Things That Make Someone Think, 'Man, I F*cking Hate People'

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Humanity is a mess right now.

Thankfully I work from home, so it limits my exposure.

How did we get here?

Small slights or off-handed comments can send us over the edge.

But it is becoming increasingly difficult to give people a pass.

Redditor sneezycloud wanted to compare notes on the dregs of society and asked everyone:

"What is something that makes you say 'Man, I f***ing hate people?'"

Why do people cut others in line?

That's my big issue. So. Rude.


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"When they did something obviously wrong and still openly denies it."


Speed Up

"When people slow down as soon as they cut in front onto your lane on the highway. Worst is when they do it with no blinkers."


"People do this on busy sidewalks too. Someone will completely cut you off and then immediately slow down when they look down at their phone. Passed the same person 4 times on the way to work yesterday because they kept speeding past me then look down and half their speed. Pretty sure he gave ME a dirty look each time too!"


'back in the day...'

"People who can't take 'no' for an answer and will push you to agree/accept what they say. People who can't accept criticism when they f**k up and affect other people's lives."

"People who can't have a discussion where they are being told a fact and they disprove it because 'back in the day...' or authority arguments should always win."

"It teaches you some hardcore patience when you have to deal with people like these on the daily."



"When people twist the truth and accuse you of things you didn't do and people side with them."


"Oh boy. I went through a divorce. I could prove every lie she told wasn’t true, and people still sided with my ex wife about the terrible things she accused me of."

"You just have to accept people will believe whatever they want or hear first and accept it as gospel."



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"People who abuse their power and get away with it scot free."


Power is an issue. No matter who has it.


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"People who litter. Especially when there is a bin literally a metre away."


Get Cameras

"Porch pirates. People thinking 'Hey I know thats not mine but I want it so I'm taking it' makes my blood boil."


"We had that happen in our neighborhood ONCE."

"Now I'm surrounded by 3 very, very nosy neighbors. Any strangers in the cul de sac and three sets of blinds get split by suspicious figures. I could have the Hope Diamond delivered by Amazon to my doorstep and I wouldn't worry about it."


"They can't even know what it is most of the time. It's the epitome of scum."


Calm Down

"Adults who take youth sports way too seriously."


"This is one of the most important posts. They ruin sports for their children and other children as well. I hated the parents who would kiss a** to the coach and get their kid played."

"My parents didn’t have time to watch me play, so, I never did. Not saying I was good, but I don’t need a 40 yr old reminding me at every game when I’m finally out on the field. Call down Karen your 8th grader has play 30 full minutes and we are still losing. She isn’t getting a damn scholarship."


Clean. Up. Your. Mess.

"People who say 'Oh it's their job to clean up after me' or 'I'm making sure that they're still employed' as an excuse for not cleaning up after themselves in public."

"Like NO. You don't leave a soda spilled everywhere and then not even attempt to clean it up. You don't leave rolls and rolls of toilet paper all over the floor in the bathroom."

"You don't leave bags of popcorn and drinks and popcorn all over a theater floor and seats. Take responsibility."

"Clean. Up. Your. Mess."


CC Issues

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"When a coworker decides to 'correct' me by sending a passive aggressive email and copying the boss and the whole group instead of just saying something to me privately and in person."


Yeah... sometimes people just suck.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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