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Woman's Attempt At Decrying The 'Sins' That Will Keep You Out Of Heaven Gets Blown To Smithereens


Many sects of Christianity have evolved to embrace people from all walks of life – including the LGBTQ community.

But one woman is being dragged for her outdated views on religion.

Religious Twitter user Kristen Hodges ignited hellfire after listing "sins" that will bar you from entering the pearly gates.

She devotes 95% of her tweeting activities to Jesus, yet her latest tweet has nothing to do with the teachings found in the New Testament.

According to Hodges's gospel, "being LGBT" and "getting drunk/high" are sins, and anyone who is guilty of such cannot be a Christian.

She bullet-listed other unspeakable acts such as "sex before marriage," "being lustful," "masturbation," "cheating/lying," and "cursing/quick to anger" as sins.

Although she conceded that "God loves everyone," she assured that "not everyone will go to Heaven!"

Her tweet got over three thousand responses, with many of them from users who forfeited their ticket to heaven by happily committing one of Hodges's sins: "cursing/quick to anger."




Drinks are on this guy.


Sinners are getting lubed up.


This user called out her tendency to be holier than thou.

Hodges may have conveniently forgotten about judging others (James 4:11).

What is heaven, really?

Or hell, for that matter?

This user was more merciful.

Hodges is known for her interpretation of Christianity.

In a previous tweet, she insisted "you are not born wanting the same sex" and that by rejecting His word, you are "insulting a perfect creator."

She contradicted herself by vowing to "stand up for people," but remained uncompromising about her anti-LGBTQ views.

Her reality check continued.

Hell hath no fury like the internet fighting for justice, equality and minding your own business.

For many modern inclusive Christian organizations, the focus of The Bible and their faith draws more from the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus introduced The Beatitudes. Instead of condemnation, it speaks of blessings on certain behaviors and actions.

A copy of The Beatitudes, suitable for framing and gift giving, is available here.


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