People Imagine What They'd Most Like To Argue About With God

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Life is one big mystery. There is so much we don't know beyond the sand grains-worth of knowledge available on Wikipedia.

Why are we here? Why do some people have all the luck and others don't? Why are our loved ones taken from us too soon?

There is no being or entity that is more omniscient than God, and believers probably have a bone to pick with them were they have a chance encounter.

Playing on this scenario, Redditor AVR350 asked:

"Imagine you met God, what would you argue about with him?"

Are we alone in the universe?

The Burning Question

"Who else is out there?"

– JohnnyBuddhist

The Response

“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

– ChronoLegion2

Who Is God?

"Depends on how you decide what god means. If god is simply the one who create us, then yes. Could just end up being an advanced alien species as well. If god is supposed to be capital God, then he’s supposed to be omnipotent and by definition the most powerful."

– germane-corsair

Inquisitive believers sparked valid discussions.

Our Mortality

"Why kids get cancer"

– Kitchen-Shock-597

The Origin Of Us

"Why did he create us in the first place? Was he bored or what?"

– juankruh1250

A Harsh Outcome

"Why you made it so unclear, yet the punishment so bad?"

– omarelnour

What We All Strive For

"That’s the thing. To my knowledge the 'punishment' isn’t in the Bible, at least the Old Testament. Read a lot of it growing up being forced into a catholic school and I don’t ever recall a specific description of hell. In fact, what we know of hell today is primarily taken from Dante’s Inferno."

"Assuming there is a god, of which I am heavily doubtful, whatever teachings there were have been so tainted by human hands and greed that none of it really matters anymore."

"My philosophy has always been to be good, be kind, be helpful and respect nature. That’s the best we can do."

– fusrohdave

The Followers

"Why do so many corrupt people worship you? Why are your believers so effin rude?"

– Silent-Moose-72

Some questions weren't as deep.

"Why the hell he never closes the door to my room, it's always just a bit open and he pretends like he doesn't know what I'm talking about."

– JesusChrist_Himself

We Need Support

"I've got some real issues with the design of the lower back. What were you thinking?"

– ThunderJenkins

The Purpose Of It All

"Why the F'K do you need all those foreskins? No, really? Are you making shoes?"

– SelfChokingChicken

Whether you believe in God or not, many of us are looking to unlock many of life's mysteries. And chances are, we will continue being left in the dark.

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