People Explain Which Temptations Are The Hardest To Resist

People Explain Which Temptations Are The Hardest To Resist
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"Lead me not into temptation..."

OK so half of you finished the prayer; and the other half of you were like "for I already know the way. Plus two shortcuts. And I got us tacos for the trip."

This article is my personal love song to you, group 2.

Half the fun of temptation is giving into it sometimes! We're not saying you should be out here living your best Requiem For A Dream life - but the only thing more satisfying than a mini-eclair is another mini-eclair and you know it.

Reddit user "WinstonChurchillin" asked:

What is extremely hard to resist?

And yup... SAME. Let's get into it.

Mmmm Such Satisfaction

Bite Mosquito GIF by fngrpnsGiphy

"Scratching an itchy spot. Notably Mosquito bites." - neoambitions

"I did yard work in super thin pants the other evening. Mostly sitting on the ground or on my knees weeding. Guess who has a sh*t ton of mosquito bites all over the sides of her butt? and WILL be scratching them?" - leopoldisacat

"I currently have some mosquito bites right on top of where I get psoriasis flare-ups, and I think I'm starting to get one."

"But I've scratched so I'll consider the bites open wounds for a while and not use my psoriasis cream yet... Please send strength 😬" - PatatietPatata

"I've trained myself to not scratch mosquito bites. Takes a lot of willpower because I can't stop once I start."

"I scratch em down until they bleed. Strangely, I found that pressing an "X" with my fingernail into a bite makes it not itch as much." - SpiffyPaige143

"I'd Call The Cops"

permit patty calling the police GIFGiphy

"Eating just 1 of anything that comes in a pack like chips or cookies." - voicesofsand

"If you're the kind of person to open up a bag of chips and eat only one potato chip, I'm 100% certain you're a psychopath." - South-Builder6237

"Have you actually witnessed this behavior? I'd call the cops" - Soylent-PoP

Necessary Equipment Tests

"Picking up tongs and clicking them together." - getyourcheftogether

"Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to go to pick something up with your tongs, only to discover they were stuck shut? No thank you! I will stick to my test clicks." - pmmeyourfantasyz

"Similarly, hitting the clear button on a calculator 5-30 times before you use it. I mean, how else can you know there's no math left in it?" - sloowhand

"Same goes for testing a drill after you pick it up to make sure it goes brrrrr" - issacoin

Not all temptations are necessarily delicious, delectable, and delightful. Some are straight up self-destructive.

Doesn't mean we're stopping, though...

Dr. Google

Angry New Amsterdam GIF by Global TVGiphy

"Googling symptoms" - mentalhygeinex

"Once googled why my nose won't stop running when I had a cold. Apparently brain leakage was a possibility" - callummc

"I literally just googled this for chest pain and forgot I get anxiety attacks 😂" - gizzie123

Even The Things I Want To Do

Animation Fail GIF by SLOTHILDAGiphy

"I cannot resist procrastinating. Yes. Even things that I actually want to do. I spent a week saying tonight is the night I watch Kill Bill, but then not doing it." - Extension-Barb6431

"I get paid $120/hour to browse reddit for 4-6 hours a day and produce/present my boss a 15-minute summary of highlights."

"Instead, I'm procrastinating on reddit." - MainlandX

The Power Of Cheese Compels You

Rainbow Pizza GIFGiphy

"Cheesy pizza when you damn well know you're lactose intolerant." - dumbacehijabi

"Damn so so very guilty." - feelitrealgood

"As long as there's a bathroom within 10 minutes of me, I'll risk it." - barelythereish

"Best life hack I ever learned was to make pizza with aged cheese since it has almost no lactose in it. I use aged fontina instead of mozzarella."

"The P in pizza no longer stands for pain." - SensibleInterlocutor

... And Oreos

oreo GIFGiphy

"The urge to ruin your life by staying up late scrolling reddit instead of going to bed."

"This caused you to wakeup late for work/be over tired and call out since you work a manual labor job. On some level you do it just so that you intentionally get fired and don't have to provide for yourself and you can feel more comfortable talking negatively about yourself since, through your own action, you are a f*ck up."

"But even worse you are a deliberate one, so you feel guilty but you still want to do it so people stop expecting things from your life since you constantly let them down..."

"And Oreos" - Sorvan_K

This Is Your Sign To Stop Checking

Taylor Not Replying GIF by VH1Giphy

"Checking up your ex's social after breakup." - mrsnotknowitall

"That was the reason why I deleted all of mine. It was the only way to stop myself from doing it constantly." - Imissmychildyears

"God my breakup was so bad, I checked her profile every single day. Every time she reacted to my story I got excited, just to later be disappointed."

"One night we ended up being at the same night club. I was constantly walking past her, cause she was right next to the bathroom."

"She was dancing with other two dudes, but sometime at the end I asked her if she wants to go outside just to catch up a bit, see how is she doing. She told me she was way too drunk and maybe later."

"Two minutes later I see her outside, flirting with a random dude. At that moment, all I could feel was disappointment in myself, pain but it was a wake up call."

"As soon as I got home I blocked her everywhere. I realized I did not need that kind of pain in my life and I had to just move on."

"So far its working out great. As my friend said 'Far from your eyes, far from your mind, and far from your heart' " - gamer4eto_BG

So what have we learned today?

Lean into SOME temptations. Others ... well ... there's a block button for a reason, friends.

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