I swear nobody listens anymore. It's like we've all gone deaf. Now I'm not saying that certain things in life don't need a few extra loops of discussion but more often than not, people just don't listen.

So that drives the rest of us to over-explaining and basically wasting time. It's exhausting to always have to be on repeat. After a certain point I just give up and say... "sorry, you're on your own." Maybe if you pay attention the first five times, we wouldn't be here.

And why is it always the easy things? I mean Trigonometry sure, that could take years of talk but... how to restart the cable box? Come on... google it.

Redditor u/The_Tell_Tale_Heart wanted an explanation about over explaining by asking one last time:

What are you tired of having to explain?

I'm not saying I'm perfect, and there have been a few times I genuinely needed a refresh in directions but that is because I actually forgot or I was drunk the first time you told me. What's your excuse?


Sick Puppy GIF by Simian Reflux Giphy

"That just because you can't see my illness doesn't mean it's not there."

- xoemily

Write it Down

My work schedule to my parents. They always start a conversation with "What's your schedule this week?" "When's the next time you work?" "How come you're not at work?" I work full time. My schedule hasn't changed in a while, and they ask me multiple times a day when they visit."

- Cultist902

Use a Pin

"How to reset the router."

- JackasaurusYTG

"Resetting a router is different than restarting it. There's a small hole labeled "reset" and you have to push the button inside it with a pin, which will reset to factory default. And probably screw up your entire network until you fix it."

- IrascibleOcelot

During my Studies...

"I study molecular biology. No, I don't know what plant/bird/bug this is. Yes, I know about cancer but no, I don't know what this weird mole you have there is. Yes, I handle bacteria in the lab, no I don't want to know about you digestive problems."

- geneKnockDown-101

I studied a similar MSc... The one I hate most. "There must be a cure for cancer, they just won't make any money from it so they're hiding it! A) who are 'They' B) 'cancer' isn't one disease C) any cure for any cancer would absolutely be a lucrative medical intervention."

- adVANtures_of_a_T4

Hands Off

Jemaine Clement Hair GIF Giphy

"Yes, my hair is naturally curly. No, you may not touch it."

- freddy0got0fingered

Basic human behavior. Why is that so hard to remember? Don't touch other's hair, don't touch others in general. And always keep a pin next to the router. I can't believe it's 2021 and that's the best technology we have for that.

Say it Again...

Brely Evans Love GIF by TV One Giphy

"How to pronounce my name."

- forever_paladin

"Dom Irrera hilariously addresses others' difficulties with his name in a segment on Dr. Katz Professional Therapist."

- Ihadsumthin4this

I'm Hungry

"That the window for lunch service is 10:30 to noon. It doesn't start at 9:40 or 10:15. Ten-thirty. And, there's no such thing as "second lunch" in the afternoon. Quit asking. Damn, these cats are thick-headed and persistent."

- Southern_Snowshoe

"Lunch ends at noon? That's a bit weird. I'm not surprised people are confused. Noon is a very normal lunch time."

- 1235813213455_1

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Not Just...

"Migraine is not "just a headache."

- rozmarka

"Oh my God yessssss. I get severe migraines to the point where I will stop functioning entirely for hours, or days at a time. I have been to the ER twice now. So it is a slight pet peeve of mine when someone says "OMG I have such a migraine right now!!1!1!1!!1 ANYWAYS WANT TO PLAY XBOX FOR THE NEXT THREE HOURS!1!1!!1!1!1!"

- thetruedogebread

I just need to Work

"Why an employer should hire me. I'm crap at interviews, yet every job I've had, I've excelled. My resume didn't just get like this on its own... so why is the fact that I struggle with speaking enough to disqualify me from a job I am fully capable of doing?"

- hotdoggyloon

Keep the Schedule

selfie idiot GIF by Digg Giphy

"Yes the train is early but we cannot depart the station until our booked departure time because someone may be booked to travel and we physically cannot leave anyway because the signal is RED."

- FairlyInconsistentRa


"No I don't drink. Very personal reasons. I won't judge you for drinking, please just don't try to get me to drink."

- Troby831

"I'm not a drinker either. My parents were both alcoholics. I am not, I can drink if I wanted to. Some of these adults think there is something wrong with me because I just am not a drinker. I feel your pain."

- TattedAngel71


"Why I am single and yet uninterested in some dude at the bar. Like just drop it, I don't wanna."

- AloeVeraBuddha

"Theres just soo many people whose first thought seeing someone single is "I bet that loner needs me or my advice on how to get a date" it's ridiculous."

- Umbraldisappointment

Noting is Free


"What I would do if I get X dollars for free. Probably the most common and low-effort AskReddit question out there."

- the_original_Retro

hush up...

"I'm quiet cause I'm always quiet for God sake."

- clarkkentisnotsupes

"And then when you start talking more and they want you to shut the hell up like there's no winning do you want me to talk or do you want me to be silent choose one, witch."

- ClericGaming1

"I feel this. I'm quiet because I'm quiet. I'm not going to talk just for the sake of talking. If I have something to add to a conversation I might say something otherwise I won't."

- zakkil


"No, Eating disorders doesn't cure by eating. it's not even about "eating", it's about other things in deep. Like gaining control of your life, or trying to amend other errors. And no, you don't have to be skinny to have an eating disorder, be underweight it's like an effect not a prerequisite. It's something that happen IF you have an ED."

- LaPepperoni


"Why I don't drink alcohol at all, and never will."

- woody5728

"As someone who wants to have this mentality and struggles with drinking sometimes, how did you develop this mentality/what's your reason for not drinking? Sorry I know you're tired of explaining to people but I may benefit from hearing your reasons."

- Ignatius_2


the lord of the rings no GIF Giphy

"No I don't want kids. No I won't change my mind. No my husband doesn't them either. We are in our 30s. I had a bi-salp in April so I can't have any "miracles."

- -StarrySky-

Do you Believe?

"Autotune. As a music producer and studio engineer, it gets tiresome explaining to the laymen that autotune is on pretty much EVERYTHING. When people think autotune, they think T-Pain or Cher... that's autotune as an effect, but otherwise it's freaking everywhere in all genres of music."

- SirTheadore

A real issue...

Nervous Anxiety GIF by blackbear Giphy

"Anxiety. Why do I have to keep explaining to everyone that what I feel is not imaginary or exaggerated."

- unforgivablenope

"just going to bed early"

"Insomnia is not my choice. I'm not sleeping in because I'm lazy, I'm sleeping in because my sleep schedule gets messed up roughly once a month and I wind up unable to sleep until the middle of the day. No, "just going to bed early" will not help and will actually make things worse."

"No, drinking warm milk, counting sheep, taking that herbal supplement you swear works, cutting down on screen time, smoking weed, or whatever other remedy you're about to suggest as though I haven't already heard it a dozen times before isn't going to do the trick either."

"What *does* do the trick is some very heavy duty sleep medications, which I can't take regularly due to their heavily addictive nature (and also because the side effects are awful), so they're reserved for emergencies."

- darkknight109

That employer thing always kills me. I'm here for money, duh. Why are you here? Charity of time? So what have we learned? Pay attention, it's just the decent thing to do.

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