People Divulge Which Movies Or TV Shows Didn't Do Their Research On The World They Portray
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While the beautiful doctors might be the main reason viewers have been tuning in to Grey's Anatomy for nearly 20 years, one imagines it's also the curiosity of what it’s really like to be a doctor.

Which could also explain why we have no shortage of medical dramas, including The Good Doctor and The Resident.

Indeed, the biggest selling point for many movies and TV shows might be the audience's desire to learn more about the subject it presents.

But, do these films and television shows really offer an accurate depiction?

Redditor teskar2 was curious to learn which films and tv shows gave a less than authentic depiction of their respective subjects, leading them to ask:

"What movie/tv show clearly didn’t research the subject it tackled?"

A "grave" mistake.

"No movie or tv show ever gets grave digging right."

"It would take you well passed sun up on your own."

" And they're digging Graves in a forest but never hit a big rock or a tree branch?"

"And seriously, you put a gun to my head and tell me to dig my own grave, I'm not doing it."

"I'm either swinging the shovel at you then lazily covering your body in leaves, or I'm getting shot and YOU can dig my damn grave."

"Win/win."- propagandavid

Is it really that easy?

"Most movies that feature hackers, especially 'Hackers'.- MidvalleyFreak

Not like any doctors I know...

"Grey's Anatomy."

"Their writers clearly never took the time to research medical code of conducts."

"In every single state in the U.S. those doctors would've all lost their licenses."

"Specially attendings f*cking residents."- PhillipLlerenas·


Lost in translation?

"Different languages!"

" My auntie is speaks Indonesian and we were watching a movie and this one part a girl gets kidnapped and they start shouting at her in Indonesian."

"My auntie started laughing so hard and it turns out they were shouting 'spicy' at her and there was no context whatsoever."- phantomhiveo

Someone didn't read the recipe

"'The Princess Switch' on Netflix."

"There's a plot point where Vanessa Hudgens' enemy tries to sabotage her in a baking competition by cutting the wire to her stand mixer."

"Then Vanessa's character isn't able to make a fruit puree for her cake like she planned, and the competition judges point out that her puree could have been smoother."

"Who the f*ck would use a stand mixer to make a puree?"

"That is not what that is for."

"Use a blender or a food processor."

"Who wrote this?"- Melanie_Jellyfish

Where do you even begin?

"Fifty shades of grey, they have no clue how that works."- whipsyou

fifty shades of grey mine fsog GIFGiphy

Definitely "furious" about this one...

"'The Fast And the Furious' movies could've brushed up on some basic physics lessons.- Mona_Moans

"Anything car related in "The Fast and the Furious Movies."- Brianthelion83

They get such a bad rap.

"Ancient Aliens."- NobodyLikesMeAnymore

"They'll Never Take Our Freedom"... without some better research...

"Braveheart."- danebramaged01


"I loved Code Geass but none of the writers clearly had ever played chess."- KoroSenseiTentacles

Chess GIF by NETFLIXGiphy

"The Babe."

"That director knew absolutely nothing about Babe Ruth."- trippyboobies

Making light of a serious situation...

"Moon Knight."

"Marvel tried to mix DID, a very real and serious mental disorder, with a fictional world with purple space aliens and flying water dragons."

"Because they tried to do this they ended up not portraying DID well and many people who watched the show finished it thinking whatever was going on with the main character was purely fictional."- PinkFacialHair

Filling children's heads with nonsense!

"Not a show but an episode of a show."

"Pepa pig's the outback episode completely dumps on Australia!"

"I don't live in Australia, phantom strider does, and completely tore this episode to shreds due to how wrong they were!"

"If you don't know phantom strider he's an Australian YouTuber who does top tens."- coolpacks64

Scared No Clue GIF by Peppa PigGiphy

Even science-fiction shows should know how the brain functions

"The last couple of seasons or so of 'StarGate'."

"Now don't get me wrong, it was a good and well-crafted show."

"However, the last few seasons were based purely off the idea that humans use 10% of their brains, period, as if the other 90% of the brain contained weird, untapped powers rivaling that of superheroes from comics."

" And apparently the power to ascend into a higher being made of pure light when it reaches 100% brain activity or some sh*t?"

"As opposed to common knowledge that we use about 10% at any given moment."

"My man, if you're using 100% of your brain for a long enough period of time you sure as hell will 'ascend', or descend, but not in the way that you think because you're having a g*ddamn seizure."- Defecticon9000·


"Based on the bs premise that we only use x-percent of our brain."- natwashboard

Even more frustrating than trying to solve it!

"I have never seen an accurate media depiction of a Rubik's Cube being solved, and many animated shows even show cubes with impossible scrambles."

"It always pisses me off."

"Another thing that annoys me is the interpretation that solving a Rubik's Cube means you're smart."

"It doesn't require intelligence, just practice and study."

"If you have some spare time, it's not the hardest thing in the world to learn how to do and I'd highly recommend it."- Arson_Engineer

80s 1980s GIFGiphy

As if they didn't know that the fanbase would be knit picky...

"'The Book of Boba Fett'."

"I tried so hard to defend the show but I couldn't."

"They changed the character without development and before anyone says 'but the tuskans', he was with them for 5 years and he still was willing to kill grogu for his armor ."

"His damn armor."

"And the rule with respect part how and why does he want that he was never taught about it he was raised with rule with fear."

"And I know he saw the tuskans do it, but he has no experience in doing it or if it would work if they wanted it to work they should've made development leading to him learning its best to rule with respect rather than fear."

"The show needs a rewrite and there are many good rewrites on YouTube that would've made a better show."- R4ZORX1

The lack of first hand research is understandable...

"Any forensics show where they're examining a decomposed body while they're not wearing any masks or head-coverings but just going about their business like nothing."

"The smell of a decaying body alone will make you puke your f*cking guts out, but since they're doing forensics work they also can't have their hair dangling out."

"Also, shows or movies where firefighters rush into a burning building without their oxygen-masks on."

"You'll be dead from smoke-inhalation before you can say 'whoop-de-f*cking-doo'."- Few_Dance2106·

But they're very convincing...

"All the ghost hunting and big foot TV series bs."

"Spoiler alert... they never find anything !"- TheeDudeAbides

Awesome Ghost Hunters GIF by travelchannelGiphy

One imagines writers, producers and directors would be vigilant in ensuring that they were accurately depicting the worlds they were trying to convey.

Although, one doubts it’s the desire to see a completely accurate depiction of the Regency era that resulted in Bridgerton’s millions of viewers…

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