People Defend Their Most Controversial Food Opinions

People Defend Their Most Controversial Food Opinions
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There is only one correct way to eat your standard 2-slice sandwich, and I will absolutely die on this hill.

Since childhood, I've insisted on eating all sandwiches this way, and I assure you, it's peak.

First, you much smush the sandwich as flat as you can, compressing flavors. Next, you start in the upper corner OPPOSITE your dominant hand and remove the crust in a single long strand going counter-clockwise.

Once you arrive back in the corner you started at, you may bite. You're going to take small bites going CLOCKWISE in a circular pattern.

Your final bite should be the center, a perfectly concentrated nugget of deliciousness.

For example, if you're right-handed you want to stop in upper left corner.

This is the only way.

Reddit user PurpleTwo8851 asked:

"What is your most controversial food opinion?"

Now it's time to watch Reddit get food-weird.

One Part At A Time

"A lot of people think I’m weird because I like to finish off one part of my meal before moving on to the next, so like eating my whole burger before touching the fries."

- InaWorldofMy0wn

"My girlfriend does this, which baffles me."

"We can never share fries because I eat them while I’m eating my burger so she feels like I’m going to finish them before she can get to them."

- Burrito_Loyalist


"I thought I was the only one who did this, especially living in the South where everyone mixes everythingggg."

"But it’s so much more enjoyable to devote all your attention to one flavor at a time. It's truly a beautiful way to eat."

- carly_nelson98


Pizza Is Healthy

"Pizza is a health food as long as you prepare it."

- dlukeallen42

"Pizza is also a really good delivery method for veggies. It’s a great way to eat vegetarian but get a good amount of protein."

"As a (mostly) vegetarian, pizza is a god send."

- WindhoekNamibia


"I make pizza maybe twice a month. Super thin crust will spouted flours. Homemade pesto (nettle or arugula or basil), chopped up kale or spinach, thin slices of cured pepperoni, tomato slices from the farm I work at, top w goat feta or mozza."

"So so good. Hits that 'junk food' craving but I always use good ingredients."

- glittermouton


Too Much Work

"Crab is a low yield food. Meaning it's good, but it takes way too much work to eat it."

- buddha3434

"This is how I feel about lobster, especially in restaurants."

"They charge a huge amount per pound and then I have to disassemble it myself?"

"No Thanks"

- ShelleyTambo

"That's a good thing though."

"Crab meat is so sweet and rich that being able to eat it all at once would be sickening, in my opinion."

"Crab shells are like slow feeder bowls for humans."

- SuperBaker123

"I justify eating crab by telling myself how many calories I burn just trying to eat crab."

- moinatx



"People eat for their enjoyment, not yours. The people who turn their noses up while screeching “iT’s NoT aUtHeNtiC” at everything from california rolls to Olive Garden to corn on pizza are insufferable."

- ericchen

"The 'authenticity' of recipes from countries or regions is arbitrarily determined and is sometimes just a marketing thing for tourism."

- hypo-osmotic

"Americans are so weird about this with Mexican food."

"No one gate keeps Mexican food more than white Americans… followed by Mexican-Americans who actual Mexicans laugh at because it’s funny that people so Americanized are trying to argue for 'authenticity.' "

- whatever213what

"More often than not, there are so many regional variations, that finding the actual 'authentic' recipe is impossible."

- ThePeasantKingM

"And generally comes from what is available in the region. Changing a cooking style to match what is good in your area is sustainable, reasonable and just as authentic."

- Unique_Name_2


Not Cheating

"Flavour/spice packages are NOT cheating"

- RamboDash15

"I agree. It’s literally your spices for the dish, just premixed. And a little extra salt."

"I also kind of feel the same way about some pancake mixes. It’s just your ingredients premixed."

"It depends on the mix though. For some reason, I do not feel the same way about boxed cake mixes."

- Savwatson13


"I'm not trying to win any Michelin stars with my home cooking. And I'm not gonna spend an hour or more after getting home from work chopping up ingredients and cooking when I can make something taste at least 80% as good in 20 minutes with pre packaged stuff."

- Annihilism

"I used to make my own mixes for bbq'ing."

"Did a ton of research into what spices worked best together. Spent hours mixing up different concoctions. Then I realized that I can go to the store and buy something that is nearly identical to anything I had made."

"I just buy bbq rubs now."

- bbuckl1


Breakfast Foods

"I prefer leftovers for breakfast over traditional breakfast foods."

- Live_Willingness8405

"YES im not the only one, something like pasta with bolognese is perfect for breakfast"

- domi_the_calm

"Chinese takeout leftovers for breakfast has always been good."

- avocadbre

"Whenever there was lasagne, I would always hope there were leftovers because it tastes SO much better the next morning."

"Totally agree with you."



Breakfast Foods Part Two

"Breakfast foods are better for dinner."

- bkwrm1313

"And breakfast pastries make better desserts!"

"I love a donut or cinnamon bun after dinner. Also an English muffin with cream cheese and jelly for a late night snack."

- sockseason

"When I was a little kid, my mom would sometimes surprise us with breakfast for dinner. Mind-blowing for a kid…like backwards day."

- themmyk

"I’ll do you one more."

"Breakfast foods are GODLY in the middle of the night. Nothin like a stack of pancake at 3 AM from some sh*tty 24 hr diner."

"That hits different."

- TheBlueJacket1


You're The One Eating It

"I don’t give a f*ck how you eat your steak. Tell me how you want it cooked and I’ll cook it that way."

"Want it practically walking onto your plate? Ok."

"Well done? Sure, you’re the one eating it."

- canijustbelancelot

"It’s wild to me how many people judge other people on how they order their steak."

"I, objectively (I think), like my steak underdone. I love bitter, meaty flavours."

"I don’t like steak well done but I can appreciate how the flavour is beautiful to some people."

"Keep on being a good host!"

- xbarsigma



"Hot dogs should be at least 60% charred on the surface."

- Oneforthatpurple

"I picked up a cool tip from a cooking show a long time ago- if you're going to grill hot dogs, throw them in some boiling water for a couple minutes first."

"That way when you grill them, you can get them really charred up on the outside and they'll still stay plump and juicy in the inside."

- __No_Soup_For_You__

"My people! A little burned over an open fire please and thank you."

- StillOnAMountain

"Nothing worse than a bland boiled hotdog."

- tubbybeluga

"How do you char a steamed food?"

- oddspellingofPhreid



"Brussels sprouts are one of the best tasting vegetables on earth."

- ThreeMarmots

"A lot of vegetables get a bad rap because a lot of people's parents couldn't cook for sh*t."

"Boiled or steamed Brussels sprouts are one of the most foul tasting things to me, but roasting them, even with very little fat, is one of my favorite vegetables."

- jrolle

"Sure if you like the taste of farts."

- fistthepooper

"Unless you steam them, then they're gag inducing."

"Any other way? They're incredible, especially baked or roasted."

"But steamed brussel sprouts are evil, I remember crying as a child being made to eat them and I hated them. As an adult I throw them in the oven and they're delicious."

- anuspsetzombie

"Steamed! No need to roast and add oil and bacon you heathens."

- DestroyAutos


Now that you've heard the foods Reddit is ready to throw down about, it's your term to chime in.

Share your passionate, if unpopular, snack opinions.

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