People Break Down Which Things You Should Never Do Once You Turn 30

People Break Down Which Things You Should Never Do Once You Turn 30
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The big 3-0. For some reason, turning 30 years old has become a very scary thing.

The past two years in particular have been very strange one's to turn the milestone age. Cosmopolitan interviewed a few people who turned 30 turning the pandemic.

One person said:

"Turning 30 is the point at which we're pressured to feel it 'all coming together.'"

Because no one had anything to do on their birthdays, and their once vibrant lives were on pause, that quarter-life crisis feeling wasn't as heavy. They were able to let go of the things they thought they needed in their 20s.

We went to Ask Reddit to learn more about what those things were that needed to change once you hit that magic number.

Redditor Tbonewiz wanted to know:

"What something you should never do after age 30?"

Here's some of Reddit's best suggestions.

Maintaining friendships as an adult.

"Expecting passive friendships to happen. F*ck me, friendship takes a lot of work to build as an adult. Back in school you had excuses to see each other regularly. As an adult you have to construct those scenarios. And if you feel bad that someone hasn't reached out to you in a while then sometimes you gotta suck it up and reach out to them or else you could just end up not talking ever again."

- catelemnis

"My friends and I are getting better at actually scheduling things instead of just saying 'we should get together soon!' to each other over and over again until we die."

- Sgt_Smitty

"I've learned my lesson enough that when someone says 'we should hang out!' I respond with, 'Ok I'm free Saturday, want to get lunch?' I find some people are so bad about waiting for someone else to take initiative so I just do it now. I'm too old and impatient to wait for someone else to do it."

- catelemnis

"I tried scheduling a coffee meetup with a coworker who lived nearby. After the 7th cancellation (don't know why I tried so many times) I got the hint."

"She still says that we should get together and catch up. 'Sure, you bet!' I say and forget all about it."

"Forgot to mention that she has a toddler so most of the excuses were doctors appts which seemed legit. Guess that's why I tried till it got ridiculous."

- Luneowl

Keep moving.

"Quit exercising."

- willbeach8890

"F*cking insane how long it takes me to recover now. At 27-29 I was recovering so damn quick."

- noni4gurj

"That soreness is motivation for me to stick to it."

- willbeach8890

"This is a big one. You see those 70 year old's running and hiking like they are still 30. Keep your bodies moving people."

- 1nsider1nfo

"Move it or lose it."

- willbeach8890

"Can't quit if you don't start!"

- maurice_moss_d20

"In 34….after 6 months of heavy exercising my recovery times are the same as my early 20s. The slow recovery times are mostly a symptom of being out of shape rather than age, until like 50."

- Buttigieg2032

"I'm 69. My reward for living so long is a pair of twin grandbabies, now 9 months old. They've turned out to be a very efficient squat-training regime, with the added benefit that they automatically up the ante over time by gaining weight."

"They're almost 20lbs each, now; caring for the two of them all day is, I calculated, about 4 squats per hour per baby. It adds up!"

"Note to expectant grandparents: do the work now and get ahead of this game."

- sleepingbeardune

Learned from experience.

"Leave the house without peeing first."

- wildcatoffense

"Or going to sleep. Just go now so you don't have to wake up at 3am to pee."

- undeniablybuddha

"I have gotten all the way out to my car and thought, nope.... Lemme go back in and pee just in case! Hah!"

- MiLaydee

"The day you leave the house without peeing is the day you get pulled over in your car and have to hold it in while being lectured about speed limits."

- RealityRush

"I once had to pee as my train was coming, but I was only about 25 minutes from my destination and would've had to wait a long time for the next one. So I just hopped on without peeing."

"The train had some kind of malfunction about 15 minutes in, and we ended up stopped for well over an hour. I have never had to pee that bad in my life. 0/10 would not recommend, the risk isn't worth it people!"

- jimsmisc

Fill up your tank, always.

"Think that you will actually fill up your gas tank the next morning before work. Don't kid yourself."

- NadiaElm

"I feel personally attacked."

- awitcheskid

"That's morning guy's problem!"

- respected_prophet

"F*ck that guy, I'll ruin his day."


"I tried finding the article, but there's some research that says our brains actually consider our future selves as different people, which is part of why we procrastinate."

"Exactly 'it's other guy's problem.'"

"I'll look for the article later, it's that f*cker's problem."

- scsm

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Internet arguments in general really.

"Getting in arguments on Reddit, because 90% if the time you will be arguing with some punk-a** 17-23 year old."

- CanaI_Volphied

"Make your case and walk away."

"You cannot argue on Reddit. You can state fact or opinion, but anything more is a waste of time."

