People Explain Which Concepts Make Absolutely No Sense To Them

Every so often life really makes little sense. Actually, life is a complete disaster most of the time. Not to be a pessimist, but I am left dumbfounded pretty consistently.

The world is just full of things and ideas that don't add up. It's all chaos and tomfoolery. For example... how do people go to jail for the same crimes, but receive different punishments?

Why would I go into debt for a college education when I see plenty of people get the same jobs just on charm and "some" experience?

Redditoru/__Dawn__Amber__wanted to compare notes on the things that make us go... mhmmm, by asking:

What really makes no sense?

I don't know where to start with the amount of nonsense I'm burdened with? But at least I'm not crazy and alone, y'all see it as well. I was concerned for a bit.

10 Days

weather GIFGiphy

"The Weather Channel website's "10-Day Weather Forecast" shows the weather forecast for 15 days. I know in the grand scheme of things, it's completely unimportant, but it bugs me a lot."



"Insurance. My doctor says I need this procedure. I ask my insurance if it's covered. They say no it's not needed. I tell them a medical doctor told me I need this. They said in their opinion I don't. I ask if they are a medical doctor. They say no. And there are people out there who defend this?"

- FistedTate

"Omg literally just went through this, MRA looking for a tumor associated with Trigeminal Neuralgia and my insurance gave me sh!t about it! Insurance is such a scam."

- MrsG293


"A random video with political implications gets 10,000 views, and suddenly it's being quoted by all major media companies as proof of how serious things have become."

- NickDanger3di

"But sometimes the "random Twitter user with 8 followers" is indeed a random Twitter user with 8 followers, and sometimes it's the New York Times official account, several celebrities, and various personalities with 10000 followers each, all agreeing. The "some randos on Twitter" argument still gets used, but pay attention, it's not always symmetrical."

- bildramer

In the Room

"This is super niche, but having family (other than husband/spouse/whatever) in the room while you have a baby. Every woman I know felt obligated to do this and then regretted it after. They can see the baby after you get home, either the next day or the next week."

- spacej0ckbackup

"My midwife told me that in her experience, every additional person in the room after the birth partner adds an hour to labor because mom can't fully relax and concentrate. Even if I'd been tempted to have an audience (which I wasn't), that would have nixed it for me."

- MurkyLurkist

Getting in...

job interviews GIFGiphy

"Needing five or more years of experience for an entry-level job."

- an_ineffable_plan

Ok seriously, insurance is a disaster. It makes you not want to have it sometimes. I believe they designed it that way to scare us off. And don't get me started on job requirements. Get over yourselves.

All about the Benjamins!

Bugs Bunny Money GIF by Looney TunesGiphy

"Asking about pay and stuff related when applying/interviewing for a job and how it's looked down on to do that. Like the most fundamental purpose of this job is to be paid money."

- OcupiedMuffins

Missing Items...

"How some cartoon characters wear a shirt, but no pants. Then their colleagues wear nothing at all. Pick a side."

- tropicalpotato

"It's weird, No pants and a shirt is okay, no shirt and just pants is okay, fully nude is okay too, but if the Shirt/Pants character loses their clothing they cover their groin area in shame, even if they were not wearing pants to begin with."

- metalflygon08


"Sending your CV and filling in the exact details on their application page."

- crashandrise

"I'd recommend only doing that for a job you are neutral on and don't care that much about. Many of the systems will just weed it out like you said. Some of the hiring managers will just weed it out also (if you aren't willing to spend 10 minutes typing it out it may be construed as being lazy)."

"Some hiring managers don't care at all of course. The thing is many hiring managers have stacks of applications and they develop ways to quickly whittle the stack down before even truly reading the applications. The quickest way to get insta removed is to not follow the basic formatting requirements."

- horseband

Merry Problems...

"How come in all the Christmas movies, the adults don't believe in Santa, yet not only is he an actual entity in the context of the film, but he's the one putting presents under the tree? Like, where do they think the presents come from? They didn't put them there! It's like not believing in the mailman or something; it doesn't make sense!"

- Omny87

Money Transfer

Central Banks Dancing GIF by Dash Digital CashGiphy

"Why do banking hours still exist. It is all computers. Put the money in my account today not tomorrow when the bank opens."

- Gtstricky

Can you hear that? The bank death knell, it's coming. And I have always wondered about who is designing clothes for cartoon characters. They're either lazy or crazy. Stop the madness!

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