People Reveal Which Things They Hate That Everyone Else Loves

People Reveal Which Things They Hate That Everyone Else Loves

People's tastes are anything but universal, but there are some things that are distinctly more popular than others.

It can get pretty lonely when you're the only person you know who can't stand the current popular thing.

Reddit user u/Lil Crackerjack asked:

"What is something you hate that everyone loves?"


Bright sunny days.

Pardon me for not wanting my retinas seared by the nuclear hatred furnace you chipper jerks. "But without the sun we wouldn't be alive" yeah well without water you'd be dead but I don't hear you singing its praises when it rains so how about you clamp your face flaps together and go galivant merrily in the UV rays?



Boxed Mac n Cheese. I can't stand it. The smell alone is enough to make me gag. But home cooked, baked Mac n Cheese? Yum me up.



The rock/Kevin Hart movies. I just don't know why their movies get success, they are alright actors and the plot of the movies aren't that great.

Probably great human beings (aside from Kevin's cheating on SO). But they have mediocre movies.

And Kevin Hart is so overrated as a comedian. I'm sorry.



The show Friends. Those people are so awful to one another and to people around them, how could anyone stand them?



When I was in a high school film class, I finally saw Napoleon Dynamite. It had been hyped up for me for years by many people.

I was shocked. It was terrible! Virtually nothing in it was funny and the whole thing just felt really stupid.



Superhero movies. The Marvel movies are all the same, there's no charm anymore. The Warner Bros movies are a dumpster fire, consistently course correcting to adhere to whatever the latest fad is.

I liked the first two Raimi Spider-Mans, Dark Night, and Guardians of the Galaxy, but that's about it.



Maryjane. And herb culture. You're not cool because you're dependant on a drug to get you through the day. And it is a drug of dependence. It has caused death, not by overdose, but by people thinking they can do normal stuff on it and now have a slow reaction time.

"It's a plant, it's natural because it grows out if the ground!"

So do poppy seeds and they're used to make opioids. Just because it's natural doesn't mean it's good.




First you have to clean and set up everything. After the party is over you're stuck cleaning the aftermath ( if you're lucky you get volunteers). God forbid someone gets sick that's a whole other mess, and lastly if you go to someone's party I don't know I feel guilty at the end if I don't help clean.



Hot pockets. Frozen dude bro food in general really. I'm from Canada and our main equivalent to hot pockets are called pizza pops and the smell alone has made me throw up before (when I was a kid mind you)



I'm not sure if it's loved but more like something considered good social manners....

I moved to the US in 6th grade and for a long time I didn't know that when someone is eating food and offers you some, it is only a polite gesture and you are supposed to politely decline it unless it's like a family member or a good friend. I was in my late 20s when I found out that wasn't always the case. I was raised in a culture where meals were the center of a lot of important things and events, and when we offered food, it was always 100% sincere. It's wrong, fake, and I hate it even more.



Acting superior to others on the Internet. It seems like everyone I know spends their time being rude either to their friends, or generalised groups of strangers. I see people on social media do the same. It really is a lowly way to act, and I'm way too modest for that type of behaviour, so it's really irritating to see.



Geico commercials. They're so busy trying desperately to be "clever" that they don't tell me a damn thing about what their insurance covers, doesn't cover, etc.

If I'm going to buy insurance, I don't want to know how clever they think they are. I want to know what I can expect if I had an accident of some kind or suddenly had to deal with a bunch of medical bills for some reason.



Any form of reality TV show involving people dealing with first world problems. Kardashians, 16 and pregnant, catfish, Ru Paul Drag race, bachelor/bachelorette, etc.

Too much drama. Every problem has simple solutions, but apparently no one can find them (mainly because they don't even try to find them). Sometimes the drama is started because that's what the producers wanted in order to get people to tune into the gossip.

Other people have problems way worse than yours, so stop complaining over spilled milk.



Pico de gallo.

I get it, not everyone thinks that raw tomato tastes like gutter water. But please make that an optional filling so I don't have to tear apart my burrito in vain just so I can have a few tomato-free bites.



Don't Stop Believin

People play it at weddings. It's about a one night stand! It's really not romantic imo and it's an objectively fine song but subjectively I hate it and shut down when it plays.



Automobiles. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but I don't like cars, I never were and probably never will. And people who has it are making things even worse. When you meet them they constantly talks about it: "oh, I need to fill up gas, oh, I have to take it to the shop, oh, it's so dirty I gotta wash her out, did you see my new salon, oh, gotta tell ya what baby I saw the other day (of course car, not a real baby or human at all). It's like they're talking bout their kids.

And the expenses are pretty much the same. I totally get the ones who use it to deliver things and have a garage and use it for specific important purpose but they're rare. Most of the drivers sleep in their car, they eat in their car, they do make up, dress up, probably other personal stuff that I don't wanna know. I never gonna get it. I love trains, walking and even buses, don't mind bicycles but cars never impressed me and they even annoys me. Retro cars are pretty but that's it.



Pop music. Most all of it is vulgar, oversexualized, crap appealing to the lowest common denominator that relies on strong beats to engage emotions rather than actual musical quality and skill in composition to appeal to the intellect.



Game of Thrones.

