People Share The Most Amazing Facts They Know About The Universe
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There is so much we don't know about the universe.

So much, in fact, that everything there is to learn about the universe will probably never be discovered.

Mostly because the universe is constantly growing and evolving, leaving us with new things to learn about the universe literally every day.

Constantly filling our minds with uncertainty, sometimes fear, about the otherwise vast unknown.

All of this makes all facts we've discovered about the universe all the more fascinating, whether or not we have even the slightest interest in science.

A recent Redditor was curious to learn the most astonishing facts people have learned about the universe, leading them to ask:
"What’s the most amazing thing about the universe?"

Our Brains Are Like The Milky Way

"A single human brain has as many neurons as there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy."

"Around 100 billion."

"Source: a neuroscientist filled with useless facts about the brain."- Afferent_Input

Where Our Deep Uncertainty Comes From

"This is one I thought about recently."

"I believe that Carl Sagan said that we, sentient entities, are a way for the cosmos to know itself."

"With this in mind, when we think about the end of our universe, whether it be through a big shrink, big cooling, or what have you, we get apprehensive."

"We probably will never see this end, many of us will be dead."

"Yet, we still get a cold fear in our hearts."

"We are also a way for the cosmos to fear it's demise."- TheClassyEngineer

A Little Perspective

"If you were on a planet 65 million light years away from Earth and had a really good telescope, you could see the dinosaurs."- Swimmergent

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What Got Us Where We Are

"That every single random event since the dawn of creation."

"The birth and death of stars, planets and galaxies, the very genesis of life has led to you being here right now to ask this question."- Jesus_marley

There's Another World Out There...

"Imagine being transported to a parallel universe that was almost identical to our own."

"Somewhere out in the vastness of that universe, there is a tiny planet."

"This much is true in both universes."

"On this planet, there is a beach, and on that beach, there is a small stone."

"Once again, both universes are alike in this regard."

"Beneath that stone, however, there are several million grains of sand, and while they are all are in precisely the same location in each universe, one of them, a tiny speck of particularly clear quartz, hewn from a larger whole millions of years before, has a single atom that is positioned a fraction of a femtometer differently than its twin in the mirror dimension."

"You may think that such an insignificant difference would label these two universes as being functionally identical, and you would be right."

"In fact, they are so similar that the multiverse has long since combined them into one reality."

"That single atom in that tiny speck of sand on that lonesome beach on a distant planet merely occupies two spaces at once, seeming to an outside observer to vibrate back and forth at a predictable rate."

"That every atom in existence seems to do the same is probably a coincidence."- RamsesThePigeon

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Speaks For Itself

"That it exists."- phillipsd001

The Age Old Question...

"It must be true that either it didn't exist, then it did."

"Or it has always existed."- realFraaErasmas

What Makes Our Brain Work...

"That somehow all the particles accumulated in a specific way and in specific quantities to give you conscious thought."- Sphyrwa

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The Inevitable End...

That whatever our problems are, big or small, it won’t matter in 1,000,000 years (worst being a nuclear war or something). - Reddit

There are countless things about the universe no one will ever know.

But mysterious and, sometimes, unsettling as it may be, there's something oddly wonderful about the unending exploration and study to learn what is out there.

And all the discoveries we have yet to make.

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