People Explain Which Things Are Far More Dangerous Than People Seem To Think

Some people are daredevils, and laugh in the face of danger.

As a result, they'll willingly partake in dangerous activities like bungee jumping and skydiving, or will go scuba diving with sharks without a second thought.

Others though, proceed through life with extreme caution, and wouldn't be caught dead partaking in any of the above.

However, these same people might not realize that they might have once put themselves in extreme danger without even realizing it.

As some things which appear to be completely harmless and risk free, might actually be far more dangerous than they might seem.

Redditorcltdawg08 was curious to learn what things are deceptively dangerous, leading them to ask:

"What is a lot more dangerous than most people think?"

No harm in hitting the snooze button, right?

"Playing the 'well, my alarm turned off, but I just wanna rest my eyes for a bit' game."- IIITysonIII

Don't be fooled by their "chinny, chin, chins"...


"They look slow and fat."

"Saw a guy nearly get killed by a pig."- theycallmelilsnowy

Always try to get those 40 winks...

"Sleep deprivation."

"It slowly kills over time."- CyndaWott

Don't underestimate the importance of a helmet.

"Being knocked out."

"In movies, the hero hits someone on the head, or the hero is hit on the head, and they're out for hours."

"In reality, if you are knocked unconscious for more than a few seconds, you'll be inundated with traumatic brain injuries."

"Even a mild brain injuries can drastically change a person's personality, if it doesn't kill them, which is a real possibility."

"TL;DR: Don't get knocked out, and if you do, see a neurologist."

"I speak as someone who has had over 10 concussions."- canucksquatch

Bug spray is your friend.

"Mosquitoes."- Particular_Tadpole27

bart simpson mosquitoes GIFGiphy

Consider calling a professional...

"Garage door springs."- Cvrk2·

Especially without proper supervision

"Factory work."

"I started one like 2 weeks ago and quit after the first week."

"A mistake in a metal fabrication shop could easily cost you your life or serious injury."

"Not for the clumsy type like myself."- StoneySphynx

ALWAYS get a second opinion...

"Reddit advice."- Pro_Banana

Get your body moving!

"Sitting for long periods of time."- Accurate-Bread-7574

Kitten Stretching GIFGiphy

Talk to a doctor first.

"Using OTC meds."

"There is a very good reason why these drugs emphasize to not use more than _____ days consecutively without a Doctors orders."

"Some of these drugs can very easily cause long-term damage under the right circumstances, even if you never exceed the daily dose limits."

"I'm a good example."

"I used Aspirin long-term near max dose on a regular basis."

"I'm now in stage 3 kidney failure."

"Don't self-medicate, seek guidance."

"At the least, talk to the pharmacist."

"They offer FREE advice and consultation about all medications, both OTC and Rx, whether your on it presently or looking to ask your Dr about it."- SpacemaniaXu

Don't let appearances deceive you, and always proceed with caution.

A wise and safe way to go through life, even if you prefer to live dangerously.

And particularly before you pet that pig...

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