People Divulge The Things That Are Legal But Completely Evil

People Divulge The Things That Are Legal But Completely Evil
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If there is a loophole for getting around the system, people will happily take advantage of it.

As long as there are no legal consequences, people and corporations will continue exploiting these advantages.
Sadly, however, it is the well-being of others that ends up being compromised–and there seems to be no remorse for those who are inconvenienced.

Curious to hear about the sneaky things people do, Redditor kirazeth asked:

"What is not illegal but it is completely evil?"

The following teases can be criminal.

Faux Fixes

"That thing when you repair something just enough so that the next person to use that thing thinks they broke it."

– my_dog_ate_my_keys

"I believe French workers for the car company Citroen did this during WW2 when the Germans took over France."

"They purposely built trucks with missing pieces and parts as a part of resistance to the Germans."

– ultratunaman

Cruel Samples

"Giving samples of baby formula to poor Africans that are just enough to last until the mother’s breast milk production stops."

– Helstrem

Institutions benefit big time while we remain at their mercy.

Cruel Timing

"Firing someone right before their full pension applies after years and years of hard work and dedication to a company. Just to save some $ on the payout."

– charrosebry

Academic Literature

"insane prices of college textbooks."

– Bhanghai

Company greed. Enough said.

Hard To Quit

"Making a paid subscription 2-3 seconds to activate and 10 hidden extra steps to cancel."

– buyongmafanle

Just A Graphic

"The fake 'x' buttons on mobile game ads."

– Seoul77

"Also, those ads that look like they're an interactive gameplay demo, but as soon as you try you get sent to the Play Store/App Store."

– NinjaMonkey4200

Meeting Impossible Expectations

"Firing people from work for being legitimately too sick to come in for a few days."

– SadLaser

At The Mercy Of Meds

"Pharmaceutical price gouging. Leveraging people's lives against their livelihoods because they have no other choice."

– RJMaestro

Loved ones show their true colors.

Dragging Kids Into Drama

"Using children as pawns in a divorce."

– FreshAvocados78

The Conniving Ex

"Sigh. I’m not going to go into too many details, but my ex does this on a regular basis—scheduling activities during my parenting time, not being there and not replying for hours when I go pick up my kids, etc..."

"I sued for consistently interfering with my parenting schedule, and all she got was a slap on the wrist. I’m sure if I withheld the kids from her, I’d have the National Guard at my door in 5 minutes."

– _islander

Mismanaged Priorities

"Not treating a child's injury due to religious beliefs."

– shaneshane238

Video clips captioned with things like, "You'll never guess what happens until the end" or "Can you believe what he/she does here?"

I used to fall for it because of the eye-catching thumbnails.

When a video wound up not delivering on their promise of something "amazing about to happen"–there were times I seethed so much I wanted to chuck my phone across the room.

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