People Explain Which Dishes Taste Better When Burnt A Little Bit
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I am a proud burnt toast eater.

Please stop coming to my table with your slightly beige warm bread. I want toast toast. I want crunch, I want little charred bits of dark brown and maybe even some black.

If your bread has the color palette of a hamster, not a rottweiler - you did it wrong and I will die on this food hill.

Reddit user OtherwiseProject1338 asked:

"What tastes better a little burnt?"

I'm not even gonna bother with the whole big long story setup. Reddit food fights are a genre we know and love in these streets. Let's get into it.


Sautee A Little Harder

Vegan Veggies GIF by Shaka Giphy

"Sautéed bell peppers and onions."

- ARgirlinaFLworld

"This is the answer. Extra cooked peppers and onions on lightly toasted bread and a thin slice of cheddar cheese chef's kiss"

- legocitiez

"If your peppers aren’t black in spots then they aren’t cooked."

- [reddit]

"Black onions are f*cking amazing."

- ThRoWaWaYrenter160

Lessons From Hubby

"For me it's McDonald's chocolate chip cookies, if you find an accommodating store ask them to put yours in the oven for just a little longer and they come out slightly burnt."

"They'll be slightly harder but the crunch and the slightly burnt ends is amazing."

"Learned this from my husband."

- Technical_Way3498

Grandma Gives Up Cooking

"Growing up, the only way that my siblings and I ever ate broccoli, was when it was burnt. We hated it otherwise."

"Our grandmother would always argue with us that it was so much better when not burnt, and she would scoff at our mother for giving us burnt food 😂"

"She is a strong willed woman, and eventually she just refused to cook broccoli for us, since we wouldn't eat it the "orrect way."

"We loved broccoli, so we'd often ask grandma to fix some for us. She'd always reply with 'Are you going to make me burn it? Then no.' Lol"

"You'd think she'd just be happy that kids were willing to eat vegetables."

- Purplecardgame

Natural Cooking Container


"Have you ever grilled corn in the husk?"

"Just toss it on the grill and turn it every few minutes until the outer layer of leaves starts to burn on the edges. You'll see a little steam around the silks usually when it's done."

"Best part? The leaves become pliable enough you can evert the husk and leave it attached to the cob as an instant handle!"

- Majik_Sheff

"It kills me when I see someone take a perfectly good ear of corn, shuck it, and then wrap it in tinfoil to grill it. You threw away the natural cooking container!"

- moxleycrue

Carbon Adds Flavor

"I’ve never liked asparagus, and I hate burnt food, but my boyfriend was craving the asparagus his sister makes. So I told him if he got the recipe I’d make it for him."

"Her trick? Burn them a little bit."

"Turns out I do like asparagus lol."

- unicornhornporn0554

"Carbon adds a bit of a bite and depth of flavor. Plus 'crispy without being hard' tends to be a pleasing texture."

- Mayor__Defacto

"Yes, my great grandmother used to 'stew' the asparagus, and I would eat it for the nutrition, but wasn't a huge fan of the asparagus. All her other cooking was incredible, god rest her soul."

"But as a grown up, I decided to try asparagus. Me & my dinner guests "burned" up some asparagus on the grill - which does make them quite enjoyable for me!"

"Also, AIR FRY! I love my air fryer, it makes everything so yummy!"

- rodoxide

Crispy Edges

"The top and side of lasagna."

- Sendmeboobpics4982

"My sister won’t eat this. When we’re eating it together, I ask her, 'Can I have your lasagna scab?' ”

- abriefdeparture

"Yes actually, those Lil burnt dots make it even better with those crispy cheese!"

"I learnt lasagna by watching 100s of videos and picking good stuff from each of them. The final recipe I came up with for it was amazing. I was in 3rd heaven eating, man it was like explosion of flavours inside ma mouth."

"I keep that recipe in my safe now to not lose it, it's that precious to me."

- beeg_brain007

"They have those Edge pans for lasagna now, a whole pan full of crispy side pieces!"

- twirlerina024

My Wife's Sausage

"Breakfast sausages."

"My wife is from a country where breakfast sausages are not the norm. She boils them and then lightly browns them."

"DAMMIT WOMAN!! Slam those suckers down on a hot oiled griddle and roll 'em around until at least half the skin is charred!"

- Thundersalmon45

"I only recently realized some people consider what I consider normally cooked sausage to be a little burnt.”

"I’d never considered cooking it any other way. Seems… not done without at least a bit of char on it."

- bakerzdosen

Illegally Limp

food porn bacon GIF by HuffPost Giphy

"Bacon. Limp chewy bacon should be illegal."

- ClintorisMaximus

"Bacon is the way. Crispy-burny bacon is The Force."

- HeyCharrrrlie

"There’s a local place that deep fries bacon in lard. It’s the crispiest and crunchiest bacon ever."

"Now that I’ve been spoiled with deep fried bacon I’ll never eat any other bacon again."

- Due-Paleontologist69

"I legit want my bacon to be a meat cracker."

"When people ask how I like my bacon at breakfast I am always met with a look of confused fear when I say 'I like it super crispy' like they have no idea how to accomplish that."

"I always have to reassure with 'Dont worry, you literally can't overcook my bacon. Char it, it can be burnt black and I'll love it.' "

"I've had limp bacon friends that complained their bacon was overcooked and gave it to me - and it was still undercooked by my standards. I'll never understand those types."

- HelmSpicy

The Topping

"Crème Brûlée"

- ClosetoParfait

"Three different accent marks, this guy doesn't f*ck around"

- Money_Calm

"That burnt sugar topping really hits the spot."

- [reddit]

"Yessss and that incredibly satisfying tap when you crack through the caramelized sugar layer... Magic."

- Purplemonkeez

"There have been several correct answers in this thread, but this is easily the most correct of all."

- ConnorKeane


"Nobody said brownies?? Burnt edges of a brownie man, 10/10"

- KnottySpartan

"A gently burnt brownie gets me every single time. Glad to know there are people with good taste!"

- SunnyWays8

"Those burnt brownie edges defy logic. It's like the chocolate in those burnt parts has ascended to a higher plane of existence and taken me with it."

"It makes me forget who I am and all my troubles as the world melts away and all I know is the burnt chocolatey bliss I'm experiencing."

"So damn good I can't believe it's legal."

- Dead_Is_Better

It's your turn, food fans.

Tell us all about your best burned bits - is it marshmallows, toast, a veggie? Something completely left field like ice cream cake?

We can't wait to hear it.

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