Remarkable Things People Swear They Saw But Have No Proof Of

Why is it that whenever we witness something so extraordinary, it has to be seen to be believed, and we're the only ones seeing it?

And of course, whenever you try and share or convey what you thought you saw to someone, they're almost always very incredulous.

Who can blame them?

Curious to hear of similar scenarios from strangers online, Redditor LostGreyApe59 asked:

"What is something you SWEAR you saw, but have no proof of?"

Some captivating sights are right out of our front doors.

Unannounced Visitor

"One time after school, my friend and I were hanging out in her room on the computer, and we heard the front door open and the little 'beep beep' alarm go off when a door or window is opened. We both looked at one another, confused, since both of her parents weren't supposed to be home for several hours, and we both got a weird vibe from the sound."

"So we slowly crept to her door, and she literally grabbed a bat, and we opened the door and peered down and over the banister to the living room below, and I SWEAR TO GOD there was a man in a business suit, with a briefcase, just standing in her living room; the front door wide open behind him. And my friend was like, 'Who are you?! Get out of my house!!' And he just slowly looked up at us, like he was totally stoned or confused, and was like, 'Wha? ...... oh...... sorry........' and walked out and shut the door.

"That was almost 15 years ago, and we both STILL remember it and talk about it to this day. At least someone else was with me who saw it!"

– Mychooo

Airborne Attack

"About ten years ago, I was looking out my grandmother's back door. Two squirrels were playing in the yard."

"A hawk swooped down and grabbed one. As it was batting its wings and gaining altitude, the other squirrel raced up a nearby tree, leapt off, rocketed down into God's Own Death From Above, and rescued his friend by curb-stomping the hawk out of the air."

"They both ran away and the hawk limped off in confusion."

– Whind_Soull

The Flash

"I was about to walk in the front door around midnight and saw an explosion way up in the sky. The flash was so bright that for a fraction of a second everything went daylight. I called a few people that I knew were still up and out, but nobody had seen anything."

"A couple of weeks later, I mentioned it to someone and he said 'That's funny, someone was telling me how a satellite exploded a couple of weeks ago and it was an explosion with a bright flash.'"

– tjeepdrv2

There are benevolent presences around us. But are they there in the flesh or are they a part of our imagination?

The Good Stranger

"When I was 8 I lived in a trailer park in Florida. One whole row of trailers were unoccupied, no power, no water. As any 8 year old in the early 90's, I played around them, because it was fun. If you've been to Florida you know what fire ants are. If you've lived in Florida you know how they react to having their hills stepped on."

"So 8 year old me, not paying attention, wearing shorts, stepped calf deep into a fire ant mound. Yea, you know where this is going. Instantly my leg was covered in biting, stinging fire ants. A lot of them. Easily 100. Of course it hurts. I start screaming and stomping. That just pisses them off more."

"No more than what felt like instantly, this man comes running around the trailer with a water hose. He sprays my legs off and tells me to run home to my mom. I do. Never saw the man before or since."

– Inner-Nothing7779

Remembering Mom

"When I was 18 I got woken up in the middle of the night with my mom's favorite song playing. Back when song ringtones were a thing, it was the sound I used to hear every day when people were calling her. It was a few months after she passed away. My laptop was dead... dead, dead, I remember falling asleep being annoyed that I was too lazy to walk downstairs to get the charger because I had homework. It was partially open on my vanity and then I wake up to the sound and the light at like 3 or 4am. The song was playing. I closed the laptop and it would not turn off. I opened it, first I looked for the song app or internet site that was playing it and could not find it. So I just had to hold down the power button forever for it to turn off. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. No one believes me."

"Also weird thing with my mom's death and the house (she died in the house comfortably, cancer). You don't have to disclose natural deaths when selling. One of the new owners quickly asked my family friend(my old next door neighbor) if someone died in the house previously because things would happen. My friend's response was 'yes, but she was a wonderful person and I don't think she would do anything negative' and the new owner was like, 'she hasn't done anything bad, but I can just tell, and it's just random weird helping things.'"

"Sooooo 🤷♀️ sorry 2 stories in 1."

– f'kthissh*toveit

No Thanks, Grandma

"My grandma on my dad’s side had a tradition with my mom and I where we’ 'go shopping' in her closet. She passed away from cancer six years ago, give or take. The day of her funeral, my parents and I got back to my grandparents house after it was over and my mom and I went to go pack because we needed to leave that day. We decided while we were at it that we would take one last look in her closet to see if there was anything we wanted. While we were looking a pair of shorts fell off their hanger. My mom put them back, but they fell off again. Rinse and repeat three or four times. Finally my mom said out loud 'I’m sorry Grandma but neither of us wants them. Thank you though.' They stayed on after that."

– LittleMissChriss

Don't Play 50 Cent

"The same thing happened to me when my husband died! I stayed in the house a few months after and one night his music came on in the living room on the stereo. It was LOUD and I was too afraid to get out of bed and shut it off so I pulled the covers up over my head and stayed awake for that whole stupid early 2000's mix CD. I still can't listen to 50 Cent without being creeped out."

– evilflu

There are simply unexplainable phenomena.

The Right Call

"i was watching the local lottery draw on tv and vocally called out every correct number before the ball was shown."

– beatsbeingbroke

It Was Not Rigged

"When I was about 10, I played some board game with my mother. The only remarkable thing about it was you pushed a button on a plastic ladybug, and it rolled a digital die to show you the number of spaces to move."

"The entire game, my mother accurately said what each roll was going to be, before we event pushed the button. We gave up playing after about the 8th time, and just kept rolling the dice. I asked her to do it again the next day, and she couldn't replicate it."

"Years later, I figured she was just messing with me, and that there must have been a pattern. I found the game in an old box, got a notebook, and recorded 100 rolls. There was no obvious repeating pattern."

– SeguroMacks

Ghost Doing Dishes

"Babysitting my nephews at my sisters place when I was a teenager. They were in bed asleep and I was the only other person in the house."

"Sitting in the living room watching TV with a clear line of sight to the kitchen sink when both taps turned on by themselves. nobody could have gotten to those taps without me seeing them."

"Still one of the freakiest things I have experienced."

– SuperDropBear

Magic Utensil

"I've seen a spatula go flying across my kitchen, twice."

– Italiana47

While waiting for my friend to pick me up after school, I saw a basketball left unattended on the court, so I thought, "sure, why not?"

I'll preface this by saying I have absolutely no business being out on the court. My lack of coordination and athleticism is somewhat embarrassing–unless of course I'm out on the dance floor.

Anyway, I threw the ball and made it through the hoop. I was beside myself, chalking it up to a fluke.

So I attempted it again. I ended up making THREE more shots in a row and no one was there to see it.

And this was before smartphones–not like I would have recorded myself bombing every time.

My question to you is, if I shot and scored four times in a row while alone on a deserted athletic field at school, did it ever happen?

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