I tried at first but it didn't really work for me. Ended up hating it because everyone around just keep on going and going whenever it's showing. I'm glad it's over.



Black pepper. If it's used sparingly as an ingredient, that's cool. But putting it directly on food ruins the taste for me completely.



Nutella and McDonald's. Nutella is too sweet for my taste and tastes more like a dessert. I can't stand McDonald's because I worked there for 7 years, the smell is off putting to me.



Sweet tea. I hate it. My go-to drink is unsweetened tea and imo that's what it should be. A little squeeze of lemon is fine if that's your taste. But sweet tea just tastes like sugarwater. Might as well go for a soda if you want something tastier.



Cats. Like the actual animal. I absolutely cannot stand them and will go out of my way to avoid them if it's possible. I won't harm one or do anything to endanger them, I just want nothing to do with them. They're lazy and selfish and their owners always seem to just let them do whatever the heck they want with very little discipline.

I also hate Wooloo.



I deeply hate the Mediterranean Coast and weather. I don't like at all the architecture as well. And I know it's well done, I just don't like it.

I also hate reggaeton, but i bet i'm not the only one, lol




I hate how happy most of their songs sound. That's in spite of them writing in Mixolydian scales and singing about devil. Just don't like major-sounding music.



The Dark Knight.

Batman goes to Hong Kong for some reason. Also Christian Bale talks with the most hilariously silly Batman voice ever. It's so stupidly deep I was almost convinced he was taking the piss or trying to sabotage the film. I just can't take him seriously and I'm semi convinced it's actually a comedy.



Apple products. I have used them extensively and have had very little positive experiences including a Genius Bar employee telling teenaged me to just buy the new iTouch because an iTunes update bricked my year-old iPod. Also, my ex had a 2013 MacBook and that thing couldn't even get halfway through a 2.5hr movie without almost dying.



Soft corn tortillas.

If you want a soft shell you should choose flour - soft corn shells cling to the palate and insulate away the rest of the flavors. Corn shells are for frying into crunchy shells.

And don't give me lip about the shell shattering because you don't know how to construct a crunchy shell taco. Melt the cheese in the bottom and then even the most severe longitudinal crack won't disassemble your delicious crunchtastic creation.




I've tried just about every kind that my friends thought would change my mind about it.

Nope. I still find it disgusting.



Minecraft. I don't know i never got into it and once i did play it I'm like "What now?" It's so mind numbingly boring i can't understand what the hype was all about.



Japanese culture (as a Westerner). So many people love anime and manga and I'm totally baffled.

When that horrible arson attack happened recently, somebody shared some of the animators' "best work". I watched a few minutes of it, and it was a morose kid at a school where all the girls were highly sexualized--absurdly tall and skinny with tiny skirts.

I don't get how this is viewed credibly as anything but juvenile comic book shlock.



Loud cars and motorcycles. Everybody seems to like them. Even non-enthusiasts but I absolutely despise them.



Sweet tea is very popular where I live, I think it's foul. Also IPA style beer.



Ever since I can remember I have always hated gum. I hate everything about it especially when people chew with their mouths open and you can see it swirling around i am instantly repulsed.



Although it's a huge part of my generation I really hate U2. Always have and always will. Something about their music, Bono, and The Edge just drive me crazy.





Do you like Chris though?



Grease. I hate the story, I hate the characters, I hate the music, and I absolutely hate the message. I never saw the big deal as a kid, and the older I get, the more I hate it.



Probably too late for a UK entry: Love Island.

Why, just why would anyone care?



"Unity candles at weddings. The thing you are symbolizing is literally the thing you are doing.



Asmr. The tingles are really uncomfortable for me and I just cant deal with it. I also cant deal with my neck being touched so that might have something to do with it I dunno.



Posing for pictures by myself


What do i do with my hands?

How big should I smile?

Should I wear a leotard? What even is a leotard?

It's all Too much.



Crime procedurals.

Every single show is the same. All of them.

Your Cast:

The Leader who knows it all

The quirky lab tech

The tough cop who the leader forms a romantic connection with.

The goes against the rules renegade tech

The Newbie



The Bachelor/Bachelorette. What is the appeal of watching a bunch of the opposite sex basically lying, cheating, and stealing for a random stranger? I don't get it.



Gender reveal parties.


They're getting way too out of hand.

Next they're literally going to blow up buildings just to uncover the coloured wall coinciding with the gender of the baby or something like that.



Celebrity obsession and worship. It bothers me.



Children, I guess. I don't hate them but my disinterest in my extended family member's kids borders on apathy. There are kids in my family I've never met and I'm ok with it.

I met one of the newest ones this weekend while I was a little tipsy and my aunt got mad when I said, "there's another one?"



Tea even though I'm British (English).

Hate iced tea, coffee, mocha, lattes, cappuccinos, Frappuccino's, anything like that.




I know everyone loves guacamole, but I just hate it.



Summer and it being sunny and hot



Soda. Any carbonation tastes like it's burning my tongue. I'd rather go thirsty for hours than drink one soda. My kids are the same way.



Wine. I am apparently the only suburban mom who doesn't drink wine, and it makes other suburban moms incredibly uncomfortable.


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