Train tracks
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Always be careful when eating soup.

Not owing to the fact that it might be too hot, but rather that there is always a risk of drowning.

Silly as that may seem, drowning by soup is a very real possibility, as many soup bowls are just deep enough to make it possible, with a surprising number of reported cases of death by soup.

Of course, one shouldn't be scared away from ever ordering French onion or cream of broccoli again, as the risk factor is extremely low.

That being said, eating soup is one of many things which is much more dangerous than it appears to be.

Redditor Crimtot was eager to hear more, likely less exaggerated, instances of seemingly harmless things which in fact pose a lot of danger, leading them to ask:
"What seems harmless but is incredibly dangerous?"

Don't Wait For The Whistle

"Walking along the train tracks."

"It’s crazy how fast millions of pounds of freight can sneak up on you."- kwick818

Never Walk With Your Mouth Full... Of Anything!

"ER nurse."

"I had a teenage girl come from Home economics class."

"She was sewing and had a pin between her lips."

"I mean, who hasn’t done that?"

"She sucked it in and it got lodged in her throat."

"While waiting for a scope she felt it dislodge and went deep into her main bronchial."

"She required major surgery."

"Had a young boy running with a toothbrush in his mouth."

"Got jammed way deep, almost hit a major artery."- briansbrain112

Beware The Teeth Of Children.

"A human bite."

"I worked at a kindergarten and one kid was sometimes super sweet but sometimes really mean."

"He could switch in a second."

"While I was naming the coloring pages they were about to get he walked up to me and bit me in the arm."

"Didn't think it was through, cuz no blood."

"But it started swelling and getting red and the marks were clearly there."

"Went to the doc right after my shift."

"He explained a human bite is the second most dangerous bite there is."

"Got antibiotics but they didn't work."

"Arm just kept swelling and getting completely dark purple over two days."

"Doctor sent me to the hospital where I got strong antibiotics."

"Basically everything in me was cleaned with that sh*t, felt weak for months."

"If it didn't start working by that night is have to come back and be hospitalized to get my underarm removed."

"I've sh*t some bricks there."

"Never thought a kids bite could cause this."

"Luckily the swelling got less and the bruise stopped spreading so I still have my arm, but that was very close."

"My coworker reported the incident to the parents and it was one of his last days there as they were moving."

"This was planned before he bit me."

"His parents were really sorry and a few days later when I worked again, it was the last time I'd see him and the parents brought him towards me because they wanted him to apologize."

"My arm was still fairly swollen and purple at that point and he was absolutely shocked that he had been the cause of that."

"He apologized with tears in his eyes and actually hugged me."

"He promised me never to bite anyone again."

"Apparently he had bitten his family and even other children before!"

"So far no one had gotten an infection apart from me."

"I really think he meant that."

"Still had a good day with him, but was still pretty mad as I was scared my antibiotics stopped working or something but now that I think back on him he's not a bad kid, just a troubled mind that didn't get the right treatment."

"But a scare not the less!"- stuetel

Consider Using A Mask?

"Oil painting in a closed studio."- DM_Doug

There's A Reason They Tell You To Fast...

"Having a small snack before a medical procedure that requires anesthesia."

"Intubation can cause you to throw up your food and you can choke."- joedumpster

You Never Know When It's Gonna Blow...

"Oceanside cliff blow holes."

"People think they're so much fun to stand around and play with."

"You fall into one of those things, you aren't getting out."

"The waves will just bludgeon you against the rocks until you die or you're lucky enough to drown first."- Symnestra

Not The Kind You Want To Be Toppled By

"Riptide and 4ft waves."

"My friend drowned at the beach from a sneaker set."

"Terrible."- garbage_band

Some people like to live dangerously.

But even those who always proceed with caution, might not know the peril they put themselves in every day.

Think carefully the next time you begin to chew on your pencil.

Or are standing next to a child with their mouth wide open...