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Television has emerged as one of the greatest, most essential tools of art and culture.

I'm not exaggerating, I believe that to be true.

Nobody really thought the picture box/boob tube would take off.

Now look.

Can you imagine life without some of the stories we've experienced?

Redditor OpulentOwl wanted to know about the tv shows our lives would brighter with, they asked:

"What's a great TV show that nobody talks about?"

I love The Closer & Major Crimes.

So well done.

Take a look.


"Most of Bryan Fuller's stuff (other than Hannibal, which did get some traction). Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies were both top tier." ~ nostalgicBadger


JK Forever!

"Counterpart. Great cast and acting, cool story, two solid seasons." ~ elevenghosts

"I want to go back and rewatch it - the other side had a global pandemic that killed millions. As a result they don't gather in groups in public, they wear masks, they have UV hand sanitizers everywhere. And all this predates covid by a few years. Also JK Simmons is terrific as always." ~ canuck47

CBC History!

"The Terror. (season 1 is AMAZING)." ~ MagdaCadabra

"It was really interesting watching this series because it is part of Canadian history. I watched an old CBC documentary about it and some of the oral histories from the Inuit suggest there was a group of men still walking like 8 years on from when they first abandoned ship." ~ TheMightyWoofer

Actors Galore

"I really liked The Knick." ~ ricomt21

"The Knick had such an incredible cast. One of those shows for which I actively searched out the actors once it wrapped. I’ll watch André Holland and Jeremy Bobb in anything! Chris Sullivan was sooo good with Cara Seymour. (Unfortunately, I can’t watch him in This Is Us… not my cup of tea.)" ~ CCMacReddit

Precious Metal

"The Detectorists. Extremely dry and very British, but a really heartfelt and lovely comedy about some metal detectorists in Essex." ~ BwingoLord1

“Any of you chaps see a trampoline?“

" That’s the clip that I usually use when showing people the show. Either grabs them immediately or meh." ~ thermbug


I loved Dead Like Me.

That ended way too soon.

The Knick? Meh...


"The Great. It's...great! Hilarious and charming and occasionally a true story." ~ Dusk9K


Miss you Ted...

"Better off Ted was unceremoniously killed before its time, with ABC citing a lack of viewers. It pops up from time to time on reddit, but being from 2009, it's largely out of the cultural sphere these days. Which is unfortunate, because Portia de Rossi in particular is incredible in it."

"I was looking for a good clip to show the best of this show for people who haven't watched it before, and the Jabberwocky presentation, linked below by a brilliant person, is probably the single greatest example of the show I can think of. As a few have been asking, if you're wanting to give it a shot, it's on Hulu right now." ~ lifelongfreshman

On a Hill

"Mission Hill. Just too ahead of it's time." ~ MotherLoveBone27

"It could totally come back in today's culture. Well, almost; it's literally a major plot point that Andy, after losing his waterbed selling job and mucking about, nets a job in marketing thanks to his friend Jim, being seen by Jim's boss as 'youth of today' and thus valuable for marketing input."

"That spin doesn't really work in current times, so in the event the series does come back, it'd be interesting what the writers do." ~ digitaldrummer1

Sci-Fi Best

"Farscape is one of my absolute favorite shows of all time and it pops up occasionally on threads like this but I never hear it talked about in the wild." ~ sharrrper

"Farscape is probably my favorite sci fi show for so many reasons. Great writing, interesting world, and they didn't phone in the aliens with facial prosthetics and some kind of bullcrap hand waving about 'ancient ones seeding the galaxy.'" ~ emu314159

90s Genius

"Sliders is a show that was supposedly popular in the mid 90s yet is sadly forgotten. The first 3 seasons were awesome." ~ offspringphreak


"Sliders was awesome! I'll never forget the episode where he finally gets back to his timeline and left because the gate didn't squeak. Then a repairman comes out and says, 'I fixed that squeaky gate for you' to his mom. Thanks for the flashback!!" ~ PhatBallllzAtHotmail

Oh Sliders, talk about memory lane. Let's go get out binge lists ready!

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