As you may or may not already know, being a restaurant server is a tough job. Servers already have enough stress just doing their jobs, so it’s unfortunate when some customers get out of hand about things that have nothing to do with food or service. Certain scenarios can lead to sticky issues with management. […] More
It’s fairly surprising in this day and age there remains an all too common assumption everyone should become parents one day. This results in exhausting conversations for those who have no inclination whatsoever to have children, for a variety of highly understandable reasons. But Redditor Outrageous_Flower701 was driven to the tipping point on this matter […] More
There are few things more exciting than picking your Halloween costume. Though, understandably, every Halloween parents find themselves vetoing provocative costumes their children might wish to wear. But should a boyfriend have any say in their girlfriend’s Halloween costume? Redditor Impossible-Gur-5256 found herself in that very uncomfortable situation. This led her to the subReddit “Am […] More
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Relationships are hard, and maintaining one long-term can be even harder. The vibe will change over time and if you and your partner(s) aren't still putting in the work to maintain good communication and fostering the relationship, it can crumble.

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Redditor homeowner_aita is a 37-year-old male who considers himself to be a very “blunt” and “logcical” person. His 34-year-old girlfriend, Mary, just bought an apartment in San Francisco, which is commonly considered to be one of the most expensive metropolitan places to live in the U.S. The Redditor has an issue whenever Mary tells people […] More