Anonymous Parents Admit The Worst Time Their Kids Ever Embarrassed Them In Public

Anonymous Parents Admit The Worst Time Their Kids Ever Embarrassed Them In Public

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*Kids say the darndest things. There is actually a whole TV show about it. You have to be careful, almost obsessively, about what you say to and around children. They will repeat or publicly question everything, and at the most inappropriate time. It's in the worst moments they will leave parents blushing and wishing they were invisible. *

Redditor *_diamond *reached out to the parents of Reddit hoping ot hear some good stories by asking..._ Parents of reddit: What is the worst way your kids have ever embarrassed you?*And you thought your kids were a handful. *


When my son was about 4 years old, he was in day care. He was always a pretty good kid, and he got along well with the teachers and the other kids. But, being a kid, he did have tantrums sometimes.

One day we got a call from his day care saying that he got upset at the teacher for not letting him do something, and he called her the "N" word. My wife and I pretty much had a heart attack when we heard this; I think my first instinct was to pack up everything, change our names, and move to another country. I was fucking humiliated. I don't know exactly where he learned that word; probably overheard it (without our knowledge) from some movie or TV show we were watching. He didn't even know what it meant; he just knew it was a mean name to call someone.

So we went over there, apologized profusely, and explained very clearly that he did not learn that from us, and that we would never have taught him to say a word like that. Fortunately, the teacher was very nice and understanding about it (it helped that she was not black; that made it clear to her that he didn't really know what he was saying). We then took him home, sat him down, and had a long talk with him about just how bad that word is, what it means, and why he should never, ever, ever say it -- or, for that matter, ever call anyone names just because he's mad at them.

So, in the end, a potential crisis was avoided by the luck of having a very understanding teacher. But I still cringe when I think about this incident.


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At a bakery near my house my sister asked my mom; "That man has big bum, how does he fit on the toilet?" He heard and so did everyone else in the store. My mom found a new bakery.


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Ok, not really their fault, but this is the story. I'm cleaning out the garage and have a bunch of stuff in the driveway to pull out the lawnmower for the first mow of spring. As I'm driving the mower I start to notice people driving by slowing down and looking mad at me. It was weird but I didn't think too much about it. Then two different people flipped me off and a few others yelled but since I was driving the mower I couldn't hear what they were saying. (plus they were driving). Finally I can't stand it and have no clue why my mowing is pissing everyone off so I shut the mower off and start to go inside. Then I'm walking by my driveway (not visible from where I was mowing) and see my children (ages 5 and 6) climbed into my dogs old cage and somehow locked themselves in. So it looked to everyone like I locked my kids in a cage while I mowed the lawn. Not cool.


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When my son was in second grade, they wrote a book about their mothers for mothers day. It was cute because for a month he would ask random questions about my life, and follow up with "in case you are wondering why I asked, there's no reason." When he brought home the book, I read it and was thrilled. When I was done, I set it down and only then noticed the cover. They had drawn a 8.5 x 11 portrait like photo of their mothers for the front. It showed me with a huge smile, messed up hair, and a shirt that said _"let's get lit" _across the front. It was in reference to a shirt I had bought their father for Christmas with a lit up Christmas tree. Not only had I never worn it, he conveniently left the tree out of the portrait. I was mortified! And when I asked him why he did that, his reply was _"you look good in green and it's the only green shirt I could remember."_ I'm sure his teacher's obvious dislike for me was NOT a coincidence.


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Not my kid, actually my aunt's :

They were in a department store and he was wandering around aimlessly while she shopped. Suddenly, she hears him yell, "MOMMY, COME HERE, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!"

She goes over to the children's department and finds him pointing at a little person. He was an employee of the store."LOOK, MOM, THIS IS SO COOL!" he called, pointing excitedly.

She didn't know what to say. "Oh, yes, he works here! He gets to come here everyday, that IS cool!"

"No, Mommy, I mean it's cool because he's a MUPPET."

She apologized, grabbed my cousin and ran away.


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I don't have kids, but I actually remember doing this to my dad:

I was in kindergarten, and every day when the kids were picked up from school, the parents had to do a"sign out." I remember standing at the teacher's desk with my dad while he signed me out and made idle chit chat with the teacher. I remember her glancing at me and feeling like I needed to contribute something to the conversation so I just blurted out "my daddy sleeps naked." I think it was something I had only recently discovered and thought it was just a fun fact. My dad was mortified.


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When my son was about 3, we went to Jamba Juice. It was packed of course. As I was ordering, he squirmed out of my hand and went about 20 feet away from me, proceeded to walk back and forth throwing his arms around and yelled at the top of his little lungs "F, f, f*!" He looked like a crazy homeless person. I was completely mortified.


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When I was 4 we went to olive garden. I saw a black man at the table next to us and said "Michael Jordan! Michael Jordan!" Luckily he just laughed about it!


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My daughter saw a woman at a store who had very large breasts. She yells out "MOMMA THAT LADY HAS BIG BOOBIES! WHY YOU HAVE LITTLE BOOBIES?!?"


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Don't have kids. I did this to my parents at a mall. I spent a lot of my childhood in India, so I wasn't that familiar with how things went in the US. I was walking with my parents in the mall when I saw a lady who had her kid on one of those leashes for kids. So I yell out across the mall "Look! They have a kid for a pet!" The lady, looking really annoyed, picked up her leashed kid and walked away.


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I don't remember where this took place or how old I was exactly, but I was young enough to talk and was still in a stroller, so I must have been about 3.

Apparently, as we strolled past a woman who happened to be black, I loudly said "HI OPRAH!" I guess I had never seen a black woman besides Oprah.

My mom was pretty embarrassed but this woman was apparently flattered and laughed so I guess it wasn't all that bad.


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This happened to a friend who works at a daycare. She was helping a kid take his coat and boats off when the kid decides to blurt out "my mommy has a really hairy front butt." My friend looks at the kid, tells him not to talk about his mommy's front butt and continues like nothing happened. She's pretty professional considering I would have laughed my ass off, then made the kid repeat it for my own humor to others.


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My dad once told me about the time he took me to a grocery store to just do some basic grocery shopping and I ended up wandering off and started screaming "HELLLLLLLLLP" as loud as I could when he found me.

As I was a blonde fair-skinned kid and my dad was a tall Greek/Italian with dark hair and tan skin, security ended up restraining my dad since they couldn't believe we were related and my mum had to be called over to confirm that I was his daughter.


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When I was kid, in 2nd grade there was some sort of anti drinking and driving campaign. I didn't understand the concept of it, so when the teacher said "I hope none of your parents drink and drive," I raised my hand proudly and said that my Dad does. My Dad drank Coca-cola, I didn't know the difference between Coke and beer. All I knew was they were brown, bubbly, and I wasn't allowed to drink it. Come to think of it, what is the point of a drinking and driving campaign in elementary school?


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When I was a kid, my mom and I went to the grocery store. As we're checking out, the cashier gives my mom the total, and my mom starts writing out a check. I look at her confused and say rather loudly, "But mommy, I thought you said you didn't have any money in the bank??"


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Well now I remember one too

My dad took me to a football game when I was really young, and while we were walking around he was stopped by some guy selling crap, and he offered a free t-shirt if my dad filled out a simple questionnaire.

Eventually the guy asks for my dads phone number, my dad makes something up, and I go"Dad, that's not your phone number."

My father just kinda looked at me. I accidentally called out his lie.


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My little sister loved dress up! One day, my mother had a group of guys in her bathroom laying tiles. My sister, having the time of her life, walked in wearing my mom's laciest and most revealing lingerie. oops...

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