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Dino-mania will never grow old.

What is behind the fascination for the mostly predatory carnivores depicted in movies like Jurassic Park?

They eat people and they're not cute. But dinosaurs are badass.

Iowa State's halftime show proved that these monsters we're obsessed with are in fact cute and badass simultaneously.


A cavalcade of inflatable dinos came charging across the field as the university's marching band played the familiar strains of John William's main theme to the Jurassic Park score.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex army lacked much coordination as they clumsily touch-stepped to the band. Cute.

But seeing a horde of them upstaging the evening's match was epic.

The crowd was confused and loved every moment of the hysteria.

WTH did I just watch?

Whoever masterminded the glorious performance was raised on a pedestal.

Did the dancing dinos win the internet? You bet Jurassic.

So where do we go from here?

The University of Michigan Marching Band brought their reptilian dancers onto the Michigan Stadium field on September 9, 2017.

It was epic then too.

These kingly beasts are here to stay for all time, even if they may be out of step to the beat.

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