- scw55

"For me, sometimes just typing the comment up and then deleting it without hitting post is enough for me. It gets it out of my system but doesn't further escalate the situation."

- arizonahotrock

"Soooo much this. The best part is they have all this crazy life experience at 13."

- BoisterousLaugh

"And they all think they are the first ones to learn about logical fallacies and so they try to use the terms against you but they do it incorrectly."

- Creamcheesemafia

"We all did, it's just a few decades ago no one would listen to our BS for more than a few seconds. Now there's a worldwide megaphone you can tap into at any moment."

- redyellowblue5031

You are more than your productivity.

"Feel guilty about work. F*ck that sh*t."

"Remember, you are just a number. If you were to die on a Monday, they would have your position filled by Wednesday."

- nospltincor

"I was about 33 when my passion for work went to 0 and I started not caring what they do. I focused more on my personal life and those in my life. Work was just that thing I do for a paycheck."

- JeremyMo88

"Same with me, right down to being 33 years old."

"A switch just flipped after 2020... I busted my a** for 12 months straight, got put on multiple projects, expanded my scope of work, mentored new hires, etc. Got a solid year-end review but nothing that's distinguished myself from anyone else who was phoning it in."

- paul-mccartney-

"Yep, I had 6 years of excellent reviews but there was always an excuse for low raises and no promotions. 'we only get so many (promotions) as a company' or 'we are re-organizing' or 'the merger just happened so its a bad time' and so on."

- JeremyMo88

"This is exactly why we have the 'work 3 years at a job then switch companies' mentality. It's the only way to properly get a raise/promotion."

- ArcticBeavers

"Indeed. Something that helps me reduce the amount of f*cks I give:"

"In 1 billion years, will anyone or anything give a sh*t about this? 100 years? 1 year?"

- ripplerider

"No one lays on their death bed and says they wished they had spent more time at the office."

- BeagleWrangler

Go to the doctor.

"Skip routine health check-ups."

- tootsietuesday

"So if I never got em in the first place I'm good to go, right?"

- noisyturtle

"I'm low key afraid to go see what's wrong with me. Nothing is hurting or anything, but I just know they're gonna be like 'you should be dead.'"

- Slammybutt

At some point, it's worth it.

"Move without movers."

- MNJayW

"Used movers for the first time a year ago. 0 regrets, I will use them again lol."

"Cost ~$400 for some college kids to move my crap and drive the truck. I hate moving so much that using movers deletes a solid chunk of the associated pain."

- AnalyticalAlpaca

"Watching those two young men hoist our couch up and trot it down the stairs into the truck with little effort convinced us to always hire movers. It would have taken us a long time to move the couch and then we would have been exhausted afterwards."

"It's really worth the money."

- bunnyrut

30 isn't old.

"At age 30 you should never think age 30 is old."

- Acroninja

"This, I'm mid 30s and I still think I'm a kid and I'm ok with that."

- LGCJairen

Who cares? You shouldn't.

"Caring about what people think you should or should not be doing at 30."

- nyle2

"Came here to say this. I'm actually healthier as a 35 year old than I ever was as a 25 year old and can actually do stuff I couldn't do in my 20's."

- 360Entertainment

"As a struggling 26 year old this is so nice to hear."

- nannerbananers

"At a certain point I realized what you should or shouldn't be doing is all just relative to what actually makes you happy. I looked around at some of my friends and a lot of them had kids and got married in their early 20s. Some of them were blissfully happy and some were miserable."

"The ones that were happy were the ones that actually wanted to do that and not because it's what was expected. It became completely apparent to me that doing what people expect will never make you happy. Everyone's different and there is no one path to happiness. Just gotta find your own way and not worry what anyone else has to say."

- Shotgun_Rynoplasty

"Yep, 30s are so much better than your 20s. Whoever said your 20s were the best years of your life was talking out their a**. Your 20s are the worst. Way too much pressure, no money, and an all round slog."

"30s things begin to click into place."

- JxY1989

"I always tell people this. Like I know there is science behind it because our frontal lobe doesn't finish developing until our mid 20s but honestly, for anyone reading, it really does feel like you wake up one day and say, "you know what, I really don't give a fu*k anymore." That's why I don't believe in anyone marrying before 25. The person I was in my 20s is not the person I am in my 30s. I wouldn't want to marry that person. I'm way more chill, and accepting now."

- Silent_Discussion657

It's no surprise that the older we get, the wiser we become.

"Just wait til you hit 40. I didn't really feel like I had this whole adulting thing down til about then."

- basic_*itch-

We are all just trying to figure out why we are startdust traveling through space on a giant floating rock and what we are going to do with our short time here.

Only you can decide what is right for you.

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