People Explain Which Things They'll Never Ever Do In Their Life
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We all know we don't have endless time on this earth, so we prioritize things that we want to do while we are around. We create bucket lists and dream boards and imagine all the endless possibilities for adventure. Often, those bucket lists include dangerous acts like sky diving or deep sea exploration.

But what about things you would never do in your lifetime. Not for any other reason other than it being too fear inducing or too dangerous. We went to Ask Reddit to find out what those wild adventures are that just aren't worth the risk.

Some folks also shared that they made some serious life decisions that were important to their health and well being. Trying dangerous substances or staying on top of their weight loss was important and they never wanted to take that risk again.

Redditor machine1892 asked:

"You all know what a bucket list is, what is on your 'f*ck no, not ever list'?

Let's find out what people are just not willing to do.

Exploring the depths of the unknown is just too unknown.

"Cave diving or underground not fully explored dark tight tunnels. The movie 'As Above So Below' and the real life tragedy of 'Nutty Putty Cave' was enough for me to add that to my f*ck no list."

- kbee1313

"A real caver once told me that for every 1 hour you travel into a cave, it will take them 4 hours to drag your busted up @ss out of there if something goes wrong."

- WonderfulSpecific601

"I'm a caver and one black humor mantra I've heard before is 'Don't worry, help is just 3 days away!' due to the difficult nature of cave rescues."

"That said, there are incredible teams of cavers who will do everything possible to rescue people and animals from cave-related incidents. I have a whole book covering the past few decades of cave rescues."

- neenamonners

"Dunno if you will have seen this, but there's an old American emergency/911/sh*t happened kind of show in which 4 open water divers on air go 30ft down, and the instructor tells them to avoid entering the cave around that level both in briefing, and signs to surface, and 3 of them don't and go into the cave."

"Instructor alerts people at surface, seconds away, there is a trained cave rescue diver on scene by chance, he is in within 2 minutes, and saved one of them."

"Literally, they are less than 35 ft from surface, less than a minutes travel into the cave, and only one survives, despite having a guy right there, with lights, trimix and the right training."

"Dive talk covered it at one point."

- skylabearthhalonix

​If you're claustrophobic, this is definitely off your bucket list.

"A submarine or anything else bad for a claustrophobe."

- jeff_the_nurse

"lol I worked on subs for 4 years….it's cool once, then it's just cramped, tiny and annoying."

- cellblock73

"Son was a Navy Nuc on a ballistic missal sub. Said he was too busy working, eating or sleeping to be claustrophobic. I got to tour the sub once. I am extremely proud of him but thought he was crazy."

- joeeda2

The ocean can destroy you.

"I absolutely fear the ocean and I won't go out farther than 6ft lmao. So I'd never go on things such as cruises or boat trips. It also doesn't help that I can't swim."

- Rroscoco

"I'm VERY comfortable in the water, but even I still fear the ocean. I live in Hawaii and swim, board, fish, kayak treasure hunt, etc., all things ocean-related and love every second of it but man the ocean will destroy you. People die here all the time. An experienced surfer died here a couple weeks ago in an area considered a calmer area. A couple of days ago another girl fell off the rocks and drowned. If you do not respect the ocean, you will die."

"There were 3 rescues today at a popular bodyboarding beach in my town. Only 2 survived."

- rusty_L_shackleford

"Have a family member teach you how to swim. It is worth it, trust me. A lot of my friends 20-25 years old just recently learned how to swim so don't feel embarrassed."


I am absolutely petrified of regular boats, but I've been on a few cruises (after a lot of convincing) and they're actually great. It feels more like walking around a mansion that has waterslides and all you can eat buffets than a boat"

- honestlyjusttiredtbh

"Yeah, and ships these days have enough stabilization that you'll almost never feel any waves unless you're in incredibly rough seas, which the captains will avoid as much as possible anyway."

- chowderbags

That early 2000s game show is nightmare worthy.

"Those Fear Factor games where they put a sh*t ton of spiders or other scary creatures on top of you while you lay there. Yeah, that's a huge f*ck no from me."

- MissConduct0120

"The ones where they make you eat a whole lot of stuff that's not just weird or another culture's food (i.e. crickets/tripe) but is actually seriously unhealthy ... like drink a litre of rancid oil... are far worse, to my mind."

- waterproofraincoat

"I always said the prize money from that show was to cover medical bills because there's no way people were 100% okay afterwards."

- Taiganattsu

"That's actually why the show got cancelled. They made a girl drink donkey semen and the network finally said 'enough.'"

- Cleeky

"Not even kidding, one of the most popular shows in the UK is where we send celebrities to live in the jungle for three weeks and do exactly this to them! And the celebs who go on it LOVE IT!"

