maybe it's an American thing, but it makes me gag. Grown men just hocking up spit on the pavement. Why?


"Why I have to chase after you..."

Why I have to chase after you to get anything around the house done chorewise in a timely fashion. I get that maybe youre on some other plane of existence but if you want to eat before midnight, for example, you actually to have to get things done by 6.


"When I see men communicate..."

When I see men communicate with each other, and it's so different! Their voice changes, the way they hold their body changes, the things that say change.

Is one more natural than the other? Does one feel like a performance? Probably just multiple sides to one human being.


"My husband can remember..."

My husband can remember the road to a place we have been to 20 years ago but he can't remember where he left his glasses 2 minutes ago.

He doesn't like things to change (same brand of car, same restaurant, same drink, ...) but he is the one booking creative adventurous holidays.


"What's up with..."

What's up with the @ss grabbing?! Like, I'm not allowed to walk past you without getting grabbed or pinched? Why?


"Why do men..."

Why do men just passively play with their d!ck so much? Maybe not all of them do this, but my current boyfriend does.


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