People Divulge Which Things They Love Doing That Most People Hate

People Divulge Which Things They Love Doing That Most People Hate

We all have different perhaps strange activities that are satisfying.

There isn't really any cut-and-dry format to what we should enjoy.

There are however many things that most of the populace are adverse to.

Working outside in the heat or very cold weather, going to the dentist, or having to tackle a big disorganized mess are not typically on top of anyone's to-do list. Although some things for this writer bring a smile of satisfaction when done.

Strangely enough, I love cleaning cast iron cookware. Getting it really clean and then seasoning it with oil, bringing it out of the oven from heating to see the shiny deep black surface of a job well done makes me happy, even though it's a pain.

Redditor WowADeadMidget wanted to hear what the other weirdos of the world enjoyed.

They asked:

"What do you enjoy doing that most people generally dislike?"

The responses were all too relatable.

Being a total night owl...

Being up all night and sleeping all day. People may enjoy it but as a societal whole it's frowned upon. I feel horrible when I'm awake during the day and when night hits I feel naturally more awake.”

“Problem is nothing is open at night where I am so I can't shop and get things done at night, and again, it's really looked down on to be up at night and sleep during the day. You're considered lazy or unwilling to work, selfish, all sorts of things. I'd rather have a night job and sleep during the day.”

“Edit for additional information apparently. I am not a child or a teen who ‘just doesn't like people’ I am in my thirties. I appreciate the dm's and comments from those who relate, glad it seems there are a lot of us who not only enjoy being awake at night and sleeping during the day, but genuinely can only properly function this way.”

“Hello fellow Night guard haha.” toxicoverride


“I love being on planes. Just the experience of taking off and landing. I actually enjoy the pressure you get on your ear. But the best thing about is looking down at the place I came from or are going to.”

“ I really enjoy looking at maps and google earth so it feels great to see it with my own eyes. I can see my whole life from the window, where I live and where I go to school. It is just a lovely experience and totally worth the small leg room." ​Malthegudum

“The loud lawn mower lets me sing..."

“Yard work - as long as it's not too hot. If it's slightly chilled or just a nice day, I enjoy buckling down and just doing a lot of yard work. I get a sense of accomplishment when done, it helps ease my mind seeing the lines of grass being cut, especially that last piece to finish a section.”

“And once I get going I knock out several things. It's therapeutic to me. The loud lawn mower lets me sing, or collect thought about things going on in my life, or think those afterthought insults you wish you threw at someone in an argument earlier that day that would have hit home in the perfect way you wanted. Stuff like that lolPoocheese55

“walking alone with or without destination..."

​“Walking. Just, walking alone with or without destination, often to places I've never been before and past 2 am when there's noone in the streets, just observing the surrounding as they slowly pass by me, with my thoughts to myself.”

“I just find it relaxing and oddly sublime. Even in daily life, sometimes I find myself looking at some places and thinking ‘it would be nice to walk around in there’.”

Edit: judging by the amount of upvotes and comments I'm getting, this might have been not so disliked activity as I previously thought after all...”Leuk_Jin

Working in the cold...

​“Working outside when it's cold. Most of my coworkers absolutely hate it. I'm the opposite and hate the summer.”

“I'm in a t-shirt at 30°F. I'm comfortable down to and a little below 0°F. Anything colder than -10°F and it's hard on the tools and equipment. When we got down almost -40°F a couple years ago, I was giddy like a school girl and stood outside as long as I could just to feel it.”

“ If I could find a company in my field and area that would let me work January and February and take July and August off, I'd do it in a heart beat.” Bimlouhay83

“a lover of organizing."

“Organizing things, its just satisfying and a stress reliever for me.” EducationalPark4936

“My dad is a game developer (like pen & paper/card games, not apps) and he's working on a card game right now where the whole point is to sort. Each card has a different saying, color, shape, font, etc. and the only point is to sort the cards however you wish.”

“I, too, am a lover of organizing, and it's by far my favorite game he's made. It's meditative just organizing a stack of cards over and over again.” yourerightaboutthat

Ah life Tetris...

“Packing my luggage."

“I usually procrastinate until the last evening but once I'm on it it feels like a real-life Tetris game, nicely filling the gaps, neatly folding the shirts. Mom thinks it feels meditative to watch me pack." deadBee_25

An enjoyment not everyone has...

​“I love paying my bills. It feels so satisfying to see the owed balance drop to $0.” Tiger5913

“When you don't have anxiety about your bank account having the funds to pay them, it feels great. When you are afraid to check your bank account because you're scared of what you're going to see, it's much less fun to pay bills. Been in the latter, but thankfully I'm now in the former.” Full_Moon_Fever


​“Troubleshooting things. I really enjoy finding small problems and fixing them. It's why I spent my HS years learning about signal wiring, my college years working with EE stuff, I brought my first job's company back from the edge of collapse, I nearly started a computer consulting firm, and now I play with 3D printing with highly customized features.”

It's why I still enjoy a good sudoku or murder mystery. It's that hunt for the Andre to a question. It's the want to learn the insides of a system well enough to pick it apart, fix it, and reassemble with only A FEW extra screws. It's just enjoyable.” NEXT_VICTIM

Well that's terrifying...

Going to the dentist. I love the feeling of having my teeth cleaned and even the feeling of my teeth being filed down or drilled into. I used to have a teeth grinding problem so that probably explains why I enjoy it lol​.” raginghangnail

Some of these may not seem too off while others really take the cake.

Whatever you enjoy as long as it harms none have fun!

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