People Break Down Which Movie Franchises Should Have Stopped With The Second Installment

People Break Down Which Movie Franchises Should Have Stopped With The Second Installment

When we fall in love with a movie and its characters, sometimes we don't want to see the credits roll. If we're lucky and the movie is a successful, we could get a sequel.

But what happens when the franchise thinks it's a good idea to keep going? And going, and going, and going... even if they're bombing at the box office.

Sometimes the third movie just doesn't live up to the originals and just ends up disappointing fans and this Reddit user wanted to know which movies those were.

Reddit user karma_hit_my_dogma wanted to know:

"What movie franchise should've stopped at 2?"

What makes a 'threequal' so bad? Well, we're about to find out.

An iconic Christmas movie we cherish.

"Home Alone."

- AParasiticTwin

"I have this thing that I watch Home Alone every Christmas. Its my Christmas movie and I'm 34. I love 1-2 and I actually once watched 3-5. They're like low-cost B-cat movies compared to the first two. Its not the same without Culkin. And different directors, writers and composer. 1-2 has John Williams, who is a legend. 3-5 kinda don't have a theme music even. For me, there's only Home Alone 1&2."

- Angelz5

Home Alone Christmas Queue For You GIFGiphy

"Merry Christmas, you filthy animal."

"P.S. Sorry, you say 3-5? There's a HA 4 & 5??"

- DissonantGuile

"I recently discovered this as well and it's like discovering there are 14 land before times or 5 tremors movies or 6 return of the living dead etc. etc."

- waltwalt

The sequels really did not live up to the original.


- FDRip

"Jaws 3 was an absolute dumpster fire. The scene where the shark breaks into the underwater (for some reason) security booth, the shark is clearly a non-animated jpeg."

- Pennywise626

"Here it is for anyone wondering."

- jorph

"For anyone curious why this effect looks the way it does, 3D was a big part of this movies marketing. I'm sure it didn't look good in 3D either but it looks so bad in 2D lol."

- Simspidey

Animated GIFGiphy

We know Disney wont live up to their own originals.

"Preemptively adding Frozen to this list, because I know Disney too well."

- CaptainPrower

"Hopefully they let the franchise rest and if they do make a third one it isn't bad."

- sonicx3087

"Oddly enough, Toy Story would be the opposite situation."

"Every single one has been a joy to watch and I'd be on board if they made them forever, but obviously with the story pretty much done and actors are beginning to pass away, it's a place to end."

"No on asked for a Toy Story 4... and it was still one of the best movies of the year."

"Also. Bunny and Ducky's ideas for getting the keys is one of the funniest moments in the entire franchise."

- BenjRSmith

"I would have loved it to end at 3."

"I mean 3 ended with such an emotional impact that works on so many layers. The audience grew up with the toys. Andy is off to college because he is the representation of the audience. He has to give the toys away to someone else to enjoy them. So it means it's time for us to tell others about the movies for them to enjoy."

"Why make a 4th. I mean it's an okay movie. But to me, it really weakens the impact of toy story 3 and honestly 4 is the weakest of the whole franchise."

"(if it's not obvious enough... I think toy story 3 is literally one of the greatest movies ever made...)"

- HnNaldoR

toy story 4 bo peep GIF by Walt Disney StudiosGiphy


- JimmySaulGene

"Yep, it's rare to have a sequel to be so successful. They should've quit while they were ahead."

- Renzetii-chan

This person had an unpopular opinion.

"I will die on the hill that T3 is the most important Terminator movie. Not the best, but the most important. Because it ties together the themes of the first two movies which are otherwise somewhat at odds with each other."

"The original is all about inevitability and fate. But T2 of course tells us the future is not set, there's no fate but what we make for ourselves."

"In T3 you get both. Judgement Day is inevitable, but can be put off. You can't save everyone, but you can save the savior. It works really well thematically, even though the movie on its own can't stand up to the first two."

- astroK120

"The Mummy."

- hatshepsut321

"Was it in the third one they changed the leading lady? That was weird."

- bobloblawTheFirst

The Mummy Glasses GIFGiphy

"Even went as far as to have her say 'I feel like a new woman,' or something of the sort."

- certifiedinfamy

"She's doing a book reading (obviously based on the characters adventures in the previous movies) and someone asks her if the lead character is based off herself."

"And that's when they do the reveal that the actress isn't Rachel Weisz as new! Evie says, 'Honestly, I can say she's a completely different person.'"

"And it's utterly miserable because now the movie is rubbing it in your face that she's not Rachel Weisz."

- redheadedgnomegirl

"Shrek. There was just no way to beat Shrek 2."

- Makeshift-Masquerade

"Shrek 2 is unironically one of my favorite movies of all time. Every single joke lands perfectly AND it has an engaging story, it's the perfect comedy."

- Monkeycarcass

snow white love GIFGiphy

Now, some of these franchises have still continued to make movies after the first or second great hits, regardless of fans telling them to stop. Something still keeps them going back for more in the end.

Hopefully the producers are listening.

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