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People Reveal What Things In A Relationship Make Them Think 'Run!'

"Reddit user mcamilove asked: 'What makes you think 'Run!' in your mind when talking to a new partner/date?'"

A person runs on a beach at sunset
Photo by SwapnIl Dwivedi

Not all relationships are meant to be forever.

Heck, some are meant to expire after only a few minutes.

The sooner we know when to run, the better.

Why do so many people hold on when life is telling us to flee?

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Things Foreigners Should Avoid At All Costs While Visiting America

Reddit user AMGBOI69420 asked: 'Americans of Reddit, what places in America should foreigners avoid at all cost?'

When people visit the United States of America for the first time, they often have a list of places to see and things to do (and eat!).

Get a hot dog in New York City before attending a Broadway show, take in the spectacular views of the Grand Canyon, or soak in the sunny beaches of Florida.

Of course, like anywhere on Earth, there are also some places and things which should be avoided at all costs.

Then too, not all guidebooks can give you all the information on things to be wary of in the most visited places in the country.

Some of which might save you a dollar or two, and some of which might actually save your life.

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I embarrass myself in the search for love constantly.

Or in the need to try and impress.

I can't help it.

And I know I'm not alone.

Every time I come face to face with a crush or someone that intimidates me, all of my wit, wisdom, and self-respect flies out the window. Suddenly words are just sounds that make no sense. I also laugh at the most inappropriate moments.

Trying to impress someone should be easy.

Well, maybe not easy, it can be a challenge but it shouldn't land anyone in the ER.

When did trying to gain someone's attention become a sporting event?

Thank God for Xanax.

I have found a little calm goes a long way.

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Roller coaster
Mitchell Luo/Unsplash

Why do people fear the unknown?

It's a phenomenon that continues to elude us and drives some people to have preconceived notions that drive them to behave in ways that can be regretful.

But it turns out that many of the things in life that we cower over are actually harmless.

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Over the years, I've gotten a little more adventurous with my menu options.

I recently added pepper a decade ago.

I've also been dabbling in hot sauces as of late.

But I am bias against a lot of food.

My stomach is a coward.

And I'm ok with that.

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