Some people love to talk.

Often, much to the dismay of whomever they're talking to.

Even when you think they've finally run out of things to say, they swerve the conversation in another direction and just keep on talking and talking.

Most of the time, these people are well-meaning -- and that makes getting out of the conversation all the more challenging.

As we don't want to hurt their feelings or come off as rude.

It is for this reason that others have developed and perfected a perfect escape plan to cut a conversation short when there is no end in sight.

Leaving everyone happy, with no hurt feelings.

Redditor unusual_alien was curious to learn the friendliest ways to end a conversation with a "chatty Cathy", leaving them to ask:
"How does someone politely end a conversation with a person who won't stop talking?"

Slowly But Surely...

"Worst case I’ve ever had, I basically gave every verbal cue I knew of, eventually stood up, then stood in the doorway, then backed out of the doorway, and this dude was still talking."

'In the end I just said ‘I’ll be back’ and closed the door on him mid-sentence."- delpigeon

Sometimes You Have To Cut In...

"Mental health worker here."

"I see patients every day who will talk forever if you don't stop them."

"You simply have to interrupt and redirect/or end the conversation."

"I always politely tell them, 'let me stop you there' or 'Let me jump in there'."

"Sometimes you have to be abrupt or else you will be held hostage by the one sided conversation."- DeadSharkEyes

Noises In Your Head...

"'Ssshh! Do you hear that??'"


"'One Sec', and just run off."- i_f*ckin_luv_it_mate

Puppet What GIF by Gerbert!Giphy

My Ride Is Waiting...

"I'm an Uber driver, I was once summoned to pick up two people for just this reason."

"They had me drive four blocks/.25 miles/1.5 minutes to another bar just to get out of a conversation with someone."

"Minimum fare ($3.75) and $10 tip on the app."- verminiusrex

Slightly Outdated...

"I have to return some video tapes"- LeMarcusKing

You're Really Helping Each Other Out...

"I don't mean to interrupt but-"

"It's got to be done, so just do it."

"They need a break anyway."- p1um5mu991er

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Who Are You Again?

“'Ann was getting a little chummy. When people get too chummy with me, I like to call them by the wrong name to let them know I don't really care.' - Ron Swanson."- Pyre_Aurum

Just Be Straightforward

"I read one of those mildly interesting newspaper features recently with an 'etiquette expert', their advice was rather than make an excuse, you should be more direct that you are ending the conversation and say something like 'I've really enjoyed talking with you, I'm going to circulate around the room now' as it's less likely to create an expectation you might come back."

"It does work too!"- Boyleingbass

Reverse Psychology, The Irish Way!

"We have a great line that we use in Ireland."

"I haven't heard it used abroad but it could well be used all over for all I know."

"The person is rabbiting on and is showing no sign of stopping."

"You clearly and firmly say 'I'll let you go'."

"Then with the confidence of a person doing them a favor, you turn on your heel and stride away."

"This has the effect of making them think you are the one wanting to avoid wasting their time."

"If they figure it out they can't call you out on it because to do so would be to admit, at least to themselves, that they are wasting your time."

"In fact most people never allow themselves to think it might be them who is holding you up so they accept the 'offer' of your leaving in order for them to get on with their important work."

"In general if someone says 'I'll let you go' to me, rare but it has happened, I smile and say bye and end the conversation."

"It is a social convention and I abide by it."

"They want out."

"No ego."

"Let them go and the best of luck to them."

"People appreciate that I imagine."- Nuffsaid98

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Of course, all of the above are ways of telling people whom you presumably do want to see again, one day, to stop talking

If you never want to be on the receiving end of someone talking, a simple "shut up" should prove quite effective.