People Break Down Which Meal Their Mom Makes Better Than Anybody In The Universe
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Hey ... wanna watch a totally wholesome internet slapfight?

Yeah you do. Come on, we got you covered.

One Reddit user asked:

What food does your mom make better than anybody who has ever existed in the history of the universe?

So obviously there's no way this doesn't turn into full on momwars, right? Absolutely. Yes. Total wholesome comment-carnage.


Gestures solemnly to my username.

- BlackberryCrumble

I disagree. My mom is better at that than your mom

- ylurt

Oh man. Yeah, growing up my mom made the best blackberry crumble, with fresh berries my dad spent a lifetime cultivating specific varieties from seed into a thriving family farm. She pretty much stopped baking when they divorced... I'm bummed now.

- LaDavina77

Korean Moms

My mom's Korean. She makes a korean oxtail soup called seollangtang.

It's my favorite meal and I'd want it as my last meal if I had to pick.

- dollymollyfolly

Nope, MY mom makes the best seollongtang!

And kimchi. And dakjuk. And mandu. And japhae.

Just kidding. I feel like all Korean kids think their mom makes the best kimchi.

- Arriety

Holy sh*t my Korean mom also makes amazing seolleongtang too!!! Her kimchi is also the absolute BOMB.

- overly_em0tional

Thank you so so much for saying that, on behalf of all Korean moms out here.

I'm a Korean mom of a little wee baby in the UK and if my daughter says anything remotely like this when she grow up, I would die a happy Korean mom.

- jengaandtofu

Potato Potahto

potato GIFGiphy

My Mum can make the single best roast potatoes I've ever had.

- UniqueName1790

That's nice, but I'm still a little sad that you've clearly never had my mum's roast potatoes. That's okay.

- madcaphals

Oh man I feel so bad for both of you because neither of you have had my mum's roasties. I'm sorry for you.

- ThatOneArcanine

It Isn't The Same

Banana bread. I use the same recipe and it just isn't the same. Miss you Mum x

I don't use cups (UK here) always weigh the ingredients. I think it's the baking time or maybe just the fact that things tasted better as a kid and/or when things are baked for you.

It's still good and I love it, just always comes with the pang of missing Mum 💖

- BoxSetQueen1980

I came here to also say banana bread. Same thing! I used the same recipe and it just isn't the same.

- dlstelly

It's The Love

Literally everything. Even toast. I think it's the love.

- warriorgramma

Love really does make a difference in cooking. When my mom cooks I really can taste the disdain and resentment.

- FilthyGrunger

My mother is in her 80s and is still the best cook to ever live. No Michelin-starred restaurant can compare because they just don't love me, despite my repeated pleading for them to.

- viremia

Roux Rules


My mom made the absolute best gumbo and I've spent the last 10 years trying to get it right because she never wrote down the recipe for me before she died despite me practically begging her to do so.

God I miss her (and her gumbo!)

- myhappylittletrees

I make a pretty damn good gumbo, and the biggest "trick" is to get the roux dark dark dark.

Cook it as long as you think it needs, then keep going until you want to give up and amputate an arm.

Then keep going.

When it looks almost inedible and has a slight popcorn smell, keep going. It'll then get smooth, creamy, and look like chocolate.

That's when it's ready.

And scoop off the excess fat as the gumbo cooks. That extra fat doesn't add the flavor you think it would.

Edit to add: if your roux smells like actual popcorn (not just a slight hint of it), it's burnt and will not taste good in your gumbo.

- kgb0484

Yep, it's all about that roux! My husband makes the best gumbo and his roux looks like motor oil. You literally almost burn it. It's delicious. Now, I want gumbo.

- Ginger_mutt

My grandpa made the best gumbo in the world (sorry, everyone else in this thread). He died 2 weeks ago from COVID.

I couldn't travel to his memorial, so I decided to try my hand at making gumbo and I studied countless recipes. I worked so damn hard on that roux. It got this delicious nutty smell, so I decided to put the trinity in.


I ain't never smelled anything so wonderful in my life. And it was immediate! I was very surprised. I still have a long way to go until I'm as good as Big Dad though.

- TheSpaceship

Filipino Flan Fight

doodle deal with it GIFGiphy

Leche flan.

Even the stuff from the local Filipino bakery is spongey scrambled eggs compared to my mom's. Hers is thick, smooth custard. No bubbles. Her secret ingredient is the tiniest splash of lemon extract.

Sometimes she'll put a layer of flan on top of cassava cake (shredded cassava cooked with macapuno coconut). Lord, so good.

- bachrock37

Oh dude! I've had Leche Flan from the store which is decent. And then I've had some made by Flipino moms/sisters. It's like night and day. The homemade stuff is on another level.

- theRiteGuy

My mom's leche flan is better than your mom's leche flan!

- alleycat1121

My mother should challenge your mother in a Leche flan-off. Mom wars.

- _jakkalope

I'm filipino and my mom is insane but she's known as the best Filipino cook in our town.

I made leche flan for Christmas one year, but so did she. Mine was a hit, hers flopped. She didn't speak to me for 2 months.

It was the best compliment she might've ever given me.

- annamel


My mom makes hands down the absolute best lasagna ever

- Sexy_Chestnut

My mom's lasagna was the best too! She would make homemade spaghetti sauce, from fresh tomatoes + cans of tomato paste, then cook the meatballs in the sauce, scooping the grease off the top over the course of the day. She would also parboil italian sausage. When the sausage and meatballs were cooked she would slice them into 1/2 inch pieces. Then she would make the lasagna with alternating layers of sausage, meatballs and ricotta cheese. All of us kids always requested this for our birthday dinner!

- Rguenther61

My mom used to make a "10 lasagna" 5 meats 5 cheeses and home made sauce. She even had to buy a special deep dish pan to make it

- 4DDtank

That sounds like a challenge sir, as I decree my mother makes a better lasagna than your mother.

- Fireblast1337

I decree that why yo shoes raggedy

- Sexy_Chestnut

I'm sorry to have to tell you this but, it's actually my mum that makes the best lasagna.

I'm sure it's really hard to hear this but it's best you understand the truth now, than continue living a lie.

- CallMe_Noodles

Piergori Pride

I married into a Ukrainian family and my mother in law and wife make potato/cheese perogies for Christmas and Thanksgiving each year from scratch and there's nothing like them.

You think you like perogies and then you have a homemade one and suddenly you can hear colours.

- mumbling87

My ex wife and her family were polish. The pierogies she made were the best thing I've ever had.

Until I met her, I didn't even know that pierogies existed. We've remained in good terms and now when she makes them, she always sends me a dozen or so.

- 5meterhammer

Wrong my polish mother made the best

- oli686

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