People Break Down The Most F**ked Up Movie Or TV Show They've Seen
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As a film and television fan, aficionado and employee, I am sometimes dumbfounded by the insanity I see being made.

Like people actually paid money to make some of this?

I like horror and drama, but shock horror and drama are just over the top yuck.

But there is always an audience willing of you look hard enough.

Redditor Rockxzzy wanted to talk about the entertainment that has left us reeling. They asked:

"What's the most f**ked up movie/tv show you've seen?"

I tend to skip even the mentions of over the top nonsense films and tv. So I have nothing to add. But I'll read along.


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"Round the Twist."


"I was just talking about this show with my sister to confirm it wasn't just some childhood fever dream. That creepy lemon tree fox with its glassy eyes has stuck with me ever since."



"An older movie called Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. It’s an early role for Michael Rooker as Henry. It’s so freaking chilling. It’s not the most graphic or gory, but the violence is so casual. There is a family annihilation scene that I still can’t get out of my head and I haven’t seen it in 20 years. The fact that the main characters are watching their own crime on a camcorder they stole from the family is just somehow so much worse."



I watched The Faces of Death on VHS when I was just a kid and some of that mess really scarred me for a long time."


"Traces of Death was another I watched a bunch of times. It had some really good Death Metal playing during the scenes and a narrator that would make really stupid jokes like 'Oh I bet that hurt' when a guy falls to his death."


“high tension”

"I watched a French film called Irreversible when I was doing a project on sub-sonic frequency and it's effect on human emotions. Even without the sub bass, that movie is f**ked up."


"So the tone thing is true? I remember reading somewhere back in the day they use a tone that can give people vertigo, but then I couldn't find that info again!"


"I got super high and went to watch a French horror movie called 'high tension' - was so glad when the girl I was with wanted to leave like 20 minutes in. Never watched the rest of it. And I’ve watched a ton of horror flicks since I was a little kid."



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"The movie where the guy gets kidnapped and turned into a walrus."


"Yeah, that's Tusk, and it definitely is."


Who thinks up these stories? Like what kind of depraved mind... nevermind. I don't want to know.

Deep End

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"Black Mirror: National Anthem. That show doesn’t even give you a chance to dip your foot into the pool, just launches you into the deep end on the very first episode."



"The Poughkeepsie Tapes It’s a Mockumentary about a serial killer who films all his murders on VHS tapes and you know it’s fake, but it feels too real and the thought the someone out there actually does this is what makes it so terrifying. If you have the chance please check it out."


Shock Value

"The Human Centipede. Some things just don’t need to be seen."


"I think the first movie was well done for the subject matter. The second one isn't really worth it, not even to watch it for curiosity shake. It was like they were only doing the movie to see how far they can push limits on violence and shock value. The story wasn't even that great. I never saw the 3rd one but heard it was pretty bad. Not sure about the gore or shock value but just downright stupid."



"Idk the name, but my dad made me watch it at an excessively inappropriate age. What I remember is POWs being kept in a cage 99% underwater. Sometimes they would dunk the cage just for fun. They would pull out POWs and have them play Russian roulette. One guy lost but the hole in his head didn't kill him. Yeah. Forget that."


Evil Gross

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"I Saw The Devil. It's a good film. It's just insanely violent and gory."


So here is a list "no thanks" movies and shows I'll be glad to skip.

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