Who hasn't partaken in a trend everyone was doing at one point, but which quickly became passé?

Indeed, 90's children probably have mountains of POGs which are collecting dust in their parent's attics, and their parent's probably made every effort to hide any pictures of them attempting a mullet.

But seeing the long lineage of fads, from bellbottoms to beanie babies, we can't help but wonder what current trend people will look back on with regret, if not outright disdain, in the not-so-distant future.

Redditor stoopididiotface was curious to hear what the Reddit community thinks will be passé in a matter of time, leading them to ask:

"What current trend will be the most regrettable 20 years from now?"

I update my status much less often these days...

"Posting about almost every aspect of your life on social media."

"I posted some pretty cringe sh*t as a kid that is still floating around somewhere, and that was before social media became big."

"I can't imagine what it's going to be like now."- video_2

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Parenting should be a personal choice.

"I hope mommy bloggers who post constant pics and details of their children."

"Robbing children of privacy for likes and money is sickening."

"Don’t even get me started on ones with sick kids."- nikki_therese

Everyone was watching it... back then...

"I think people are just starting to regret naming their kids Danerys and Sansa."- Wazula42

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Felt "kute"... will regret later

"Quirky misspelling of names."- Virghia

Natural beauty is destined for a comeback

"Too much plastic surgery, fillers and Botox on young people."- factchecker8515

"Those eyebrows."

"Holy sh*t, there’s no way that your kids won’t be horrified by those weird eyebrows."- Delica

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Here's hoping actions will one day have consequences

"Ignoring criminal acts by politicians."- Max-lower-back-Payne

Contemporary views of education

"The destruction of public education."

"Squeezing and outright sabotage of public schools, prohibitive costs for secondary education."

"The normalization of being undereducated either through apathy or because of forces outside your control."

"The idea that opinion is equal to fact and that sticking to your original viewpoint is heroic."

"'Yeah, your studies may say that, but this is how I FEEL about it'" and similar arguments."

"The reason we are no longer a minor species of omnivorous hunter-gatherers is our ability to pass along knowledge to others."

"Each generation building on the achievements of prior generations is the path to progress in health, quality of life, equality, production and so much more."

"Worse yet, technology now is at a level where if the masses are uneducated, they are also powerless."

"Small groups of people with specific knowledge have become outrageously powerful and this gap in individual power will only get worse with advances in fields like AI and robotics."

"If we allow whole generations to grow up undereducated, it will be very difficult for them to understand and affect their world."

"I feel the exponential growth of wealth gaps across the world is a symptom of this deliberate enforced ignorance."- GrymEdm

Some things we'll laugh about, other's we'll look back on in disdain and horror.

And Ironically, we'll probably be enjoying another current fad which will be outdated in another five years.

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