People Divulge The Types Of People That Annoy Them The Most
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Inevitably, not everybody in the world is going to like each other. People are so specific and cut from such specific molds, that it's far too easy to run across someone who makes you absolutely crazy.

Traits grind on each other, get under each other's skin, and in general make life quite a bit more difficult than if everyone could just swallow their pride to get along. Sadly, that's not the case on planet Earth.

Redditor New-Good-3363 asked:

"What type of people annoy you?"

Here were some of those answers.

They Annoy Us All

"People who talk your ear off but won't let you get through one sentence without interrupting."-Yawnmon92

"My sister can't figure out why I try my best to never talk to her on the phone. Then sometimes when I do see her, she mentions how yet again someone has mentioned that she talks incessantly and how that them mentioning it is a sore spot and pisses her off. It's happened like 5 times no joke."-goindeepbananas

There Is A Way To Be Wrong!

"People who won't admit they're wrong even when they obviously are."-Dracodyck

"I find people that can admit they’re wrong/ignorant as very smart because they have the ability to grasp what is and isn’t known free from personal bias."

"That opens the door for consistency in truly learning about the world around you. It sucks to hear people think that always being right means being smart."-Poiuytgfdsa

We Live In A Society

"People who are inconsiderate, like littering or not picking up their dog’s poop."-Caseylightning

"There is absolutely zero excuse for littering. I hate seeing trash in my apartment parking lot. Not like there's a shortage of trash cans. So gross."-Totum_Dependeat

"Ohhh myyyy godddd yesssss! Infuriating! I have two dogs. I pick up their poop ALWAYS. I also pick up other dogs’ poops because it’s SO BAD for the environment!"

"My husband and bestie think that’s nuts but DAMN! Freaking be a responsible dog owner!"-MyEyesItch247

These are the kind of people that ruin your day before it even starts.

You've Been To The Moon, I've Been There Twice

"A colleague, when my father passed away suddenly and I was in worst emotional state and of my life, literally told me he buried 2 sets of parents because he was adopted. How is that gonna help me, Sir?"-Commercial_Quarter_6

"Ah yes, my husband's childhood friend is that type."

"He's also got to be the center of attention and if he's not he's plotting his next attempt at making sure he is. Wonder if they go hand-in-hand."-3p1ctamp0n


"People who interrupt others while talking."

"I get that a conversation has give and take and that some interruption is normal, but people who cut you off at every opportunity are the worst."

"They also tend to be one-uppers..."-HRMqueenofeverything


"People who call you up and vent to you, want you to be there for them for whatever they need."

"But when the time comes for you to need a shoulder to cry on, for them to be there for you, they give you nothing of the sort."

"Can’t stand people like that. I stay as far away from people like that as I possibly can."-tspofcharity


"The ones that will just not f**k off. They have to be in everyone's business. They have try and find people doing something wrong."

"They have nag and whine. Just f**k off and mind your own business. I don't want your help, I don't want your attention. I want you to shut up and stay away from me."-2Nafishsammich

And also, they seem to crop up everywhere, because nobody on earth can get away from these people.

Protagonist Syndrome

"People who think they’re the main characters of life. I was sat in a takeout waiting for my food and there was a guy with his feet up on the chairs talking loudly on the phone and swearing."

"And when he got his food he started eating it right then and there and was burping loudly and muttering to himself. I get embarrassed if I think other people can hear my headphones on the bus."-Thursday_the_20th

Phantom Helpers

"Those who proclaim to be the type that are ALWAYS willing to be there/help but then when the time comes are no where to be found and are blatantly ghosting you."

"Then after said task/event is complete, they decide to start chatting you up/pretending like they didn't do anything."

"I don't know if theres a specific word for that (maybe a 'flake') but it's that type of person I truly despise the most."-3p1ctamp0n

Omg Soooooo Sorry

"I have a roommate that just doesn't give a sh*t but she is so apologetic. Sorry this sorry that it won't happen again I promise. It always does. She never cleaned any part of house since she moved in."

"She throws random parties without telling anyone beforehand. And me and other roommates often work early in the morning."

"We complained to landlord bunch of times. But landlord is too soft to throw her out so she will stay unfortunately."-Crazyshark22

These types of people ruin the day to day pleasures of life for everybody else. Nobody wants to be that person.

And if you do know these people, maybe it's time to run away as fast as you can.

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