Bride Asks If It’s Wrong To Exclude Groom’s Stepsister’s Autistic Son From Wedding But Not Other Kids
The wedding guest list is meant to be a fun part of the planning process. But it often devolves into an anxiety-fueled mess. There is nothing worse than having to tell someone they’re banned from a special occasion. Talk about hurt feelings. Especially when it’s family that is involved. Case in point… Redditor curlystephi wanted […] More

People are required to have a license to drive, fish, and have certain jobs.

So it boggles my mind that people aren't required to have a license to have kids.

Some of the cruelest and most vicious things I've ever heard were words uttered by a parent to a child.

As an adult, I was haunted by a few thigs.

I can't imagine the scaring of an adolescent.

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Dad Irate After Wife Insists He Defer To Nanny At Bedtime Because ‘She Knows The Boys Better’
Bed and bath time are crucial moments in a child’s development. Routines are key, and for many families not wavering from that routine is vital. Redditor ZealousidealWait2698 is currently dealing with a broken routine by her husband and it’s awkward to say the least. The Original Poster (OP) turned to subReddit “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) […] More

Rules. Rules. Rules.

I get that we have to have rules and order.

Without all rules, we have anarchy and chaos.

But it feels like some schools just go overboard.

I mean, a principal is the head administrator, not a warden.

Especially when there are so many do's and donts that make absolutely so sense.

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Mom Calls Out Redditor With OCD For Buying Out All Her Kids’ Favorite Gatorade At The Store
Food shopping can be a harrowing experience. It can be especially stressful for people with anxiety issues. When one has a very specific need from the market, a deviation is not a friend. And the amount one buys can be something very personal. Case in point… Redditor averyaviary wanted to discuss their experience and get […] More