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When you're young, it's easy to think you've got plenty of time to responsibly live your life and learn essential life skills. This is especially true in your 20s.

In your 20s, you're just out of school, working on advancing yourself career-wise, and you want to just enjoy your youth. While there's nothing wrong with that -- you should enjoy your youth -- you have to start some life planning as well.

By the time you get to 30, you'll realize you're too late to the party on things like getting your degree, living a financially healthy life, and, according to Redditors, dental care. Use your 20s to have fun, but make sure you also take advantage of being young. Sometimes, your youth is the exact right time to start good habits.

This is probably the philosophy behind Redditor give_me_wings101 question:

"What’s that one thing people in their 20s should definitely do before turning 30?"
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People Divulge Their Anti-Bucket List Of Things That They Never Want To Do Again
Gemma Evans on Unsplash

A bucket list is defined as a "number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime."

But what about people who have been there, done that?

Are there bucket list regrets?

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People Break Down The Things They're Waiting To Do Until They're Older
Matthew Bennett on Unsplash

Some people love to ascribe time limits to when they can and can't do things.

There are sayings out there such as "LA is for your 30s," or "I could only do that in my 20s," or "I feel like I'm in my 80s," when you are doing something like eating peanuts and watching Designing Women.

The truth is, we can do these things whenever. Though it's fun to ascribe ourself these limitations, they aren't necessarily accurate. but sometimes, people make the choice to leave things for later.

With life both being "no day but today" and an incomprehensible stretch of time among us, it's natural to reserve some things for later.

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People Share Their Biggest Bucket List Items If They Only Had One Day Left On Earth
Photo by That's Her Business on Unsplash

Death is coming for all of us.

I hate that fact about life, so I do my best to ignore it. But I know it's there. So every once in a while I can't help but wonder about it.

My biggest hope is the end is quick and painless, but some warning would be nice, so I have time to do a few things.

I often ponder what that list of "things" would entail if I was given a warning.

And what if that ending was coming fast? How do you sufficiently spend a few hours wrapping up a life?

Redditor Valleygawdwanted to hear about how we would spend those final, precious moments by asking:

"You have 24 hours left alive, what do you do for your last day on earth?"
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People Explain Which Things They'll Never Ever Do In Their Life
Wojciech Then/Unsplash

We all know we don't have endless time on this earth, so we prioritize things that we want to do while we are around. We create bucket lists and dream boards and imagine all the endless possibilities for adventure. Often, those bucket lists include dangerous acts like sky diving or deep sea exploration.

But what about things you would never do in your lifetime. Not for any other reason other than it being too fear inducing or too dangerous. We went to Ask Reddit to find out what those wild adventures are that just aren't worth the risk.

Some folks also shared that they made some serious life decisions that were important to their health and well being. Trying dangerous substances or staying on top of their weight loss was important and they never wanted to take that risk again.

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