People Explain Which Completely True Facts Are The Hardest To Believe

People Explain Which Completely True Facts Are The Hardest To Believe
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Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

I can't tell you how many writers have looked at their whimsical works of fiction and thought "no one would ever think of this."

Only to turn on the news and see reality is crazier.

Ever since 2015 began the 2016 election cycle, the people at "The ONION" must nearly be out of ideas.

Certain facts sound wild but truth is truth.

And truth is a mess.

Redditor edder24wanted to get into the details about some cold hard facts. So they asked:

"What 100% FACT is the hardest to believe?"

Any and every detail that comes out of our medical insurance system. Don't get me started...


"An Australian man won the lottery, then on camera to re enact the winning for the news he bought another ticket... he won the lottery again on camera. "



"If a billion people from both China and India didn't exist, they would still be the #1 and #2 most populated nations in the world."


"The fact people think this is a bad thing is something I can’t believe. Though I would like to know the truth. If they are locked into factories living terrible lives. I hope if they where they would revolt. Maybe we should set a better example."


Kermit too?

"Tarantulas keep tiny frogs as pets."


"This is a bit misleading. They don't keep them as 'pets.' they depend on one another. In nature, this is described as a symbiotic relationship (where both parties gain some sort of mutual benefit)."

Frogs will eat the smaller insects that are a nuisance to the tarantula (it's debated whether or not they protect their eggs, because Tarantula burrows are too deep and sticky for smaller insects to traverse). And in turn the tarantula will protect the frog. This is no different than other relationships in nature. Some bird species will frequently land in crocodile's open jaws to eat bits of stuck, leftover food which can be irritating to the crocodile. The crocodile in turn will just stay still for a bit."



"That only 6 people have survived rabies. Rabies has a 99% Mortality rate. You can have rabies for an entire year without symptoms and once you have symptoms, it's already too late. You'll probably die in a couple of days if you have symptoms."


"More than a year, it can lay dormant for several years. You go on a camping trip and wake up noting you have a scratch on your arm. You put a band aid on and think no more about it. A couple of years later you feel unwell. You're already dead, there's nothing to save you. Rabies is terrifying."



Summer Bike GIFGiphy

"There is enough water in Lake Superior to cover North and South America in water one foot deep."


Let's go swimming. The rains must fall hard there.

The Hunter

Bugs Dragonfly GIF by Ana MouyisGiphy

"Dragonflies accelerate at up to 4G and corner at up to 9G."


"Dragonflies are also the most efficient hunter, catching up to 95% of prey."



"This relationship of the the pistol shrimp and watchman goby (fish). The pistol shrimp is nearly blind but an excellent digger, whereas the watchman goby has excellent eyesight with a nearly 360 range of vision, but lacks the ability to dig or fight for burrows to live in."

"So these two animals benefit from each other by living together. The pistol shrimp works on digging the burrow, and the 'watchman' goby stands guard outside. If there’s a threat approaching, the goby will dart into the burrow and simultaneously smack the pistol shrimp’s antenna to alert it of the danger."


Go Jimmy! Go!

"President Jimmy Carter rappelled into a nuclear reactor that was in partial meltdown to stop the meltdown and save Ottowa. Before he became President, of course."


"My favorite Carter tidbit is a statement something to the effect of 'I hope the last Guinea worm dies before I do.' Dude dedicated his remaining life to bringing another organism to extinction, and he might well succeed. Metal AF."


"but I wore the juice!"

"In 1995, a man named MacArthur Wheeler robbed two banks at gunpoint, he was arrested mere hours later because he didn't wear a mask. instead, he decided to coat his face in lemon juice because he read that lemon juice can be used to make invisible ink. His logic, was that it would make his face invisible. And reportedly, he said to one of the tellers don't worry, I have a face, it's just invisible.'"

"The only thing he did when he was arrested was sigh dejectedly and say 'but I wore the juice!' His case is actually still in academic journals regarding the fact that people with low intelligence do in fact believe that they're smarter than everyone else."



"The Australian Funnel Web Spider is often regarded as the world's deadliest and hasn't had a confirmed kill in over 40 years since the antivenom was created."



"Very few mosquito species prefer human blood, but among those that do, only 5% are deadly to humans. Those 5% though, kill more people annually than humans do."


"5% of mosquitoes are deadly to humans? Is this 100% due to other diseases or can a mosquito actually kill someone, kinda like if someone was allergic to bees and gets stung by one or something like that."


Family Tree

"One of Joseph Stalin's granddaughters is a hipster/punk lady who runs a record shop in Portland."


"One of Mussolini’s actual granddaughters was elected to the Rome council in 2021. One of his other granddaughters was on the European Parliament from 2014-2019 (this one also released some songs in Japan and had a stint as an actress and model)."


"I wouldn’t be surprised, in terms of political beliefs, the granddaughter could be the same economically, but vastly different politically (being that punk culture is based on anarchy)."


The Axis

"That a spy named Joan Pujol Garcia was awarded the highest honor of service from both the Allies and Axis in the Second World War."


"Wasn't actually the 'highest honour of service' but he was awarded for service both by Germany and the UK. It's not that he was actually playing both sides."

"It's that he intentionally set himself up as a double agent, working for the UK while pretending to work for Germany he did such a good job feeding a mixture of real and fake info to Germany that they never caught on that he was working against them, and ended up being instrumental in the British intelligence operation to mislead the Germans about where the D-day landings would take place."



Ask The Storybots Planets GIF by StoryBotsGiphy

"From the time it was discovered to the time it lost its status as a planet, Pluto made it less than a third of the way around the sun."



"105 billion people have lived so far. 7.9 billion of us are currently alive."


"Assuming that the average life expectancy at birth is at least a decade (hopefully an underestimate, given that the life expectancy at birth in the bronze age was about 25 years, that's including infant mortality), that's at least a trillion years experienced by humans, collectively."



"Oxford university is older than the Aztec empire."


"It's also about 74 years away from its millennium anniversary. The University of Bologna, founded in 1088, predating Oxford by just eight years, is 66 years away from its millennium anniversary. I don't think my lifespan will make it to Oxford's. And making it to Bologna's would be a close call for sure."


Evil Amongst us

"It’s estimated people on average come across almost a dozen murderers in their lifetime."


"I'll bet I've come across hundreds. Many of them appear to be decent people on the surface. I am a strong death penalty advocate."


"A serial killer bought me a drink once. I wish I still had the picture someone snapped of us. It was a going away party I think, something for a mutual friend."



"There are more trees on Earth than stars in the Milky Way. Roughly by a factor of 10."


"I think I heard somewhere that 150 years ago a squirrel could go tree to tree from the Mississippi River all the way to the East Coast without having to touch the ground."



Vintage Vhs GIF by vhspositiveGiphy

"Lightning bolts can reach temperatures 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun."


I hate any and all facts pertaining to bugs and spiders. No thank you.

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