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"We're gonna have a party like it's 1999!"

And the 90s certainly didn't disappoint. It was quite a decade.

It was a decade that molded the future of the world, and yet it never seems to get its due. It gets lost in the decade shuffle.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane. Generation X had a ton to say.

Redditor Youcancallmesizzles wanted to reminisce about a decade long debated as one of the most controversial and underrated, they asked:

"What do you miss about the 90's?"

The music. The music and movies do it for me. "Titanic, Scream, American Beauty, Seven," those are just some of the classics. And who doesn't remember the first time they heard Nirvana?

The Edge

"My Super Nintendo being cutting edge technology." ~ detectivebabylegz


"I honestly miss the internet from the 90s. I spent so many hours exploring, reading things. Every webpage felt like I was visiting someone's house, they were so personal as design standards did not exist yet. I enjoyed my netscape navigator. And I LOVED my IRC chat rooms. Keep in mind I was like 9 and 10. lol, so I mostly spent time in Pokemon Chat rooms that had bots. Discord is not the same as the IRC days." ~ UnusualSoup


"Blockbuster/Pizza Hut on Friday nights." ~ EdwardPackard

"My parents would always rent a movie and they'd let me rent a game. We'd walk to pizza hut, place our order, then walk to the brand new blockbuster and browse. It was amazing as a kid."

"I remember they had an N64 kiosk in the middle, and I actually begged my parents to let me stay and play Starfox 64. Got it for Christmas that year and played it all night into the morning. I fell asleep at my grandma's house at the table during Christmas dinner that night haha. Good freaking times man." ~ Hammose

Go outside. That was it.

"That Friday afternoon after school feeling, when you knew you had two glorious days before you had any responsibility again, so you'd call your friends on the land line and hope their parents didn't pick up so it wouldn't be awkward, and you'd get together and just. Go outside. That was it. There was no plan, but maybe somebody would bring a football, and you'd have a pickup game at the park." ~ Surewhynot62189


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"Music, MTV, and listening to my huge 5 disc CD changer boom box." ~ jasdq

Oh MTV. What happened?

Too Much

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"The quietness before every freaking idiot in the world had access to the internet and a camera phone." ~ -RUNPMT-


"Building cubby houses, playing in the creek, rollerblading, then coming home and playing Sega/Nintendo. I miss taping stuff off the tv 🤷🏻♀️ hanging out in my room, still playing with toys, reading cool magazines, going through my card collections. The hype of the cinema back in the 90's. Not being a slave to technology, but still having wicked gadgets like Walkmans." ~ Ultimatelee


"Watching grunge music videos on MTV and Keebler chips." ~ kittenya

"MTV has had such a weird trajectory over the past 25 years. First into just not playing music anymore by the mid-2000's, and now it is literally just Ridiculousness 24/7 with an occasional 16 and pregnant thrown in. I don't even know what demographic they are going after. Who the hell is wanting to watch a middle aged bro comment on YouTube videos so much?" ~ TogarSucks

Like it's 1999!

"Think about some of the biggest hits of '99. The Matrix, American Beauty, Fight Club, Being John Malkovich. These movies (and a few more around this time) all had a unifying theme of the general ennui of living in a time without strife. They were about people making problems for themselves because they didn't have enough real ones."

"I'd love if the world were going so well that the escapism was about nitpicking how pleasant the world is. The Onion had it right in 2001. Our Long National Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity is Finally Over." ~ GavinBelsonsAlexa

The Good Ole Days

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"Going to the mall, and hanging out with friends. Malls were awesome, and I hate that the strip mall style has taken over."

"Especially up in Canada, where it gets to -40 in the winter. Back in the day you could legitimately spend hours wandering the mall, indoors and warm. Now it is depressing. Maybe the big malls like Mall of America or West Edmonton Mall are still okay, but the ones in my city are crap." ~ Lexi_Banner

The 90s were a special era. And we learn just how special by each passing year. Let's keep digging, because there is still much to discuss.

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