People Break Down Which TV Shows No One Else Seems To Remember

As a kid, I remember being obsessed (like obsessed) with David the Gnome and his fox Swift. I was tuned in daily to watch the adventures, get all misty eyed for the hurt animals the gnomes saved, and sobbed in abject wonder when the gnomes finally lived all 400 years of their gnome life and transitioned into the trees that make up the woods they live in.

The trees are their ancestors, y'all! The treeees! They protect the trees because they're family. Trees grow intertwined because they were so in love when they were gnomes.

Fam! This show was everything ... except memorable for other people because I was in my 30s talking to someone from another country before I met the first person who remembered this show.

Which, honestly, is kind of insulting to gnomes and trees.

Reddit user itchellFamily1045 asked:

"Which show do you think you're the only person who remembers it exists?"

It was David the Gnome for me (which I found out originated in Spain and was much more popular in France than it was in the US. Apparently, I was a Euro-trash hipster as a child), but let's take a look at what got Reddit.

Classic Wheel Of Fortune

"It's funny how nobody seems to remember the early seasons of Wheel of Fortune with host Chuck Woolery."

"You didn't win any cash."

"You had to choose prizes from a selection of things set up in a room-like fashion."- opus_4_vp

wheel through the years GIF by Wheel of FortuneGiphy


"Eerie, Indiana" - dammagedone

Early Edition

"Early edition- get tomorrow's newspaper today"- cmoney1142

Herman's Head

"Anyone remember Herman’s Head?" - ClemofNazareth

talking marge simpson GIFGiphy

The Garry Shandling Show

"The Gary Shandling Show."

"No, not the Larry Sanders Show - Gary Shandling Show."

"Even the theme song breaks the fourth wall."- MrNegativity78



"Mid-2000s show on Fox that was apparently too weird even for Fox."

"I think they canceled it halfway through the 1st season."- l8apex

Mary Hartman Square

"Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman"- Phuni44

Classic Tv Smile GIF by Sony Pictures TelevisionGiphy


"Terranova, ran for like a single season then disappeared"- codyl0611

Room 222

"Room 222" - HealthyTruck5691

Eureka’s Castle

"Eureka’s Castle"- ofmiceandmodems

Early Kids Favorites

"Pinwheel on the very new Nickelodeon and The Electric Company."

"2 of my favorites and everyone looks at me crazy when I bring them up."

"When I rewatched an old episode of Pinwheel I was blown away at how freaking weird that show was."- Teri777

pink sky GIF by ibeefaloneGiphy

Too Many To Count

"Jennifer Slept Here, It's a Living, The Mullets, Teen Angel, You Wish, The Puzzle Place, and Between the Lions all stand out in my head as ones I never see anyone talk about."- alicecooper91·

Mr. Bogus

"Mr. Bogus"- PersonalRobotJesus

Summer Camp Island

"Summer camp island."- Fairknightofeden

Summer Camp Island GIF by Cartoon NetworkGiphy

Mix Master

"There was this one show called Mix Master: King of Cards that was basically about this video game world and this regular town merging together."

"It got so popular that it got a sequel series."

"But for some reason, I’m the only person that still remembers that series."- Delicious-Friend9026

Jojo's Circus

"Jojo’s Circus."- Blueskies_47



"Dang shame it didn't get a second season."- CaTastrophy427

Queen For A Day

"Queen For A Day"- Embarrassed_Wrap8421


The Kids From Room 402

"The Kids from Room 402."- OkKaleidoscope9696

Let's talk about the shows nobody remembers but you.

Are they those early childhood favorites? Or maybe a teen-drama that only got one season before Netflix pulled it, crushing your hopes and dreams of resolved plotlines about a teenage ghost band who died of poisoned hot dogs and the incredibly talented, but heartbroken, young singer who gives them a new lease on life, love, and music?

No that is not a joke and YES I am still angry about Netflix not giving Julie and the Phantoms a second season.

Maybe it's a soap opera you think you remember watching with your mom, but maybe it was a fever dream?

Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.

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