Sharing a refrigerator can be a delicate balance. In addition to trying to make sure you leave enough space for your co-inhabitants to store their own food, one also wants to be mindful of what they store in there. Namely, should they be storing anything that might come with a less than luminous odor. Redditor […] More
People Share Their Strongest Non-Political Or Religious Opinions
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People have long engaged in passionate debates about their firm beliefs on any particular subject, the popular ones being religion and politics.

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Planning a wedding is a nightmare of scheduling and pricing and just ensuring things go well enough that you can look back on the event without too much regret. If you’re Redditor Primary-Pepper1532, you also have the added issue of your estranged mother trying to upstage you. While it’s understandable that the original poster (OP) […] More
Growing up is such an arduous task. Being a teen means being in a constant state of chaos. And being the parent isn’t much easier. All that chaos can lead to a bunch of spilling of emotion and acting out. On all sides. Case in point… Redditor max-the-trash-rat to discuss their story for some feedback. […] More
It’s incredibly frustrating when a vacation doesn’t go as planned. Some people can adapt fairly easily, and will make the most with the hand they were dealt. Others might not take certain changes as well, and as a result will have trouble finding any joy to be had for the remainder of their trip. Redditor […] More