People Explain Which Things They Absolutely Believe Even If They Don't Have Proof
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In current times of fact-checking, many of us will only trust any kind of information if there is sufficient evidence to back it up.

But for some people, having proof isn't a priority because they have a gut feeling that something is absolutely true.
Challenging the notion that not everything needs verification, Redditor GentleBoneCrusher asked:
"What are you 100% certain is true despite having no evidence to confirm or disprove your belief?"

When it comes to family and pets, people just know they're instincts are spot on.

Dead Or Alive

"That my dad might be alive. He supposedly died in 2009. He was a huge paranoid conspiracy theorist to the point where he would bury his money, planted bushes to hide behind in case the government had a shoot-off with him, and at one point thought we all had been replaced by clones."

"The only people who saw his body are one of my aunts and my grandma who had Alzheimer's. They told us he was cremated and at the funeral there was no coffin, no urn, all there was was a black and white photo from when he was 10 (he was born in the 50's)."

"I've yet to see his urn or death certificate and it's been 12 years. He had connections to people who could have easily helped him fake his death, he also had the money to do this. People have also supposedly seen him in Indiana (they took a picture and tbh the guy looks just like him only a bit older, same hunchback, same tattoo on his leg, and he even walked with the same little limp)."

– Silent-Ferrets

Family Trauma

"I think my mom's ex boyfriend raped my sister. We don't have any evidence. He was abusive towards my mom so we got him out of her life, and then we noticed my sister gets noticeably on edge around men. He won't talk, and my sister is mentally disabled and won't tell us. I'm 100% certain of it in my gut."

– amakurt

Patient Pet

"My border collie is waiting for me in heaven."

– bluebearthree

The Keen Doggo

"Our dog knew my wife was pregnant before she did. Normally she was a sweet and lazy lovable dumbass who would hang out with whoever wasn't moving. (The dog, not the wife) Then one day, she decided she wasn't going to leave my wife's side. She wasn't aggressive, but she wasn't going anywhere either. Followed her everywhere for a few weeks, then spousal unit started getting sick, and went to the doctor, and the doctor said 'Lets check the obvious'...

"And now I have an eight year old daughter, and that dog is her constant companion."


These Redditors were convinced their very specific instincts were accurate.

Old School Mickey

"Lately, Disney has been trying to revive the old 'steamboat Willy' version of Mickey Mouse through merchandise and new cartoons drawn in the old fashion that nobody really asked for. I think they are doing all of that deliberately so that they can try to fight the scheduled copyright expirations on their old cartoons."

– Kmlevitt

The Signal

"Garbage trucks have loud brakes to give us one last chance to get the bins out."

– Novem13r

Eyes On The Prize

"I'm convinced that theme parks/fairs/carnivals pay people to walk around with giant prizes to make the games look more winnable and convince more people to play."

– Pineapple_Cheesecake

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The NFL's Orchestrated Maneuver​

"DeflateGate was intentionally spurred on by the NFL to distract from concussion lawsuits and domestic violence headlines."

– ben_bob2

Pricing According To Performance

"I am convinced that the electronics items sold at steep discounts on Black Friday are the ones that don't test as well at the factory. Like, when they do quality control tests, the ones that rate 90% or whatever are the ones that are tagged and sent out for Black Friday sales."

– snowycub

People truly believe in these minor acts of cruelty.

Shrinking Sandwich

"Big Mac keeps getting smaller."

– Notsoobvioususer

"Pretty soon it'll just be 3 buns with a little grease stain between them."

– gdimstilldrunk


"A supervisor changed my days off at the last minute without telling me in an attempt to get me fired for attendance."

– Timstro59

"i had a manager who wanted me to quit. i was supposed to work on a thursday and came in to work that day & when i showed them the picture of my schedule from the previous saturday when it was released, they said that they took me off the schedule the night before and that i had to go home. absolute bullsh*t."

– actualbeans

The Downside Of Proficiency

"I'm being pushed aside for leadership roles at my company because I'm a good reliable worker and they have a shortage of those."

– prahSmadA

The Thing About Big Hot Pockets

"The big hot pockets from a convenient store have different fillings than the small ones from the grocery store. I swear they taste different."


The Phone Company Manipulation

"Phone and internet providers start out solid and overtime purposefully make the product worse to encourage you to upgrade."

– mydearbrother

There are some things people know in their gut to be true, and it's not good news.

When a significant other becomes distant, the past experiences of many people would say it's likely they are being unfaithful.

Another thing people have a feeling about that has yet to be substantiated is the existence of ghosts. There are many supernatural accounts shared between people, however, it's usually all smoke and mirrors.

But if there was evidence to either of these instincts, would you be ready to face the truth?

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