Are you a Peter Griffin fan from Rhode Island?
How about a Garfield fan from Indiana?

Check out this labelled map and the list below to see where your state's loyalty lies when it comes to fictional characters.

Thanks to Matt Shirley for list and Sean Noyce for the illustration.

Alabama: Forrest Gum

Alaska: Chilly Willy

Arizona: Rambo

Arkansas: Thelma and Louise

California: Marty Mcfly

Colorado: Eric Cartman

Connecticut: Beetlejuice

D.C: Murphy Brown

Delaware: Tyler Durden

Florida: Ace Ventura

Georgia: Daisy Duke

Hawaii: Gilligan

Idaho: Napoleon Dynamite

Illinois: Ferris Buehler

Indiana: Garfield

Iowa: James T. Kirk

Kansas: Dorothy

Kentucky: Rick Grimes

Louisiana: Gambit

Maine: Paul Bunyan

Maryland: Jack Ryan

Massachusetts: Norm Peterson

Michigan: Robocop

Minnesota: Charlie Brown

Mississippi: Rogue

Missouri: Tom Sawyer

Montana: Ellie Sattler

Nebraska: Wizard of Oz

Nevada: Bobby Munson

New Hampshire: Mr. Deeds

New Jersey: Indiana Jones

New Mexico: Walter White

New York: Barbie

North Carolina: Barney Fife

North Dakota: Jay Gatsby

Ohio: Freddy Krueger

Oklahoma: Doonesbury

: Ramona Quimby

: Rocky

Rhode Island: Peter Griffin

South Carolina: Frank Underwood

South Dakota: Desmond Miles

Tennessee: Hannah Montana

Texas: Beavis and Butthead

Utah: Wile E. Coyote

Vermont: Jack Torrance

Virginia: John-Boy Walton

Washington: Frasier

West Virginia: Aunt Bee

Wisconsin: Kelso

Wyoming: Yogi Bear

Are you happy with the most famous fictional character in your state?

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