People Explain Which Things They Thought Were Normal As A Kid And Later Realized Were F**ked Up

We are so innocent as children.

Innocent or gullible?

I think when we're young, we tend only to see only the good.

Because that's what instinctually we gravitate towards.

But it's a sad fact to learn later that the good is darker than we realize.

Not everything in childhood is a happy, innocent memory, no matter how badly our parents want to frame it.

The folks on Reddit can certainly attest to that!

Redditor True_Customer_8913 wanted to hear about all the things we saw in a new light once we grew up, so they asked:

"What’s was normal to you as a kid but you later realized how f**ked up it actually was?"

Double Agent

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"During the divorce they would try to get information about each other and say the other one was bad for me."


"That happened to me too! Once had a judge tell 11-year-old me that my parents were one of the most immature cases he had dealt with, because they were more focused on making each other’s lives difficult than being parents."


In Private

"My father was nice and friendly out in public but was an absolute a**hole to the family at home..."

"Me witnessing my dad being really friendly to everyone in public and then being an absolute raging a**hole at home made me just think 'well I guess everyone is just two-faced and using each other.'"

"All those movies about love are just lies and fantasies, if you're not using someone then what use are they to you? Obviously he doesn't get to use us at home so we aren't useful so we don't get treated well"

"Btw No he wasn't an alcoholic, he wouldn't even allow alcohol in the house because so many people in our family were alcoholics."


Not Funny

"My mom's boyfriend would pick me up by my hair sometimes. It didn't hurt a s**t ton so I never complained, which in turn made him keep doing it. My hair was always in a ponytail so it was easy to grab and do. I told a coworker about it and laughed because it wasn't a terrible memory. But he didn't laugh like I did."

"It was more of a nervous laugh then he says 'that's actually pretty f**ked up.' Then I started to think about all the stuff I actually do remember from my childhood and realized how shi**y it really was. I have two kids and it was never a thought to ever pick them up by their hair."



"When I was 7, I came to the realization that if I showed any signs that I was in a good mood around my mother, she would find some reason to yell at me. Even started testing it, would walk into rooms she was in smiling vs not and proved my theory right, so I just stopped smiling, and it didn't take much longer for it to stop being an act."


In the Garden

"I live in England and my uncle's neighbor had a pet monkey living in a big enclosure in his garden. This was in the early 2000s. I assumed this was totally normal. No idea how he got it. We still know those neighbors and it's just never discussed."


When in England... stay out of trouble.

Be Free

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"Not being allowed to feel or express any type anger or sadness."


"Unless someone died it was, 'I don't want to hear it. Go to your room, close the door, and bury your face in a pillow until you're done,' or the worse, 'I'll give you something to cry about' followed by whooping."


Bye Mike

"Having no food in the house and little to no adult supervision while random men come and go from my mothers room."

"I'm legit impressed I nor my younger brother ended up taken or worse. It was kind of miserable, in hindsight, because some of these guys would come back with some fast food for us and hang out for a bit talking or playing video games. Magic Mike was super cool and I still miss him. :( "



"Thought it was normal to constantly apologize over even the slightest little f**k-up so I don't get screamed at. I still have this problem today."


"Not me, but my wife. I used to just reassure her that she didn't have to apologize for everything, but that didn't help her to distinguish when it was appropriate or not. Now, when she says 'sorry,' I ask what she's apologizing for, and it seems to help her a little. That being said, she apologized last night when the dog tripped me."



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"I remember my sister had this fake belly button ring she showed my dad. He immediately ripped it out which was quite painful. I asked if he even knew if it was fake and he didn’t. He thought it was real and did that."



"Parents having blackout rages. Sometimes, I was a brat. Other times, I had done nothing wrong. I just remember being made to feel like a worthless loser, screamed at, and manipulated. Then the next day, they would say 'Sorry sorry sorry' This happened a lot. Eventually, the sorries mean nothing and you begin to feel actually worthless."


Oh how the times do change. We're glad folks made it out of most of these situations!

Do you have anything to get off your chest? Let us know in the comments.

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