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Whether it's a fad product from Instagram or something for that hobby you just know you'll start doing one day, it's easy to buy things that seem useful and then just never use them.

Redditor Doctor_Disaster asked:

"What is something that you have purchased in the past, but have never used once since then?"

​Never Gonna Make That Telescope

"On a trip to Chicago at about age 14 to visit the museums, my parents bought for me a telescope mirror grinding kit from the Adler Planetarium which I desperately wanted. It had all the components needed to construct a 6" mirror for a beautiful reflector scope. I kept that kit until I was about 50 years old, moving from apartment to apartment and city to city, until I finally decided I probably just wasn't gonna make that telescope."


You Probably Don't Need The Book

"College textbooks, as a freshman you think you need them but it’s a scam most of the time. Just get the pdf online tbh. I’ve even had professors that strongly hint at a textbook being available online and for students not to buy it."


"I had a professor complaining and complaining that a mass anonymous email went out to all his students with a pdf of the text book. He just kept asking if 'everyone saw it and how terrible it was… but everyone saw it right? Everyone… did anyone miss it or not get it… that terrible anonymous email sent too ALL of his students got'"

"He was a good dude lol."

​One Day...

"I bought a book on methods to tackle procrastination, 7 years ago. It remains unread though I’m sure the methods within are glorious."


"On page 1 it just says, 'Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards conquering procrastination! Now just keep taking one step at a time!' Or some other cheesy stuff like that."


Bye Bye Bicycle

"Not me but my dad - bought a bicycle he never used, a year rolled by and the shop he bought it from called him and asked if he wanted it serviced, to which he agreed. Still hadn’t used it. I went to his place one day and saw the bike and asked if I can borrow it. He then tells me this story and said I can have it. Thanks dad!"


Aspiring Artist

"I bought a wacom pad like a year ago cause i wanted to start drawing. Never got around to start learning."


"You know, I got one to use as a mouse. I know that sounds crazy, but I was starting to get some RSI in my hand from constant mouse use at work and home."

"No lie - once I got over the first 24 hours of it being awkward as a daily pointing device, I quickly realized that I by far preferred using it to the alternatives. When you're over the learning curve it starts to feel so much more precise. It always got me funny looks and questions when co-workers stopped by my desk, since my roles never had anything to do with illustration or design."

"Absolutely useless for anything game related, mind you. But day to day document/office/browser/other stuff? Super useful. Maybe give it a try."


Time For A Game Night

film opening GIF Giphy

"*Looks at the shelves of unplayed board games*"


"One day, the perfect group of people will be assembled in your house and ready to play that game... Until that day it sits on the shelf awaiting its time."


Forever Disorganized

"Containers to get myself organised. Months ago. And now I’m on reddit. Not being organised."


"At least now, when you someday get the urge to organize your stuff, you will have the containers ready & be able to just do it."


You Mean You're Not Supposed To Just Collect Them?

"I'd like to introduce you to my steam library."


"Me: there are no games to play."

"Steam library: *sad game noises*"


Banger Banjo

Sloth Banjo GIF Giphy

"When I got my job back in April after a 3 year attempt at freelancing, my first pay check was the most exciting."

"I bought a banjo. I'm a city boy in the UK. I have no idea how to play instruments."

"To this day it stays in the corner of my room getting an occasional twang when I get a little spicy."


​Yarn Hoard

"Yarn, so much yarn."


"Yes, I am more a yarn collector than a knitter."


It's not too late to use that thing you bought forever ago and forgot about. It's never too late to pick up that hobby or read that book!

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