People Confess Things Everyone Does But No One Actually Admits To

We've all done some embarrassing things in our lives, and we may do what we can to keep them a secret.

Whether it was something legitimately embarrassing or something like not taking the best care of ourselves, sometimes it's easier to keep those behaviors private than to have a tough or awkward conversation about them.

Curious about others' behaviors, Redditor MrTuxedo1 asked:

"What does everyone do but won’t admit?"

In Great Company

"To talk to themselves when they’re alone."

- Scandroid99

Concealing Passed Gas

"At the beginning of my relationship, I would wait until we walking in heavy traffic and let it go. He heard me once and now every time a bus goes by, he gives me a sideways look."

- FloptimasPloptimas

The Alternate Ending

"To imagine what life would be like with your crush, even as an adult."

- Oppxma

So Haunting

"To lay awake at night, remembering everything that you’ve done wrong in your entire life in 30 seconds, and then just lying there thinking about each and every one of them individually until you’ve got to get up and do something the next day."

- Summertime64

Kitchen Secrets

"To click a pair of tongs together twice whenever they pick a pair up."

- ESlayer12

Complaints Aplenty

"Probably to complain. People say, 'No one likes a complainer,' but everyone I’ve ever met complains about crap."

- Mysterious_Fisher

New Surroundings

"To secretly wish certain people… would move away."

- usercb


"To think about compliments given by someone years ago."

- SuvenPan

Awake for Hours

"To pretend like they weren’t sleeping when a phone call wakes them up."

- Ddubs111


"I remember seeing a while back, one user’s dad apparently had a saying, 'We all pick our noses… it’s what we do afterwards that separates us.'"

- Burgher89

Being Judgmental

"Judge. We all do it. It’s about being intelligent enough to not let that cloud our perspective."

"Also, I mean, sometimes it's okay and even good to judge. Sometimes people are bad for you to be around, and that's important to recognize."

"Being judgmental is only a bad thing if you're overly so and/or do it for bad reasons, imo. But even with that, yeah, we all do it."

- Maleficient_Hawk_318

Past Connections

"To wonder if people that have since long disappeared from your life (or you've only met once or twice) from time to time still think about you."

- Ioakpaa

The Next Great Singer

"I tried to sing, like, really good. When I'm alone, I be hitting those high notes, even though I sound like a dying walrus."

- kumorithecloud

Imaginary Comebacks

"To have (and even win) an argument with a stranger from an encounter three years ago when you didn't say anything at the time."

- mrandymoz

Avoiding Healthcare

"To not go to see the doctor when they know they should."

- SuvenPan

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