Sometimes, it's not that complicated.

Sometimes, you wish the whole world would just take a second and chill out and really just look at something in its barest essence.

Humans are career over-thinkers and over-complicators.

We love to insert our own storylines and our own hopes and dreams into other narratives so that we can attach to them—even if the narrative we've affixed to is false.

Redditor NeRo447 asked:

"What simple fact do you wish more people understood?"

Here were some of those answers.

On The Brain

"Not everyone likes you. Not everyone dislikes you. Not everyone so much as thinks about you at all, and that's okay."

"Spending your time worrying about what everyone else thinks will make absolutely no difference in your life, except that you'll spend your time worrying instead of enjoying yourself."-ThomasAHarper

Science Ain't Religion

"Science is a process of discovery, not a set of beliefs."

"When scientists change their mind it's because they're impressed with better evidence. It doesn't mean they're lying or they can't keep a story straight."-doublestitch

What's Right Or Wrong?

"Disagreement doesn't mean competition. What may work for you, may not work for me. We are still both valid individuals, we don't have to try to prove a point. People tie being right in with their self esteem."-Rainalikesit

"It's so mind blowing that some people will come up with a whole slew of reasons why you're wrong when you express an opinion that they don't agree with."

"One time I said that I liked pallet bed frames (when people just take old wooden pallets and put a mattress on top) and an old friend went off about how it was wrong and ugly when you can afford a regular bed frame. Geez just let people like things."-shelluminati

The struggle and mental energy it takes to be around and explain these concepts to people who don't understand them is truly unparalleled.

Dying On A Hill

"There are many hills that are just not worth dying on. You're better off considering the bigger picture than the moment."

"I have this thought during many AITA readings."-ThrowRARAw

"When you pick your battles you don't die on hills. It's just not productive."-Puppy-Zwolle

A Waste Of Energy

"Nothing can be truly solved by argument/attack. People naturally resist aggression it and will shut down in a multitude of ways including fight, flight or freeze."

"Even when you 'win' an argument (I'm talking about yelling type, not a discussion) you most likely just wore the other person down and created resentment and/or future retaliation."-iceisniceLazlo

None O'That

"'Can I use the restroom?"'

"You should've gone during lunch."'

"Oh, I'm sorry, lemme just hold it in. Kids can't control their bladder, schools shouldn't withhold a second or third grader from using the restroom. Middle and high school is even worse, especially for girls."-queenettaa

And YouTube Isn't Research

"Research is a really, really tedious and difficult process. Smart people with phd's try as hard as possible to get it right and still sometimes make mistakes that's why it's important for the conclusions to be repeatable."

"You didn't do research and have probably never done research in your life. You have just read other people's research."-discostud1515

It's especially disarming to see some of the greater issues at hand in the world showing up in these "simple concepts we wish you understood" page.

This Is Just My Face

"Just because I'm a quiet person doesn't mean something is wrong. And stop telling me to smile or cheer up, it's incredibly patronising."-bonster85

"I feel these are the same people that are the reason zoos have signs 'Don't tap on the glass.'"-ToastAndASideOfToast

"Every time someone told me to smile, I would look at them, hold out my hand and say, '50 bucks.'"

"Then they start stammering and stuttering, I leave with, 'you got nothing? Then piss off! I don't do jack-shit for free.'"-The_Book-JDP

Set Up For The Wealthy

"The US tax code is progressive. You are not penalized for making more money. The first $x you make are tax-free. The next $y you make are taxed at z% up to $a, etc, etc, etc."

"There is no point where you make less and the money you made up to $x or $y or $a are taxed at a higher rate because your highest earnings are in a higher tax bracket."-DumDumGimmeYumYums

Just Tell The Doctors

"That if you come into the ER clearly high on drugs, we don't give a sh*t. We're not going to bust you, judge you, or refuse to help you, but we DO need to know what the f**k you're on, how much you took, and how long ago it was."

"So, don't lie to us, because we can obviously tell, and don't refuse to give us piss. Sure, were gonna drug test it, but only because your tweaker a** lied to us!"

"There are about 400 other reasons why we need your piss, and trust us, drug testing it is LOW priority, and as it turns out, we are way too busy trying to keep you from dying to call any cops, ok?"

"THIS WHOLE THING will go way easier, faster, and safer if you just tell the truth and give us piss."-Ghost_on_Toast

Part Of A Balanced Breakfast

"The only truly good diet is the balanced one, coupled with not overeating and being physically active. All other diets are unsustainable and useless at best or dangerous at worst."

"Some diets like keto are also designed for people with specific medical conditions (diabetes in this case) and if you don't have those, do not try those diets. You can actually mess up your health by fixing what ain't broken."

"Also, just because a certain diet works for you does not mean it's suitable for everyone else."-puella_

These things have been needlessly complicated by capitalism; by your peers and family; by society; and so many other things that the simplicity of them has truly gotten lost over time.

If we find it again, who knows what other magic lies there?

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