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People often think that buying expensive gadgets will help improve their lives. Sometimes, though, the most helpful things are pretty cheap.

Reddit user DelaineMa asked:

"What item under $100 significantly improved your life?"

Never Know Where You'll Need Power

"A long @ss charging cable."


"I bought a 10ft usb extender, that way if my charging cable breaks for some reason, I can just grab one of the millions of other charging cables I have sitting around my house with no change in my usage"


"Does it charge short @sses too? Asking for a miniature donkey farmer."


"IANAMDF [I Am Not A Miniature Donkey Farmer] but I think it does because raising a miniature donkey requires a minimum of one acre of land because those @sses need lots of space to run around."


Your Skeleton Will Thank You

"Years of back and neck pain, podiatrist told me to get orthopedic inserts. Orthofeet had them for 98 bucks, felt uncomfortable for 3 days, then my back pain and neck pain subsided."

"That was 4 years ago, bought nothing but those inserts, and a few pairs of shoes from them. Never going back to regular shoes/sneakers without the inserts."


"My orthopod told me superfeet orange insoles are as good as the prescription ones. Only been using them about two weeks, but foot pain is getting better."


Make Art

"Got a $50 drawing tablet for my computer during quarantine, vastly improved my school work. Didn't have to do anything on paper and scan it in, could just keep everything on my computer digitized and organized. Linear algebra was so much easier online with that"


Comfy Weight

"A weighted blanket."

"Warmth wasn't the issue, it was that feeling of comfort due to weight pressing down on you. Just an amazing upgrade in comfort and quality of sleep."


Nosebleeds Suck

"Air humidifier. I used to get nosebleeds in winter because it gets so dry during those months."


A Neutral Wrist Position Hurts Less

"Bought a vertical mouse. Wrist pain gone"


"I have the Logitech MX Vertical mouse and have had no issues with it for gaming. Highly recommend as I used to have a lot of carpal tunnel issues causing numbness and pain and now have no issues from computer use."


"Yes, they are a must for me. I ended having carpal tunnel surgery (which was incredible in resolving so much pain), but that vertical mouse and ergonomic keyboard are a mainstay in my office."


You Don't Have To Clean The Mess If You Don't Make One In The First Place

"Microwave splatter cover. $4.99. No more mess in the microwave."


"We have one of those from IKEA. It really makes a huge difference. We just wash it about once a week and only have to clean the actual microwave if something spills."


Perfect Rice Every Time, No Effort Required

"Rice cooker"


"Yes! Game changer in the kitchen."


"How is a rice cooker superior to just using a pot? I've never used one because rice is already super easy to cook, but now you've made me curious."


"Consistent results, you fill the water to a certain point so no question about amount of water needed, and you set it and forget it."


"It's like if making perfect rice was like using a toaster."


"Exactly. Everyone accepts toasters, no one wonders why you don't use the broiler on the oven instead."


Don't Wait For AAA

"Battery jump starter and survival tool. It saved my life when jump starting my motorcycle. I had a scooter/motorcycle before buying a legit motorcycle. It was used and helped me commute to work, but that jumper pack is awesome!"


"My husband gave me a really good, compact battery jump starter for Valentine's Day several years ago. I've never needed it but I've used it for family members, coworkers and a few stranded strangers. I'm always amazed how fast that thing works and how many cars I can jump before it needs a recharge."


Never Buy Canned Air Again

"One of those electric air blowers. I got it for my computer to clear out the dust, but I've used to to clear out dust for a lot of things now"


"Definitely worth it! I used to dread the 6-month clean of the PC because it meant having to run around looking for a place with air cans available. Finally bit the bullet and bought a $60 electric air blower and haven't had to buy another air can since; been over a year and a half and I also use it to clean a whole lot of other things too. Very versatile!"


Things don't have to be incredibly expensive to make a big difference in your life.

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