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Everybody is trying to figure out more ways to make cash.

And thanks to the internet, sex work is more popular than ever.

There is a thought we never imagined we'd have to wonder about.

Would mom start an OnlyFans?

We're not trying to stop anyone from making money, but it's certainly an interesting question.

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"Nice to hear from you stranger."

That is my phone greeting when I call my mother.

Though we've texted that day and spoke two days before.

It's fine. I know I don't call... because I'm lazy sometimes.

And honestly, not much new to report.

We all have "reasons" for not phoning mom.

And she knows them, so you might as well spill.

Redditormassatonwanted everyone to answer why they are reading this and not calling home! They asked:

"So, what is your excuse for not calling your mother?"
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People Explain How They Feel About Women Breastfeeding Openly In Restaurants
Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

As if being a mom isn't hard enough, why does society want to heap on more stress. Women who can breastfeed need to be able to breastfeed. They need to do it whenever and wherever.

This has been a contentious, dramatic issue for generations. Some people just can't handle a boob out in public. A boob that is nourishing a child, I might add. When you're hungry, you don't want to wait, so why should a mom, make her baby wait until a more "appropriate" time?

God grow up.

Redditor u/Brace4Landing wanted to chat about what women have to do what they do, by asking:

What are your thoughts about women breastfeeding openly in restaurants?
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Children Of A 'Karen' Break Down The Worst Thing Their Parent Has Ever Done
Julien L/Unsplash

When you read the name, "Karen," you might think of viral videos of middle-aged white women berating an employee and demanding to speak to the manager. It's become somewhat of a meme because of the viral videos, but its intentions are to point out the privilege white women can use to get what they want or weaponize it against people of color.

The image of the "Karen" has evolved into the "Coronavirus Karen" since the pandemic has begun.

What you might not be realizing is these "Karens" are mothers (or even fathers) who may be embarrassing their kids, or even treating them with the same manipulation at home.

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Sons Of Single Mothers Break Down The Things Moms Need To Know About Raising A Boy
Image by Ratna Fitry from Pixabay

Single mothers command respect, and they ought to.

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