People Explain Which Things Only Exist Because Humans Are Dumb

People Explain Which Things Only Exist Because Humans Are Dumb
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Humans managed to dominate all of the other species across the globe primarily due to one key factor: a large brain with a frontal lobe.

Nonetheless, humans are uniquely dumb on so many occasions. One is left considering such far-reaching stupidity an outright disrespect for the gift of that brain, with all of its potential.

But at least humans are smart enough to accept their dumbness. They invent items and services to keep everyone safe and secure, despite people's seeming insistence on screwing everything up.

Or, humans are so dumb that something continues to be around despite obvious solutions that we insist on not pursuing.

Whatever underlies it, the outcome is the same: our world is full of things that do not need to be here

Heel-Hook asked, "What exists only because humans are dumb?"

Out of the Kitchen

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Worst Cooks in America.

I literally found out about this today.

Some guy decided to try to add more flavor into his steak (I think) by adding butter. This is a good idea, but it would have been a better idea if he took the butter out of the wrapping before putting it into the pan.



Disclaimer before UFC fight: this may include violence.

Well yeah it better freaking contain violence, that's what I'm here for.


"no swimming" 

No swimming sticker on places that are physically not possible to swim at.


Yeah they're for the people who are too dumb to realize it would be suicidal to try and swim somewhere, so really they're necessary because I saw a guy hop in to a river from a bridge over a wier and then go over it. He held onto the "no swimming" sign to stand on the railing to jump over. He was fine, but only because the water level up top was lower than usual.


Not at Home....

'Don't try this at home' warnings.


Let's be fair, the show Mythbusters needed this. Some of their things came from stupid people or were ideas that could possibly be recreated at home.



Dummy GIF by memecandyGiphy

"Never re-use a condom."


Just turn it inside out. dummy.


End of Life

A lot of senseless deaths. Everyone who ever died of a preventable cause of death.


Less then 30....

Congressmen with 30+ years in office.


I guess that depends on perspective. The least corrupt and most honest person in Congress has been there that long.


Deep Cuts

Safety scissors.


Not even safe either. I have a scar from a pair. Go through skin just as well.


Cash Ed.

K Ok GIF by OriginalsGiphy

For-profit colleges.



War. HOO. What is it good for?


Corporate entities not in the war-zone.


It's Whack.

Tik Tok.


Tik tok bad.

Just saying this before someone else will say it.


the cycle

excited news GIFGiphy

Media, modern day as we know it. 24 hour news cycles, censorship, click bait, all of it.


Cool Off....

The "caution: hot beverage" labels.


The dumb ones in this case are companies like McDonald's that permanently disfigured a customer with super hot coffee, then did everything they could to make people think she was at fault.


All of the Above

Climate change, sea level rise, depletion of fisheries, whaling, War on Drugs, Global War on Terror, war, genocide, racism, wars of religion...



daylight savings GIF by ScreenJunkiesGiphy

Daylight savings.


For Hope

Religions. Sorry if this makes anyone mad, but aren't religions made to explain things we can't understand?


It can do more than that. It brings many hope and purpose, and then there's always the imbeciles who justify hate with it.


It wasn't, but we like to view the politics of all history through the lens of today's culture. sure, maybe a peasant's life revolved totally around their faith-but that doesn't mean the primary purpose of the priests was to take his crops. before travel was easy and most people could read and write, the Church was the power and the social structure of most of Europe. but to say that it's history was wholly one of a desire for control was disingenuous.


The Best Dope

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The Darwin awards.


That is very true considering they're literally awards for the world's biggest idiots.


It's Implied

Peanut allergy labels on peanut butter jars.



Donald Trump's presidency.


I'm not surprised anymore. 46% voted for that guy in the first place despite all the crap he'd done before. I swear if he wins again I give up on America.


This isn't lettuce?

fruit of the loom GIF by NBAGiphy

I found warning labels on fruit salad saying "Warning contains fruits."


Just Wait. 

The loading progress bar was made because the people brought for testing thought something was wrong.


Yeah, providing feedback that the program is running and hasn't crashed is an important part of UI design.


100% sugar

Ingredients labels on flour, sugar, raisins, etc.


It's because of standards more than for stupid people. There aren't many people wondering which ingredients sugar contains (spoiler: it contains 100% sugar), but all products intended for human consumption are required to have an ingredient lists.

Putting the ingredients on items which are just a single ingredient may be a bit ridiculous, but it doesn't harm anyone and it's probably better than coming up with possibly confusing exceptions for that regulation.


It's for Health. 

Marijuana criminalization.


That had more to do with taxes and lobbyists from the cotton industry.

In the U.S. at least.


Aide says Nixon's war on drugs targeted blacks, hippies

"You understand what I'm saying? We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities," zomboromcom


Fences and railings at the Grand Canyon.


This one made me chuckle. I visited the Grand Canyon Visitor's Center last year in July, peak summer, peak tourism. Lots of tourists.

Thing is, the visitors center is right up at the side of a freaking cliff. A several hundred foot high cliff. Sheer rock, no incline. And yet, on that day, I could not fight my polite urge to let people be themselves. People were literally getting on top of the rock railing and doing poses for Instagram, dancing, jumping, doing handstands. People are freaking stupid.