- ScottyW88

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Keeping off the weight.

"Become obese again."

"I was obese for almost 10 years of my life, but I decided to lose the weight in my early 20s. Feels great to be active and healthy."

- Gexmnlin13

"I'm here with you. Was 250 at my largest, I've since lost over 70 pounds and am in my mid-twenties. It feels great to look great, which I expected, but it feels better to just feel healthy. I wanted to lose weight more for vanity reasons, now I care way less about those and just love being healthy. I'm not at my goal weight but I feel amazing and it's such a huge contrast. So congrats, I'm really happy for you!"

- Narcissista

"That's how I feel. At my heaviest, I was at 235 and I'm down to 202, but it's not even the weight loss that keeps me going. For the first time ever I actually craved working out when I went on vacation for a week and couldn't. The vacation was fun, but damn my body went back to aching at the end of it. If I don't stretch I get really bad pain from sitting down for work."

- pyewhackette

"Maggot cheese."

- Pretenderrender

This cheese is called Casu Martzu. It's a sheep's milk cheese that has living larva inside.

"Those who do not wish to eat them place the cheese in a sealed paper bag. The maggots, starved for oxygen, writhe and jump in the bag, creating a "pitter-patter" sound. When the sounds subside, the maggots are dead and the cheese can be eaten."

"Somehow, there is a hint of sadism behind this paragraph."

- iridisss

"Almost 9 years clean off heroin, I sometimes get questions from people from people about what it's like and I always tell them 'it's the greatest feeling in the world and it'll ruin your life.' Now I don't care how good it felt because going through the withdrawal is one of my greatest fears. Also the lifestyle is absolute misery."

- inside-lookingout

"Congrats on being clean, fellow Redditors."

- Le_Candy_Man

"Congratulations! 10 years sober from those vile substances. Whenever I think about how my life was I feel sick to my stomach."

- I_am_dean

Space travel.

"Space. Too many ways to die a slow, painful death. Plus the pooping thing. I never knew how much I liked pooping on Earth before I learned how you have to poop in space."

"Gravity is your friend on the toilet. In zero G (free fall technically?), there's nothing to pull the poo away from your butt. There are supposed to be toilets that use fans to help with separation, but... they aren't flawless."

"Also, there's the quote, 'After it starts getting full, you have to put a rubber glove on and pack it down.'"

"Back in the early days, you had to poop in a bag filled with bactericidal liquid and KNEAD the poop and liquid together, so things are improving, but I don't think they'll ever improve enough for me."

- ppardee

No need to ruining a relationship.

"Having an affair."

- sylpher250

"Cheaters ruin lives."

- DriverGirlNSFW

Power to those who like this type of thing.

"Running a marathon. Or training for one. Anything that ends in thon is just a big no for me."

- Muppet_Fitzgerald


- thiggy1342

"Running for the sake of running... omg, just the thought of it make me want to die of boredom. I don't mind running if it's part of something, like there is a soccer ball involved, but to run just to run? Kill me."

- ipsok

How do people not just start tearing up instantly?

"Eat a onion like a apple."

- StNukalus

"My son is a toddler, and the other day I was cutting up an onion. He thought it was an apple and felt mad I was depriving him of it. I let him take a bite. He paused for a second, looked me right in the eye, then kept chewing. Monster."

- 708dinky

This is just too extreme, but somehow people still do it.

"Have you ever seen the videos of that mountain climb thing in China where there is literally just like a 2x4 board nailed to the side of a mountain and people have this little handrail to hold on to while they inch their way around...."

"My butthole is puckering right now just thinking about it... There is just no way in hell ever."

- fucovid2020


"And some mountain climbers sleep during their climb. Like, they'll shove a few nails in the rock, hang a tent, and sleep while dangling off the side of a mountain."

"That's a nope from me."

- SevenDragonWaffles

It's a huge commitment, and it's not for everyone.

"Having kids."

- zombietobe

"I have a son and I love him more than anything. But I would never ever have another kid, ever. The amount of love and time and patience you need to have and give them, the nights where you barely sleep 2 hours, the days when he gets sick and that makes you worried sick too... and he's not even a teenager, I heard that brings its own challenges. I just couldn't do it for anyone else but my son."

"And I really hate it when I tell people how hard it is and what sacrifices you have to make and whatever else and they assume I don't like my kid or resent him or something..."

"(And if its 2035 and you're reading this: I love you, son)"

- ezahalnemnyers

Though there are plenty of people who have done these things, there are good reasons to avoid them. Especially for those choices that were life threatening or deadly.

What's most important in your life is finding what is meaningful for you and doing what makes your life worth living.

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