Meow Time

cucumbers GIFGiphy

Cats videos. I agree that cats are funny, but when it's the most popular thing on the internet, it makes me think that people aren't interested in self-development.





Yeah the majority of wikiHow articles are useful, but every now and then there's one that's hilariously dumb.


T-pose to assert dominance

Comedy gold a while ago, just from a wikihow.


In the Can

Canned hunts, climate-controlled hunting pods, and panic rooms.


Just Buy

pop furniture GIFGiphy

Rent a Center.


Broken Learning

The education system. Literally.


Dear Prep H....

Certain Warning labels....

"Dear Preparation H, I love your product and it has made me feel so much better; but boy does it taste bad!"


We is Dumb

Math: we're literally incapable of the kind of information processing and abstraction needed to deal with things directly. So, we came up with systems of symbols and rules for manipulating them that allow us to sidestep our cognitive limitations. Also, the lottery (unless it's a charity lottery or something).


How Free?

Bags of nuts, vegetables, meat, etc. that say "gluten free."


Those labels can be pretty helpful for people with severe allergies. The "gluten free" labels typically indicate that the product hasn't come in contact with any gluten products at any point during processing, such as on shared machinery. It doesn't matter for most of us, but guarantees can be important for people who can't tolerate even trace amounts of gluten.


Everything & Everyone....

Climate Change

Jersey Shore

Kanye West's presidential campaign

The modern day Flat Earth movement (even the ancient Greeks knew it was round bro)

You (the person reading this not OP), I've met your mom.


Issues with Shade

Racism, not just for the whole BLM, it is known that genetic diversity is the key for species survival, and we are looking waaaay too much at what shade of black, Brown or white a person has.

Also, "race" is one of those things that people won't give importance until some one mentions it.


In the books....

diva read GIFGiphy

From the biblical perspective, clothing.

Protip: if a snake starts to talk to you, you probably shouldn't eat the food it suggests you eat.


to inflame

The word flammable.

The original word was inflammable, from the word inflame. But people thought it meant non-flammable. So the word flammable was created.

It's a good word because it keeps innocent children from being burnt because of their dumb parents.


System Shock

electrocuted home alone 2 lost in new york GIFGiphy

The charge of an electron. Benjamin Franklin had a 50/50 chance and he guessed wrong. This has made teaching electronics harder to do for the rest of eternity.


Scientific Understanding is Only Half the Battle

"Measles. In the 2000's, measles was nearly eradicated. However, because of antivaxxers communities, it went on a rise again. In the same vein, wear a goddamn mask people."

"I should also mention measles was always very prevalent in other nations, so I'm just referring to the US in this comment."

-- Swimminginsarcasm

Because Yes, Someone Has Tried That

"warning labels" -- Ocean_Beast

"This was exactly what I came to comment. My most favorite warning label was on a baby stroller. 'Remove child before folding!'" -- kaismama

"I found this on a hair dryer: 'Do not use while sleeping'" -- MEScout

"My fav warning label was my coffee maker saying 'do not hold above peoples head'" -- twolimbooctopus

Drop Cloth


Food Bibs, Not all of us can be like Hannibal Burress and have the confidence to not drop or spill our food on the way to our mouths.



"Lawyers. Source: am lawyer." -- fendaar

"Even without dumb people I think we'd still need some lawyers to handle things like contract law or patent law." -- adeon

"Oh really? Name every law" -- Darkmaster666666

1 Foot Doughnut Claims

"NOT REAL SIZE Logos on posters."

"I used to work in a grocery store that had a bakery, and we had a poster that was hanging from the ceiling with the bakery's logo and a few pastries beside it."

"We had to reprint the poster with a message under it that said, 'Not real life size' because some Karen got mad then when she got her donut and it wasn't 1 ft. in diameter."

"She complained for 'False advertising' and corporate had to send a new poster."

-- jman857

Unnatural Phenomena

"Pugs" -- Lil-Sleepy-A1

"Have you ever seen the skeleton of one of those monstrosities?" -- zookeeper4980

"If you keep a pug in good shape, it will breathe easier" -- maxipad2008

In Case You Had Other Interpretations

"The label on milk bottles that says it contains dairy. If I'm buying milk I'd kinda hope it contains dairy?" -- thebibarista

"Allergy info: This peanut butter contains peanut products. Gee thanks" -- Heel-Hook

"Disclaimer before UFC fight: this may include violence. Well yeah it better f***in contain violence, that's what I'm here for" -- ZoFarZoGood

A Momentous Accident 

"Penicillin, because someone didn't clean the Petri dish" -- drempire

"Worked out though" -- Heel-Hook

"Or a cantaloupe" -- naivemetaphysics

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

"The [virus] death toll in the US" -- Snow_Da_92

"How is the US media reporting the country's response for [virus]" -- Heel-Hook

"Pretty much like you'd expect. The left says everyone's stupid for not wearing masks, the right says everyone's stupid for wearing masks...."

"It's a sh** show....." -- Snow_Da_92

Who Was The Last to Leave?

"Africanized honey bees, a.k.a. killer bees."

"Some scientist accidentally let out bees and now they have the intent to kill anything in site. Worse than wasps my opinion."

-- Cheese_Boi20

Buying Power

"In the call center I work at part of our greeting is that we have to thank customers for the number of years they've been with the company because we legit had people complain about us not doing that."

-- noodles_the_food

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